Meeting Him

Sydney Tanner is a normal 19 year old girl, she loves bakeing, art and music. But one day her life changes when she meets Louis Tomlinson, and she changes his. They start dating and everything is going good until Louis's crazy ex shows up...

Hey guys! This is my first Movella, so I'm sorry if it stinks =P


17. Drama

“NIALL FANCYS SYDNEYS SISTER!” Louis yelled. The boys all looked at Niall.

“Is it true?” Harry said with a smirk on his face.

“Maybe a little bit…” Niall said blushing.

“You guys would look cute together.” I said smiling.

“Too bad that will never happen.” Liz said rudely.

“And why is that?” I said.

“Because he is with me.” She said.

“Who would ever like YOU? You’re a horrible person!” I said angrily. Louis grabbed me and pulled me away from her.

“Besides, the whole dating thing is fake.” Niall said. She walked in a circle around him. He looked really freaked out.

“Or is it?” she said into his ear. Then she went into her room.

“Why did you date her? She is such a creep.” Harry asked Louis. Louis sighed.

“Because I didn’t realize how twisted she really was.”

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