Meeting Him

Sydney Tanner is a normal 19 year old girl, she loves bakeing, art and music. But one day her life changes when she meets Louis Tomlinson, and she changes his. They start dating and everything is going good until Louis's crazy ex shows up...

Hey guys! This is my first Movella, so I'm sorry if it stinks =P


12. One..Two..Three..Louis is Awesome

“WHAT!?!” Zayn shouted. The boys were furious.

“The management said that you were going to have your own bus!” Niall said.

“I’m calling Mr. Jackson about this.” Harry said and walked out of the room. Louis walked up to Liz

“I don’t know what you want, but you are not getting me back. You have hurt me enough.” Louis said angrily. Liz smiled.

“Don’t worry, your not what I want.” She said. Harry walked back in.

“Well, were stuck with this devil for two months.” Harry said pointing at Liz. Louis grabbed my hand and we walked out of the room. Louis was muttering something under his breath, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

“Do you want to go on a walk?” Louis asked me.

“Sure.” I said. I quick put on my shoes and a jacket. We stepped outside and the cool weather hit my face. I took a deep breath. It was nice to get some fresh air. About two minutes into our walk, 3 teenage girls ran up to us.

“Oh my gosh! Can we please have a picture with you?” one of them asked.

“Of course!” Louis said. They all started jumping up and down.

“Do you want me to take the picture?” I asked. One looked at me.

“Are you kidding me? We want you in the picture!” she said. I smiled.

“Ok, on the count of three, say Louis is awesome.” Louis said “One...Two…Three!”

“LOUIS IS AWESOME!” we all said.

“Thank you guys so much!” They all said. Louis smiled.

“No problem!” he said.

“It was nice meeting you!” I said.

“You too!” they all said. I smiled. It was nice getting away from all the Liz drama.

“What are you smiling about?” Louis asked. I looked into his beautiful eyes.

“I’m just so happy to be with you.” I said. He smiled even bigger.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” I said. Then we kissed. Every time I look at him, I get goose bumps. I really do love him.

“We better get heading back.” He said. I nodded and we started walking back.

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