Meeting Him

Sydney Tanner is a normal 19 year old girl, she loves bakeing, art and music. But one day her life changes when she meets Louis Tomlinson, and she changes his. They start dating and everything is going good until Louis's crazy ex shows up...

Hey guys! This is my first Movella, so I'm sorry if it stinks =P


6. We Become Parents

     *4 months later*

Sydneys POV

Louis and I have been dating for 4 months now. Some fans have been supportive, but the other fans have been rude. Harry is on his second girlfriend this month, he also hits on me all the time. It gets annoying, especially since Louis is my boyfriend. Kristen and Zayn have been hanging out alot, they have actually been on a few dates. Louis bought an apartment (or a flat) in the same building as me, so every mornig he gets his tea and I get my hot coco and we take a walk in the park. We were takeing our normal morning walk, when we passed an animal shelter, and the cutest puppy ever was looking out the window at us. It had chesnut colored fur, and big brown eyes. We stopped and looked at it.

"Honey, that is the cutest puppy ever." I said to Louis in awe. We walked into the shelter and looked at the puppy for a few minutes.

"We should adopt it!" I said. He looked at me and his eyes widened. "Come on! We could both adopt it! Please!" I begged. He looked at me seriously.

"Lets do this." Louis said. I smiled and we high fived. We went up to the front desk, filled out all the paperwork, and the we had a new addition to the family. Our daughter, BooBear (Boo for short) Carrot (because Louis thought that she looked like a carrot) Tanner- Tomlinson. Yup, we are parents.


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