The Cookie Girl. (edited version)

(A One Direction Fanfic) From the author of Cats, Kisses, And Wagon Wheels, here's Liam's story--The Cookie Girl!!! Esmée Minton knows a lot of things. Liam Payne isn't sure he knows anything anymore. When the two of them meet; it’s the worst possible situation and they are the worst people to meet. Or are they? ...

Actual real-life reviews I do not kid you:
"I am so captivated by this story! It's beautifully and amazingly written!" - "[Esmée] is my girl crush and she doesn't even exist!" - "This has to be the most adorable perfect thing I've ever read." - "I'm more invested in thsi story than in my own life. I love this; don't talk to me." - "I'm addicted to cocoa now."


9. The Best Thing.

The Best Thing




At the studio, we’re greeted by a lovely woman whose hair has a slight purplish tint to it. I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t know that she’s their stylist Lou Teasdale and just tell you that she’s a really nice person. She compliments me on my make-up—“it brings out those amazing green specks in your eyes; I am so jealous”—and I have to smile when I think about what Clary will look like when I’ll tell her that Lou Teasdale said something positive about her make-up skills. Given that she’d actually know who Lou Teasdale is, she’s probably gloat.

Lou laughs out loud when I unintentionally say that out loud and has to take a break from ruffling Louis’ hair to just the perfect amount of messy to actually give Liam a handshake and congratulate him on, I quote, ‘snatching that one up from the pavement. Uhm, not pavement like that’ which makes me blush a probably very unattractive shade of red.

I’m currently entertaining her daughter Lux by playing with make-up brushes and I have a feeling that Liam’s a tad bit jealous of the little kid because he keeps sending her playful glares every time she grabs onto me and I let her. But he’s in the make-up chair getting more foundation on than I’m wearing right now and possibly using up enough hairspray to help global warming along quite a bit. Lou is chatting away amiably and fussing around with his hair.

“And I’ve asked to have an assistant for the Take Me Home Tour because there’s no way I can do all of this alone, not now that you don’t even listen to me anymore when I tell you what to wear.”

Lux lets out a giggle at her mother’s scolding voice and I get a feeling that she’s not the easiest to educate.

“Or you could just not care anymore, I always thought the colour-coordinated outfits were a bit too cutesy.”

This gets me a glare from Liam who’s getting up now and leaving Harry to take his place. “I’ll have you know that we helped pick those out.”

I get up and give him an Eskimo kiss. “That’s why I said cutesy.”

He frowns, but I get distracted by Lou aw-ing behind us and blush again. “Sorry. I’ll let you do your work. Oh, and do you think you’re going to get that assistant?”

I perch Lux up a bit on my hip and run a hand through her hair.

“I guess so.” Lou nods and starts dusting Harry’s face with powder so that the bright lights don’t make him shine too much. He puffs a bit and looks slightly offended.

“You’re pale,” Lou reasons.

“It’s winter,” he shoots back.

“We’ve had that before.”

I laugh and Liam lightly shoves Harry. “I had to get my make-up done in front of my date. You can’t top that.”

“I still look up to you,” I joke.


I shake my head and turn to Lou again. “And who do you want?”

She nods. “There’s this girl who did a holiday job at a Westend production. Absolutely loved what she did; I met her boss briefly after the show. I think she’ll be great.”

“That’s awesome!”

Liam’s tugging at my arm a bit, but I swat him away.

“Yeah,” Lou says. “Her name is … I think it was something Chinese. Can’t tell right now. With a J … her name rhymed.”


“I don’t really want a new stylist,” Zayn mutters. He raises his hand to run it through his hair, but Lou makes a tutting sound and looks at him threateningly and he lowers it again. She’s a bit touchy about people messing up her work. By people, I mean Louis and Zayn.

“She’ll be nice.”

“I don’t like Chinese people.”

I scoff. “That’s not a very nice thing to say considering you’d definitely get all prissy if people said they didn’t like people from Pakistan.”

“Liam!” Zayn calls out and pouts. Liam just shrugs.

“She has a point, I’m not going to call her out for it.”

“Fuck you.”

“I think that’s May’s job,” Louis taunts and gets a high five from Niall.

I squint at him. “Except don’t call me that. No. Don’t do that.”

“It would also be a real shame if I let Lux play Princess Louie with you again,” Lou butts in.

“I still don’t like Chinese people,” Zayn rumbles. “I mean, it’s not really not liking Chinese people I just really don’t like this creepy Chinese girl that used to be in my English class. She was like six feet tall and in love with me.”

“And there we get to the core of it,” Niall grins.

“Zaynie’s afraid of a girl, Zaynie’s afraid of a girl,” Louis sings.

“Louis will be very afraid of a girl, too, in just a second,” Lou says, rising a make-up brush threateningly.

A stage hand comes in and tells Lou she’s got five more minutes, so naturally she starts panicking about having to get Harry’s hair to fall perfectly. (Though of course that’s a total waste because Harry has curls and you can’t have curls look shitty on anyone with natural curls, end of.) But of course, that means that the next few minutes are a hustle and before I know it, Liam plants one more kiss on me and runs after the other boys to the stage.

Lou smiles at me.

“So, Esmée, we’ve only really talked about me… what’s your thing?”

I look at her. “My thing?”

“Yeah, what do you want?”

I shrug. “I don’t know, really. I guess I really want a pet elephant someday?”

She laughs. “I meant what you want to do.”

“Oh. I want to write.”

She raises a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “Like books?”

I nod and smile shyly.

To my surprise, she grins widely. “That’s so cute! No, I really think that’s awesome. You should try everything you can to get where you want. I mean, look at the boys,” she gestures to the stage entry. “They’re superstars. And mega dorks.”

I laugh. I have a feeling that I’m really going to like Lou.

“I’m gonna go watch them,” I tell Lou and she nods.

“Go on, I’m staying here with this little lady.” She motions to Lux who’s giggling and chewing on a make-up brush. “But I think there’s a side-stage you can go on.”

I thank her and make my way to the stage.

Even though I’ve asked three people and followed all their instructions, I end up getting lost and miss most of the performance. By the time I make it to the back of the hall, they’ve reached the interview and I slip into the huge room full of an audience when Liam’s in the middle of answering a question I didn’t catch.

“And also, it’s nice to take some time off for a while. And I think it’s nice for Niall to be back in Ireland for a bit.”

“Yeah, buddie!” Niall calls out. I feel a bit sorry for him because it seems like he’s obliged to say that at least once in every interview.

“Well, we’re definitely happy,” the interviewer jokes. “Also, it seems like you’ve already gotten over your ex Danielle if rumours are to believed.”

Liam just stares at the guy.

“He just said in a different interview that he’d rather not talk about her and you actually ask him? Are you fucking kidding me?” Louis looks angry; and this is one of the moments where it’s plain to see that he’s the oldest and that he looks out for the other lads, in his way.

“I’m not meaning to pry,” he back-pedals. “It’s just good to see you seem happy enough again. Well, when we do see you.”

Liam smiles a bit. “Thanks.”

“Just one thing; is this a really new development or have you known her for a while?”

Liam’s eyes catch mine and I nod almost invisibly. That’s okay.

“I just met her when we came to Dublin.”

“Elevator girl?”

He blushes—and I’m quite sure that I am, too—and shakes his head.

“She spilled hot chocolate all over my new shoes.”

Oopsie. New shoes. Now I do feel bad. Sort of.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the way to win Liam Payne’s heart!” The talkshow host exclaims, earning a few laughs.

“But you do leave the others to do a lot on their own, don’t you? How do you others feel about that? Niall?”

Niall grins. “That’s cool with me, to be honest. She’s nice and if it turns out to be something serious, then so be it and I’d be really happy with him.” He shrugs. “Also, she can cook, so I spend quite the time in her flat as well.”

The audience laughs and I remind myself to thank Niall for loosening everything up when I see him later.

“So you’re still not wanting to make it public, even with that support?” the interviewer asks, raising an eyebrow at Liam who, in turn, starts fidgeting.

“I totally get that, actually,” Zayn saves him. “The girl is a bit reluctant considering all the media and paps and I think it’s great that he takes that into consideration as well.”

“It is a big step; and why not take it slow?” Harry says. “With Taylor and me, since we’re both in the spotlight, the focus has been there from the beginning and that’s a bit of a disadvantage because you have to give answers before you even know where you stand yourself. Perhaps that’s a reason why it didn’t work out after all.”

“What about the fans?”

Louis shrugs. “They have to respect if he wants to have some time off.”

Liam nods. “I mean, I don’t mind sharing and all, but I mind having to share. There are just moments when I need to be able to live like a normal bloke and just be Liam. And because I know our fans really love us and that they always support us, I won’t keep anything from them. But if I know them correctly, they’ll accept that I need to be able to find out myself first. I need some time.” He tries to fake a smile and it comes out pretty awful. I know Liam well enough now to have noticed that he has trouble with smiling on demand sometimes, but that’s okay because honestly, when it’s natural that boy is a winner. He could actually light up all of Derbyshire with a genuine smile of his.

“Give it up for Philosophical Liam, everyone!” Louis roars and the crowd cheers.

I grin at Liam when I catch his glance and he smiles back. There it is, enough electricity for Derbyshire for a week.

Niall nudges Liam and he looks away just in time for people not to notice that we’ve been staring at each other.

The interviewer clears his throat. “Well then, guys. You’re headed to Japan in a while, how does that feel?”







When I finally get off the stage, I feel sweaty, exhausted and I probably smell positively disgusting. Not the perfect look for a date, but I have planned this for way too long to back out. Not that anything would ever get me to back out. That’s just a joke.

May is waiting for me right at the stairs and reaches up to give me a hug, even though I try to keep her off a little.

“I’m really sweaty,” I explain.

“I really don’t care,” she retorts and kisses the side of my neck. “Now go on and take a shower or whatever because I’m starving.” Her stomach grumbles as if right on cue and she blushes. It’s adorable newly defined.

“I’m running,” I joke.

“You better!”

I have actually never gotten ready this fast, and it embarrasses me a bit when I put on my watch and notice, so I try to stall a bit. I soon realize that I have practically no hair to fuss over, no other clothes at hand and already put on cologne. Also I really do want to leave as soon as possible so I just take another look in the mirror and sigh, preparing for endless teasing on the lads’ side.

When I enter the main changing and make-up room from the showers, they’re all sitting together all merry happy and having a cuppa. Harry is drawing on Louis with a sharpie—my guess is that this is the reason why Louis even decided to get tattoos at all in the first place—and the others are chatting. Lux is sitting on Zayn’s shoulders while he’s listening to Esmée talk animatedly, gesturing a lot.

“So then there were these kids, don’t you just hate kids in good movies? They were epically annoying and Justin and I were talking while the trailers hadn’t even started and we were discussing if Iron Man or Captain America were better and those kids started being all sassy about how there were people wanting to watch a movie yada yada. And I mean, okay, we may have been talking a bit loudly but the curtains were still drawn and I just can’t believe how anyone could think Iron Man is better than Captain America.”

“I think Iron Man is better than Captain America,” Zayn mutters.

“I think you’re both idiots,” Niall laughs, getting an angry glare from both of them.

“How can you not love a hero whose weapon is a shield? His weapon of choice is protection, does that not say anything?” She looks a bit upset over the matter.

“Iron man is—“

“And this is where I cut in,” I interrupt before this gets out of hand.

“Oh!” She looks up to me. “Wow. Did you actually shower because that wasn’t even ten minutes.”

“Someone’s eager,” Harry winks.

“Someone needs to shut their mouth,” I growl.

“We can comment on this later and tease him mercilessly, but now can we get the Captain America fan out of here before I start a serious debate?” Zayn takes comics slightly personal as well.

“Yes, we should go,” I agree, taking Esmée’s hand and pulling her with me. “Wouldn’t want to be late.” I pause. “Well, not that we could actually be late, but you know.”

She laughs and waves at the others, Lux being the only one who waves back animatedly.

“Let’s go.”







The car ride is short and when we stop, Liam helps me out of the car and onto a tiny cobbled street. We seem to be at some sort of tiny restaurant just outside Dublin, and fortunately, it’s not the fancy thing I’d feared.

I look at Liam with wide eyes. “Where are we?”

“You live in Dublin, you tell me.”

“I haven’t the slightest.”

He takes my hand and waves at the driver with his other hand, leading me towards the door. “Well, Niall called some friends and they called some friends and this is what came out of it as a nice, quiet and a bit out-of-town place. It’s called Chapter 1, so I thought it was appropriate.” I think I might faint because of him being all mushy and considerate and perfect and stuff.

I laugh and step through the wooden door he’s holding open for me. The place is adorable and I think I’m seriously in love with it. It’s a bit old fashioned, with brick walls and everything, and it seems to have no electricity in the main room, so there are kerosene lamps everywhere. The tables are solid wood and every single one of the booths seems to have a different colour theme.

“There are a lot of books,” I point out when I’ve recovered from seeing what seems a bit like paradise to me.

Liam nods. “This lady on the phone told me that you could take one if you left one, or just read when you felt like it. Do you like it?”

He looks worried, though I really don’t understand why.

“It’s amazing!”

“Always lovely to see a book lover come here for the first time.” A very Remus Lupin looking man smiles at us. “Their eyes always light up like a Christmas tree.”

I blush and Liam lets out a laugh.

“That was what I was thinking,” he says. “I have a reservation for Payne?”

“Oh, right.” He leads us to a mint green table and as I’m about to ask, I catch Liam’s smirk and get that no, it was not a coincidence. Stupid popstar.

“Alright, what would you like to drink?”

“Do you have raspberry water?” I ask him, preparing for a no.

“We have raspberry water.”

Oh. I nod. “That, please. I need to come here more often.”

“I’ll have to try a stereotypical Guinness, don’t I?” Liam asks.

My laughter gets stuck in my throat when I notice who’s walking onto the tiny stage right now. And yes, it is Ed Sheeran.

I hit Liam on the arm. “You made Ed play here?”

He shrugs. “Of course. You like his music, I thought it was a good idea.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“Are you angry?”

“Yes. No. Maybe. Yes.”

He looks very confused.

I sigh. “How am I supposed to be able to go out with you if you do stuff like this? You’re all perfect and you go out of your way to do things with me and I can’t do those kinds of things and that makes me feel really shitty about myself, okay? I mean, how can I be with someone whose level I will never reach?”

“I don’t see it that way at all.”



Liam’s frowning. “I see it that way: you’re the most amazing girl and I want to do stuff that makes you happy because you make me happy. And I don’t care about the money I spend because to me, we’re always on one level.” He shrugs. “Well, maybe you’re one above me, but that’s not the point. I’m not doing these things because I’m some rich person, I’m doing them because I think they’ll make me happy, and I’m happy if I have the means to do things like that for you.”

You know that moment when someone really attractive is really nice and gets even more attractive all of a sudden? That’s pretty much right now.

“You make me happy, too,” I say and I don’t care that my voice is really hoarse. Okay, so I do a bit.

“Right, so now that that’s off the table, why don’t you go and be all merry happy about the fact that I got your favourite singer on the stage for dinner?”

“You’re my favourite singer.”

He rolls his eyes, but I can see that he’s flattered. “That doesn’t count; I’ve snogged you.”

The waiter comes and gives us our drinks. “The food will be here in a second; we’re just putting it on plates,” he says and disappears.

I raise an eyebrow. “The food? We haven’t ordered food. I haven’t ordered food.”

“I may have gotten them to agree on putting Chinese takeaway—lemon chicken, yes I did pay attention—on plates here.” Look at that little smug bastard all smiling and being perfect.

“I hate you, now I have to think about the second date for days before I can come up with a good idea.”

His grin just multiplied by a thousand. “So there’s a second date?”

“Of course there’s a second date; you got a restaurant to make a special gig and put takeaway on plates for us, what did you think?”

He just laughs.

“Oh, okay, it's on now. Hey guys, I’m Ed Sheeran. You may know me, or you may not, and then that’s okay, too. Hello? Lovey couple at the green table? Please pay attention, I’m on a stage.” This twat is grinning like freaking Loki, sheesh.

Liam pinches me in the side and I shove his hand away, giggling. Our food arrives and I almost die right there because it’s not normal Chinese takeaway, no, of course not, it’s high-class probably-cost-more-than-I-earn-in-a-whole-month Chinese food. Over. The. Top.

Liam goes way too much out of his way, and withanyoneelse, I probably woulöd’ve been so, so mad, but he’s a cutie. Then again, this is the guy who, on live television, sat down on the beach and played with the sand, and that should tell you everything you have to know.


When we’re all settled and eating our food comfortably—I’m not meaning to brag, but Liam Payne’s arm is currently wrapped around my shoulders—Ed has finished the covers he’s started out with and puts his guitar on the side again.

“Well, hey again. I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves right now.” Someone on a different table whistles, but to look I would have to turn my head away from where it’s currently resting on Liam’s shoulder because I’ve stopped eating to listen to what Ed has to say. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t look to see who whistled.

“This song is something I wrote just yesterday with the help of a really good friend of mine. Well, I say friend, but I did nick a piece of paper form her pocket to then shamelessly use what was written on it to write a song, so that may be a bit of a loose definition.”

I accidentally ram my elbow into Liam’s side.

“That’s me!” I screech into his ear. “Ed stole those lines form me! He made a song out of my writing!”

“If you keep that up, I won’t be able to hear it.”

“Maybe I don’t want you to hear it,” I hiss. Ed winks at us cheekily and starts swaying with the music to annoy me a bit. I snort. “Look at that little cunt swaying like a fucking toddler.”

“Yeah, growing up in Ireland, I’m starting to see it now,” Liam teases.

“Why would he use my old mushy writing stuff?” I whine.

“Maybe because you’re brilliant?”

I roll my eyes and take another bite. “That’s not true,” I argue, gesturing with my chopsticks. “You only feel like you have to say that because I’m a really good snog.”

“You’ve got me.”

“I know.”

“Seriously though, you did help him get over a writer’s block,” Liam reasons, but he’s soon shushed by the elderly couple in the booth next to ours. Luckily, he shuts up because this old lady is one hell of a scary one.

Ed is doing this song without a loop pedal and only with his acoustic guitar. The chords come slow, in a relaxed, all jelly-instead-of-bones kind of way.

“Be my last first kiss, be my forever, be my love
Let me hold you ‘cause this could be what I’ve dreamt of here and now
I could fly, I could move all the mountains and
I could uproot all trees if not, let’s pretend
That I will be your hero and you’ll be my queen, so 
Let’s make this forever.”

His voice is a bit raspy and seems to wrap around us like a blanket and I realize that this is, in fact, what I have written and that it sounds pretty whoa in a song. It seems to be the chorus because now the melody is different and it’s not my lyrics anymore either.

“I could move mountains, carry rocks, I could do anything.
I could be prime minister or a jock, for you I’d even sing,
I might even write a song for you even though I know
That I suck at rhyming but I want to show you that I love you
And because it’s true I even tried to find a word to describe you in a song.
So you could sing along

To a guitar I never really learned how to play.
But that is okay


You’ll be my last first kiss…”
As Ed repeats the chorus, our plates are carried away and Liam pulls me closer to him. I snuggle into his side and bask in the warmth I can feel radiating off his body. His plaid shirt is soft beneath my cheek.

“What part of that did you write?” he asks, quietly as not to disturb the scary lady and her husband who both really seem to like Ed’s music. (“This is the best thing they’ve ever played in this pub!”)

“The chorus,” I whisper back, tilting my head up a bit so I almost whisper into his ear. I can feel my breath being thrown back on his neck and the slight shiver running through him. It makes me feel really good to know that I have this sort of impact on him. And I think that’s the thing, actually. With him, I do feel like a queen. Maybe more.
“I might even try to build a castle so you’d have a throne,
Cause to me you’re more than royal, you are so much more.
I feel like I’ll succeed in ev’rything that I’ll try
Just as long as I know I’ll have you right by my side
And you make me feel like I’m special, like I’m something else
While I am just a ginger guy and I don’t know
What I ever did to deserve your love
But as long as I’ll have you… that’s enough

Be my last first kiss, be my forever, be my love
Let me hold you ‘cause this could be what I’ve dreamt of here and now

I could fly, I could move all the mountains and
I could uproot all trees if not, let’s pretend
That I will be your hero and you’ll be my queen, so 
Let’s make this forever.”

Liam’s hand is resting on my hip, one of my legs perched over his. We probably couldn’t be closer if we tried. My head is leaning on his shoulder again and I can hear his heart beat.
“I’ll be your last first kiss, I swear you will always have all of me,
Until my heart beats its last and until the rocks become the sea
With you I feel complete and I might pretend
That this bubble of ours, this love, will never end
I’ll be your hero and you’ll be my queen, so
Let’s make this forever.”






If I could choose just one moment to put in a jar and keep forever, it would be this. This moment with her fitting into my side so perfectly and her hair tickling my neck but me not caring enough to move either me or her. This moment with her song fading slowly, with the few people in the tiny restaurant chatting quietly and the paraffin lamp flickering shadows onto her face.

I would really like to put this moment into a jar.

May looks up at me and when I catch her glance, she looks down and smiles, fiddling with the hem of her sweater, her lower lip pouting out a bit.

I can’t help but notice how different she is from Danielle—who was older than me and mature and cool—in that moment, all childlike and cute and how she makes me feel like my insides are made out of caramel. It makes me wonder how my brain works and how I’ve managed to be so completely hers, to be all for a girl I have known for almost no time, a girl who isn’t my type at all. But what was my type? It doesn’t exist anymore, my type is Esmée Minton. I need to stop sounding like a Catherine Heigl film.

I’m still staring at her when she finally looks at me again.


I shrug. “You look perfect, but what’s new.” I did not just say that.

Her blush intensifies. “You’re an idiot.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Whatever,” she says and leans back onto my shoulder. She’s just the right size to do that, and her hair feels silky against my neck.

“We have a ship name,” I murmur into her ear. My voice is strangely hoarse, but I feel her heartbeat increase in speed at it and have to smile.

“Really?” She whispers. “Clary said something like that as well.” Her voice is so quiet that I can just barely hear it.


She smiles into my chest. “I kind of like that,” she comments. Oh shit, so do I.

I dig my face into her hair and wonder when I started being borderline obsessed. We stay like that for a while that feels a lot like eternity but probably isn’t.

“I really want there to be a second date,” I say, breaking the silent bubble around our table.

“Me, too.”

“This is my last song for this evening,” Ed announces. Wow, it sure has gotten late. “I usually end a gig with an Irish folk song called The Parting Glass, but I thought I’d make today a bit different. In honour of two people who are so cute together it makes me want to throw up in my mouth, I’ve decided that this is the first time I’ll play this song at a gig.” Thank you. “A huge thanks to Esmée who wrote this with me and whom I should probably employ. This song is based on Irish sayings and it seems very relevant to me right now. Uhm, this is Pride, enjoy and goodnight!”

He starts a folk-like melody and a see a few heads swaying already.

“The snow won’t stay forever and the sun will shine for you

The stars they mean forever and forever will be true

Just take my hand and walk with me, spend a moment by my side

Be yourself and be yourself with pride

They say take time for happiness; it’s the music of your soul

If that is true then you are blessed with a song so beautiful

The birds will want to sing along and the mountains move for you

Cause you’re by far the happiest, you’re by far the greatest of all

The greatest friend, the greatest foe, the greatest person that I know

And maybe if I’m lucky enough, you’ll let me listen to it all.”

May smiles proudly and presses herself closer to me. I get intoxicated with her scent and her warmth and just her. The air carries the smell of shepherd’s pie and Guinness and there is faint chatter on the other side of the small room. It’s so normal it’s abnormal, well, for me.

“They say take time to think cause it’s where all your strength comes from

I reckon that about thinking a lot I could teach you some

I reckon that I think too much and perhaps that’s not too bad

I reckon having you with me will prevent me from being sad

I think a lot, I ponder much and maybe that makes me strong

And maybe if we’re lucky enough, that adds well to your song.”

The chorus starts again—for the third time now—and I wonder why I haven’t been this content in a long time. I’m just Liam, a lad in a tiny restaurant on the outskirts of Dublin, a normal lad with a far too amazing girl at his side, listening to a gig and having his mates wait at home for details. And I lean back into the plush mint green cushions of the bench and listen and just enjoy this moment in which nobody knows me and nobody cares, except for the tiny person curled into my side. And it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever felt.

“They say a stranger’s just a friend that you have yet to know

Maybe that means that seeing you will finally stop the snow

They say that every person is just as happy as they choose

And I know if I meet you at last I’ll never let you loose

We’ll fall in love, we will break hearts and maybe I’ll find a girl

To settle down with but just know that I’ll always remember you.

I’ll show my children pictures and I’ll tell their children too

About all the adventures and the things I saw with you

I’ll tell them what you taught me when I spent a lifetime by your side

To be yourself and be yourself with pride.”

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