Meeting Him

Sydney Tanner is a normal 19 year old girl, she loves bakeing, art and music. But one day her life changes when she meets Louis Tomlinson, and she changes his. They start dating and everything is going good until Louis's crazy ex shows up...

Hey guys! This is my first Movella, so I'm sorry if it stinks =P


13. Tacos

We got back to the bus and Harry was making tacos, Liz was having a Google hangout with her fans, Liam was watching the football game (I call it soccer), and Zayn and Niall were doing a Twitter cam.

“Bye guys!” Liz said to her fans, she turned off the computer and rolled her eyes.

“TACOS ARE READY!” Harry yelled. Niall rushed out of the bunk room and pushed Liz out of the way.

“Watch it you filthy little-“

“SCORE!” Liam yelled, cutting off Liz. Liz stormed into her room and slammed the door.

“Drama queen…” Harry muttered. We all got our tacos and watched the football game. Niall’s phone buzzed.

“I got to answer this.” Niall said and left the room. A few minutes later he came back and his face was pale.

“What’s wrong lad? It looks like you saw a ghost.” Liam asked. Niall sighed. He looked sad.

“I have to date Liz.” Niall said sadly.

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