The Cookie Girl. (edited version)

(A One Direction Fanfic) From the author of Cats, Kisses, And Wagon Wheels, here's Liam's story--The Cookie Girl!!! Esmée Minton knows a lot of things. Liam Payne isn't sure he knows anything anymore. When the two of them meet; it’s the worst possible situation and they are the worst people to meet. Or are they? ...

Actual real-life reviews I do not kid you:
"I am so captivated by this story! It's beautifully and amazingly written!" - "[Esmée] is my girl crush and she doesn't even exist!" - "This has to be the most adorable perfect thing I've ever read." - "I'm more invested in thsi story than in my own life. I love this; don't talk to me." - "I'm addicted to cocoa now."


1. The Cookie Girl (Summary)

Esmée Minton knows a lot of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between her room and the staircase, and how many steps there are down to the kitchen. She knows that at barely eighteen, she’s the youngest member of the hotel staff. She knows that she hates cabbage and elevators and that she loves chocolate with crisps, and she knows that she drinks way too much cocoa. She knows that her light brown hair and her big hazel eyes make her quite pretty, but that with her freckled nose and her pale skin, she will always be cute at best. She knows that she loves her job at the Éireann Hotel, where she does the room service at night, but she also knows she doesn’t want to work there forever. She knows she loves watching people and analysing what they do and having to have a peek into their lives when she brings them champagne to their rooms. She knows that she is too quiet, and that she is not girlfriend material.

Liam Payne isn’t sure about a lot of things, at least lately. He isn’t sure if what he felt for his girlfriend really was love; or if maybe everything hadn’t been going that well for quite some time. He doesn’t quite know how to feel about not seeing his family at all and he has no idea what to do with his life right now. He isn’t sure if he likes being on tour, and if he really likes being a singer after all. He doesn’t know how to handle all the fans and he has no idea how to get some privacy at all. He’s forgotten what his favourite food is, and he doesn’t know if he likes where all that fame is leading him and his friends. He doesn’t even know what his old room at home looks like anymore and he doesn’t know how to act in front of girls. He doesn’t know if the fans even still like him, and if maybe everything would be better if he just left. Actually, he just doesn’t know what to do lately. At all.


When the two of them meet, it’s the worst possible situation and they are the worst people to meet. Or are they?

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