100 Moments of Song

Various one shots, drabbles, and fic-lets inspired by songs on my computer featurng the characters of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, Marvel and DC comics, and maybe Heroes of Olympus


1. Love Bites (So Do I) [Percy Jackson]

Percy sighed as the girl he was dating was complaiing about the strange things that happened to him. His friend, Gabrielle's purple eyes narrowed and the red head went on and on. The brunette turned to Percy and said,

"Hey Percy, don't listen to her okay? She reads those magazines that say you failed the test, you don’t have what she needs. She's full of it anyway!"

Gabrielle stood up before leaning down and holding his face in her hands. Quickly, before Percy or Donna could react she pressed her lips against Percy's then as quickly as it started it ended. Gabrielle straightened herself out and walked away smirking.

That bitch can eat her heart out!

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