I'd Write A Song, But I'll Never Be Able To Sing It

Amelia Cathrine Way is mute. She was born a mute. There's nothing anyone can do to make the girl speak. But instead, she plays guitar. Her voice is an instrument.
Miles Iero is an outcast, and his only solace is a guitar and a thirst for vengance.
When the two meet, they form a shaky and strained friendship, and maybe it'll turn into more should they try hard enough?


3. "And that was the first time..."

~Miles P.O.V~
“So would anyone have any clue as to why Miss Amelia is in this state? Alexandria, you first.”

I shifted my eyes across the room, burning with hatred. I was in the headteacher’s office, sat with the preppy bitch herself and her boyfriend, Matthew. And I felt like my skin was gonna fall or something. Their glares might go past metaphoric itching and burning.

And then there was the Headteacher himself. Old man looking far too old to even be alive. His grey excuse for hair fell limp and lifeless over his head, and it barely was there in the first place. And his glassses magnified squinty grey eyes, surronded by years and years worth of wrinkles that made his skin look like a crumpled brown paper bag. And he rapped his knuckles on the desk while he waited for Alexandria to reply. When would this man die or retire?

"Well, sir..." Alexandria began, batting her eyelids and making herself look as innocent and cute as possible. Good luck with that. The headteacher coughed deliberately. She sighed and then picked at her nails as she began with a sweet smile "You see, I was simply talking to Amelia, and I asked her whether she was born a mute and whether she wanted to talk and she attacked me! So I fought back, and Matthew came here and helped me by beating her up a little."

My eyes went wide open in rage. "Sir, she attacked Amelia first!" I shouted, and the headteacher shot me a look to say sit down and shut up. I did so reluctantly. "Miles, you're version of events please."

“Well, I saw Alex rake her nails across her face. And then I saw Matthew come behind Amelia and choke her. He asked ‘This bitch giving you trouble sweetheart?’ and she nodded. He then proceeded to beat Amelia up. May I remind Amelia’s a mute? She couldn’t scream for help for anything and-”

“Miles. We all know Miss Amelia is a mute by birth. She isn’t going to be able to scream at all.” Sir cut in, glaring at me accusingly. “Please continue.”

I gave a grunt of annoyance and restarted “And then I decided to stand up her and I traded blows. Then Sam broke it up.” Matthew shook his and grinned, his teeth flashing bright white like pearls, and they were obviously false. In fact, everything about him was false. Those muscles, they came from cocktails of steroids, not actual training. That hair, was transplanted, paid for by his parents, virtual millionaires, until they blew their profits on their spoilt son.

“Yeah, Miles is to blame for my injuries.” He added, and then the Headteacher glared at the three with varying levels of hate. Mine was like a blazing hatred, and he knew it was mutual. Silence followed for moments, and then a voice.

“You two are on detention. Miles, you’re free to go. Go pick up Miss Amelia, and make sure she gets through the rest of the day without any trouble, clear?”

I nodded, and muttered a quick “Yessir.” before leaving the room with a grin plastered on my face. I jumped up into the air when I got of the small cramped office, doing a quick pirouette on my toes. I began to sing to myself as I walked towards the nurse’s office, down at the other end of the hallway.

Not even the decaying school could spoil my good mood. Even the wallpaper peeling off the wall, the steady drips falling from the corridor roof,
the sounds of frustration and annoyance sounding from every office in the hallway could get me down.

I knocked on the door, the plaque clearly reading
Miss Jayne Kathy, School Nurse

The door swung open, revealing a young woman dressed in all blue, her neatly cut brown hair tied back into a simple ponytail. Her bright blue eyes shone brightly as she greeted me by name, after all, I’d been here often enough. I watched Amelia get up from the chair in the corner, walking to the door slowly, careful not to trip or misplace her step.

“I’ll be taking her to next period now.” I said, and Jayne nodded, handing me a box of painkillers. “You know the deal with these Miles.” I nodded, and took Amelia by the hand and walked her down to the front end of the school, watching her take a peek into most of the lessons we passed. She looked curious, silently noting what each teacher looked like.

Her eyes were unreadable. Well, I’m sure they weren’t, but I didn’t have much experience with reading anything other than hate and anger. Every so often, she seemed to smile slightly at a noise, usually a birdsong of some sort. She watched the little things with curiosity I’d seen from a dog with a new toy.

And then I tapped her on shoulder, and she looked at me with huge hazel eyes like a begging dog. Her smile was from ear to ear almost, and her black hair fell over her face at rough, jagged angles, shadowing her face in the right places to make her look younger than she was. But what captured me the most is the way her eyes shone with a childlike innocence, and was it belief in me?

“So, we’ve got music now.” I said, and her eyes lit even more, which I highly doubted was even possible. Even her smile grew, just showing the tips of her teeth. If that’s the case, her teeth must be tiny or something. She drew a heart on her hand, and I couldn’t help but smile back. “I love it too.”

She brought up a hand to her mouth as if to cover a giggle, but no sound was made. I smiled, and then opened the door for her, and she stepped in. The whole class stared at her, and the teacher smiled warmly “Miles! And this must Amelia! We’ve been waiting for you, my name’s Mr. Toro.”

I closed my eyes and cursed under my breath. I really didn’t need my guitar teacher acting like his usual self. I sat down at the back of class, letting Amelia sit next to me. Mr. Toro, or Ray, was the music teacher. This guy lived and breathed music and he played guitar.

And he had this crazy fro. And I remember, at Halloween, he came in a jacket that looked like it was from My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade and had skull makeup and everything. I just laughed, and the other kids but Sam and Serina didn’t get it.

Wait, where’s Serina?

“Hey, Miles! Miles! Who’s the girl sitting next to you? She’s pretty!”

I snapped my head round to see Serina, swinging on her chair and grinning like a maniac, her pale blue eyes shining in the glare of the lights. I sighed, and glanced at Amelia, with a slight blush on her pale face.

“She’s Amelia Way. She was born a mute Seri.”

Serina’s features dropped and she made several hushed apologies, and then Toro told her to quite plainly shut up and we’ll get into practical later. She did as she was told, and then Toro gave his signature “Right kids, go make music!”

The class spread like a glass of water poured onto a surface, and I grabbed myself my guitar. There was another case next to mine that day, and it had a tag on the zip, with Amelia’s handwriting scrawled on the paper.

Property of Amelia Cathrine Way.

I smiled and grabbed the case. The mute’s face lit up as she saw me carrying her guitar, and she opened it gingerly, delicately picking up the black instrument from inside the padded case. She strummed the notes, a small smile gracing her face.

And then, she plugged in an amp, and the whole room watched the mute girl play her guitar. I could only stare at her, her fingers sliding up and down the strings with ease, and how she made no other sound, no breaths, no words. Her eyes only looked at the instrument, and for some reason, I couldn’t even look away long enough to unzip my own case.

And that was the first time I had any idea I may have liked the mute girl known to everyone as Amelia Cathrine Way.

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