Fate has it's Ways

When Valerie and Macy take a trip to London, they find a rather drunk Louis Tomlinson at their doorstep. Who knew all this would change Valerie and Macy's life? Or will something happen that leaves Valerie to pieces, and Louis chasing after her once more?


4. Chapter 4


Valerie's POV

It's been three days that we are now in London.

Louis and I have been texting a lot. I decided that I would give Louis a chance.

The more we were texting the more I fell deeper in love with him. I had no clue to whether he feels the same as I do too, though. I hope he does. But who am I kidding? He is some famous hottie that pretty much millions of girls all around swoon over. And me? An average girl. Nothing special. But nonetheless, I am going to live in the moment. Whatever happens, happens.

It was our third night in London and Louis has invited me out for dinner. How cheesy is he that he asked me out for dinner and used the "I won the deal from the swings" excuse. Nevertheless, I was not going to decline it now, was I? Who would? But instead of going out to eat though, Louis spiced things up a bit and we were going to cook our own dinner. Clearly, Louis is not one to cook. Now neither am I. That is where the fun part is. None of us know how to cook. That doesn't mean we can't try, right? 

I was dressed in white skinny jeans and an oversized orange jumper. My hair was in a messy bun and I was using my stripe multi colour orange TOMS. It is a really comfy outfit. In fact, all I had in my luggage for this trip was comfy clothes. I was never one to dress so fancy and not be comfortable. I don't see why we should do that. I would rather look good and at the same time be comfortable. I had no make-up on but just MAC's Sandy B lipstick. It's a shimmery and gold peach colour. I loved it loads. It gave a really neutral look. 

Macy and I was chilling on the sofa, just having some girl talks while doing girl stuffs. Usual us. I had painted Macy's fingernails in the colour of Lancome Declaring Indigo's electric blue as the bass and was now doing aztec nail arts on it. Not trying to brag or anything, but I have been told a lot that I am pretty good at nail arts. It is just something I enjoy doing. It is a lot like drawing, except on a different surface. Instead of paper/canvas, it is on fingernails. That's the beauty of art. Art can be on anything and anywhere. 

I was going to start on the last 4 fingers when the bell rang. That must be Louis. 

I excused myself from Macy and ran to the door. I opened the door slightly ajar and took a peek.

"I'm sorry. But who are you looking for?" I joked, knowing who exactly he was looking for.

"Oh, I'm just looking for this very beautiful women."

"Ahh, a women huh? Does she have a name?"

"Yes, she does actually. She goes by the name of Cherry. Cherry tomato."

"Ahhh.. A beautiful name for a beautiful lady, aye?"

"By any chance, does she stay here?"

"I'm afraid she doesn't. I'm sorry."

"Oh it's alright then. Sorry to disturb. Have a good day ahead." said Louis, already turning to walk away.

By now I was pulling the door wide open to step outside.

"No wait, no! Louis come back here you silly!" I called out to him.

"I knew that was going to do the trick!" he said laughing while turning back around on his heel.

I rolled my eyes and started walking back into my suite, Louis tailing behind. 

I plopped myself back at the same spot I was in before Louis came and I started to finish Macy's nail. I couldn't help but notice how uberly hot he was looking. Co-incidentally we were wearing the exact same colours. Except he was using orangey redish skinny jeans and a white striped top and white TOMS. 

He sat on the other sofa we had and just casually started a conversation with Macy. I like it how he was cool about everything. How he converse with Macy like they were friends for a long time already.

"Hello Macy!" he said.

"Oh well hello, Louis!"

"How have you been?"

"Very fine, thank you."

"Good good. How are you enjoying London so far?"

"I like it. Really nice people."

The conversation went on but I drifted. I was rather shock that Macy was calm around Louis. I thought she would freak out or something. But thinking back, Macy wasn't really that shock the first time either. Except for the moment when she first saw Louis. Even so, the shock didn't last long. 

I finished up her last finger and screw the nail polish bottle back. 

"Alright then. Shall we go?" Louis had asked, noticing I was done.

"Yeah sure. Let me just grab my coat."

"Well have fun then, you two! By the way, Val! I would probably be out 'til late. Just informing, in case." Macy said.

"Alright, noted! Have fun with your London friends too! Don't party too hard baby girl, if you want to look good and in vomit-stained-free dress throughout the whole night! You aren't exactly the best to handle when drunk, either!" I shouted from my room, remembering the last incident when Macy went drunk. It was so hilarious.

"Oh shut it, you! Thanks for refreshing my damn bloody memory. Not like as though it ever left my mind, anyway."

I laughed, grabbing my purse and plugging my phone off the charger and went to where Louis was already waiting. Louis, being the gentleman that he is, held the door open for me and stepped out just after I did. 

We stepped out of the lobby to see my limo and Pete already ready to open the door for me. 

"Hello Pete! This is my friend Louis. Louis, this is Pete," I introduced them both.

They exchanged greetings and handshakes. 

Louis and I went into the limo and Pete had lowered down the screen that divided the front and the back. 

"Where to?" he asked.

"Any grocery store, please." Louis answered.

"Alright. There is a local Tesco express a few blocks ahead."

Pete rolled the screen back up and the limo started moving. I popped my iPod into the iPod dock they had in the limo and started to blast some songs. It was resuming the song I last paused and the song that was playing was Syndicate by The Fray. 

"Baby, close your eyes, don't open 'til the morning light. Baby, don't forget, we haven't lost it all yet," I sang the chorus, not caring that Louis was there. 

It was like an instinct. Another habit I got is when people start singing a line from a song and straight away I would continue it for them. I have been told it's annoying but I just can't help myself. 

Next thing I know, Louis was just staring at me with wide eyes.

Oh how great. I had just embarrassed myself. My voice isn't that good and I sang in front of a bloody singer. How bloody great. 

"You listen to The Fray?" he asked, still looking shock.

"Yeah, they're like one of my favourite bands! Together with Coldplay and The Script. They're like super good stuff. This song is one of my favourite from The Fray, actually." 

"Oh my gosh! The Fray is like my favourite too! My favourite song from them is Look After You, though."

"Oh yeah, from the album How to Save a Life. Yeah, yeah I have that song in my iPod too."

"Cool! You sing nicely by the way. I like your voice."

I blushed. I was being complimented. By Louis. A singer. That was like an accomplishment. The conversation went on, talking about the albums of The Fray and their songs. We were deep in our conversation when the limo finally came to stop and we were at Tesco express. 

We stepped out and Louis went to grab a basket. 

"Alright, so what should we cook then, Cherry?"

"I don't know, Carrots. What do you feel like having? I am craving for hotdogs." I said, with a straight face, hoping Louis would buy that I really was craving for hotdogs when I wasn't really.

"Hotdogs? I want spaghetti. And craving? Or because it's the simplest?" Louis asked, rolling his eyes at me with a smile.

"Oh crap. Okay well it's partly true! I really am craving for hotdogs. But it being the simplest to cook is just the advantage!" I lied.

It felt like the morning when we first met because we were at one of the aisle, debating which to cook and have for dinner. 

"Okay look, I don't think we are ever going to agree on anything now." Louis said, partly laughing probably realising how silly we were sounding, fighting over what to cook.


We stood, in silence, thinking. And it came to me. I snapped, my face probably looking shock like a 5-year old that received a great christmas present.

"I got it! You want spaghetti, I want hotdogs. How about we do both? But instead, we put them both together. Remove the hotdog, put some spaghetti on the bun, sauce it up with bolognaise with hotdogs!" I explained.

Louis's face lit up, probably looking like how I did when I first got the idea.

"Brilliant idea! And we'll call it Spaghedog!"

We both laughed at our little silly idea probably a little too loud as other shoppers were looking at us like we were weirdos. After what we just invented, I guess we really are some weirdos.

We went round the grocery store, finding everything we need. Spaghetti sticks, tomato paste, minced beef, hotdog and hotdog buns.

And like as though this is anything new, we had difficulties choosing which brand of the things we needed. It seems a lot like we never really will settle with the same things. The chances of us agreeing on the same things are really slim. There would always be debating necessary. 

We self checked out with me scanning and Louis bagging. 

We then headed back to my suite and by then it was just the right time to start to prepare for dinner. 


Louis's POV

We were back from grocery shopping and was starting to prepare our dinner. 

This would be fun. I am not exactly the best cook and neither is Valerie. 

We stood side by side over the counter, just staring at the things we just bought spreaded over the table top. We had all that we need to begin the Spaghedog. We just needed to know how to start off first. 

"Okay, you ready for some disaster to happen?" Valerie joked.

"You bet I am. Alright, let's do this!" I said, punching my fist in the air.

"Okay so I've seen my mum put this sticks into boiling water. So that is exactly what we are going to do right now."

She went to the cupboard full of pots and pans to grab a pot to boil the spaghetti sticks. Unfortunately, the cupboard with the pots are way out of her reach. She stood there, looking up to the cupboard, waiting for something to happen. She sighed, looking back at me and giving a weak smile. 

"I can't reach, Carrots," she pouted.

She was driving me insane with her cuteness. I laughed at her and went over to help her out. I was 5 foot 9 and she was around 5 foot 5. Just the perfect height I like. Tall yet short for us guys. I reached out for the needed pots and pans and placed them right beside the stove. I filled one pot up with water, just enough to boil the spaghetti sticks. I let it sit on top of the fire to boil and went over to the island, where Valerie was leaning against. 

"Do you mind if you open the can of tomato paste and once you are done with that, could you cut the hotdog into tiny bits please?" she questioned.

I did just as she told me to while she went to fry the minced beef for the bolognaise sauce. I opened the can of paste and placed it beside the stove where the frying pot is placed. I then cut the hotdog into bit sized pieces and transferred them to a small bowl and passed it over to Valerie.

I watched her stir the minced beef around, avoiding it from over cooking. I then poured the tomato paste together with the minced beef and she continued to stir it while adding the hotdogs. I went over to the sink to fill the can up with water and went to pour some into the pot, just enough for the paste to get a little watery and not too thick. I saw my mother did it once. So I assume I should too. 

Darcy looked up to me, looking rather shock. 

"Well you seem like you know what you're doing, huh Carrots?" she teased.

I laughed it off and went over to the other side of her. The pot for the spaghetti sticks was already boiling and I proceeded to add in the spaghetti. It took some time for the spaghetti sticks to soften. I wonder when I should take it off the fire though? 

Like as though Darcy had read my mind, she spoke. 

"Oh oh! I learnt this fun fact once. Take a piece of the spaghetti and throw it onto the frigde. It tells whether the spaghetti is cooked," she said.

"You're kidding right? You're insane, Cherry!"

"No! I am serious! Try it! If it sticks onto the fridge, then it is cooked enough."

I decided to trust her and did it anyway. Guess what? It stuck onto the fridge pretty well. We high-fived and I took the pot off the fire and drained the water out. On the island counter was the bolognaise sauce, hotdog buns and the spaghetti noodles. 

"Well, can you believe it? We just finished cooking!" Valerie exclaimed.

"This does look pretty decent! Well what are we waiting for then? Let's dig in!"

I took a hotdog bun, placed some spaghetti noodles into the middle of the bun and sauced it up. I placed it on a plate and slide it over to Valerie. I repeated the steps once again for my own. I took a seat beside Valerie.

"Alright, on the count of three. Ready?" she asked.

I nodded, waiting for her to start the countdown. That was when it hit me. I needed to take a picture of our pretty decent accomplishment. 

"Hold it! I have got to take a picture! My mum and Harry would be so proud of me right now." 

I took my phone of out my pocket and opened to the camera. 

"Alright, hold it up and smile!" I said, stretching my hands out and positioning myself close beside Valerie so we could both be in the picture. 

We had our Spaghedog up to our faces and I snapped it. I looked back to the picture and couldn't believe how cute Valerie looked in the picture. In the picture I had just smiled with my Spaghedog  up to my cheek while Valerie had opened her mouth wide and managed a little smile while doing so and positioned her Spaghedog to where it looked like she was going to take a bite out of it. She had a thumbs up with her other free hand too. I smiled, knowing we had just took our first picture together. 

"Let me see!" she said, tugging on my arm a little so she could see the picture.

I showed it to her and she let out a little giggle. 

"Send me that picture! I'm gonna Instagram that."

I did so and she set it as her lock screen and Instagramed it with the caption 'Our very own creation; Spaghedog!' while I went to post the pic up on twitter, mentioning Valerie. 

We placed our phones down and started to dig in our accomplished meal. 

"I can't lie, this is good!" I said, still chewing.

"I know right! Not bad for someone who doesn't know how to cook aye?"

"Not bad indeed!"

"Gotta admit, we do make the perfect team, huh?"

We laughed. I couldn't agree more with her. Although we can never agree on certain things most of the time, we do make the perfect team. 


I figured I needed to think about what is going on between Valerie and I. 

Everytime I am about to meet her, I have this weird nervous feeling in me and I keep thinking I needed to impress her. And whenever I meet her, all the nervousness vanishes and is replaced with pure comfort and I feel like I can be who I am around her without thinking I need to impress her with everything I do. And everytime when I am going away from her, I feel this feeling of sadness. Like, I didn't want to leave her. I wanted to stay with her and just spend all of our time together. 

She does something to me. I don't know what it is, but I feel different whenever I am with her. She brings out the mischievous side of me, that daring me. It's not like these sides of me are new or anything, but only the boys can bring this side of me out. And to think that I never really knew of her until just 2 nights ago. We had only known for 3 days, just 3 days, but yet I already feel like I have known her forever that I can actually feel this comfortable with her. 

It doesn't even feel like I have been dumped just 4 nights ago. Maybe because me spending time with Valerie makes me actually forget about it. Our time spent together are always full of laughter. Always fun. 

What are my feelings trying to tell me? That I am over Eleanor and actually moving on to another one already? Because I feel a lot like it. I think I am falling for Valerie. No scratch that. I am falling for her. 

I went out to the sitting room where all the other boys were at with the girls. 

"Well hello there, Tommo. Looking exceptionally happy tonight?" Harry teased, causing the others to look in my direction.

Did I really look like I was genuinely happy? Well I am feeling happy anyway. I guess it really reflects on my expressions. 

I blushed. I didn't know exactly how to respond to Harry. Did he know anything? I haven't told them anything about Valerie. In fact, I barely even talk to them anymore ever since Eleanor and I are off. I understood that they were giving me time to move on. In which in those times, I was hanging out with Valerie. Never once did I actually remembered that a tragic thing had recently happened to me the whole time I was with Valerie. It didn't feel tragic anymore because if it wasn't because of the break up, I wouldn't have gotten drunk and came across Valerie. 

"What do you mean?"

"Boys, please do," he said, pointing to the TV. 

I watched as it changed from the current channel they were watching to the show they had recorded. It was E! Entertainment. This has to be good. The paps always has things to talk about us. Some of which are true and some of which are just rumours with photoshop evidences. It's just incredibly funny how all this paps comes up with all this...what I would like to call...bullshit. They just feel the need to know everything we do. Like literally, everything. And when they feel the need to even make up such silly news just to feed the public with something fresh everytime. It gets annoying but you just get used to it. 

I was watching and listening intently while I felt all eyes at me. Probably waiting to see my reaction to what was going to come on. And that, was when it got to me. I was pure shock. The lady was talking about how I seem to have moved on pretty easily as I was spotted with a known fashion designer today at Tesco Express. Then came a picture on the screen, of Valerie and I on one of the aisle in Tesco. Another one came and it was of us both stepping into Valerie's hotel entrance. I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't even know what to say. I wasn't even listening to what the lady was saying, only bits of it. I was just concerntrating on the pictures. Then came another picture of a snapshot of 2 of the same picture but on different social network. One was of my twitter with the picture of us two with the Spaghedog and the other was of the same picture but on Valerie's instagram.

I was at lost of words. A lot of things was on my mind. 

1. People will now think that I am over Eleanor and that it took me only a week to get over Eleanor. Which, is true actually. So I don't see why it should bother me? Eleanor dumped me anyway. I don't see why I can't be seeing someone. 

2. They now know about Valerie. I don't even know what she's got to say about this. Will she be okay about it? Now she's most probably going to get a lot of attention and I don't even know if she's fine about it.

3. E! Entertainment just practically showed off to the whole world Valerie's twitter username and Instagram too. I'm just afraid if those death threats will start coming in and Valerie is not one to ignore those silly sayings and will affect her so much. 

4. Does she know that we are on E! news? I am afraid if she doesn't even see it all coming her way because she didn't know about us appearing on the news.

I knew I had only 1 thing to do. Call up and check on her. 

As I was about to get off the couch to head to my room to ring Valerie, Harry tugged hard on my arms that I flung back down on the couch with a loud plop. 

"Care to explain?" Harry casually asked, with all the others staring at me. 

Wow, the attention was all on me. I guess there's no more hiding the truth. I think it's time they know about Valerie. The total truth.

"Okay look, I'm going to be honest, and I am going to make this fast because I really need to ring her and check up on her. Alright? You guys ready for it?" 

They all nodded, excited to hear my love story and smiling like idiots. I took a minute, planning on what to tell them. I was going to fill them up with everything. How we met, what we did and most importantly, how I feel.

"Okay so as you all know, Eleanor dumped me 6 nights ago. I suffered in silence for 3 nights and on the fourth night I decided to just hang loose and I went overboard with my drinks and I was drunk. I went walking back home, well I thought I was home. But I was in the wrong hotel. Well, I was drunk, what do you expect. So without me knowing it was the wrong hotel, I went to the 13th floor and went to the room by the end of the hallway because I knew ours was on the 13th and by the end of the hallway. I really needed to throw up by then."

I paused, breaking my gaze and looking up at them all. They were all still looking interested. I continued.

"Well so Valerie, the girl in the picture, opened the door and I threw up in her suite. She let me crash there. The next morning she explained what happened and she cooked me some breakfast, cleaned up and ended up having a water fight. Suddenly, the thought of the break up got to me and I told her I needed to go and I just left her. Without giving her a chance to say goodbye..."

I would have continued but Niall went cutting me.

"You bloody idiot! Are you stupid? Walking out the door and not even asking her for her number," he scoffed, rolling his eyes.

"Well, I realised that while I was back here in the hotel and I went back over to her hotel last night. We basically had a movie marathon, played 20 questions and went to the park. We didn't sleep the whole night. And well, today I went over and we cooked up our very own creation; Spaghedog. I think I am falling for her, guys. I really am. Everytime I am with her, I forget all about Eleanor. I feel like I can be who I really am with her without being judged. She accepts me for who I am, not for that famous 1/5th band member of One Direction. She has this mischievous personality just like me. And for that, we bond pretty well."

"Well, seems a lot like she's got you pretty bad. You're falling hard for her man," said Zayn.

Everyone else nodded.

"But don't you think I am moving on too fast?"

"Well, is your feelings true?" the wise one, Liam, asked.

"Yes. I know it is." I answered, truthfully.

"Then go for her," Harry said, hitting me on my back.

"Yeah, buddy! Doesn't matter what others have got to say about it. It's your life, your feelings, your control," said Niall.

"It does seem a lot like she's the perfect one for you too, from the sound of it," said Perrie.

"Yeah! Bring her over sometime. I would really like to meet her," Danielle said.

I guess I can safely say, the boys and the girls are encouraging me to go get her. I will. I am going to confess my love for her soon. When the time is right. For now, I need to check up on her.

I thanked them all for their suggestions and encouragement and excused myself. 


Valerie's POV

I have never felt this much fun in such a long time. Thinking about this actually makes me realise how much I actually have changed. I couldn't believe how much the past has affected me so much I blocked out everyone and everything. That is one of the things about me. Whenever anything happens, I don't like to open up about it to anybody. I just keep it all to myself and block out everybody. I basically suffer in silence. I would just spend my time grieving about it all and it just makes it even more difficult for me to move on. 

I picked up my phone, wanting to check my social networks, and I saw the picture of my lock screen. It was of Louis and I with our Spaghedog. I let out a big grin, remembering that it all just happened in my suite just a few hours ago. 

I unlocked my phone and went to my messages to drop Macy a text. 

I typed: Hey, hope you're having fun and still alive right now. Be safe!

I went into Instagram, only to realise I have got thousands and thousands of likes on the photo of Louis and I and also some on my design sketches and stuff like that. I'm not surprised for the number of likes on the picture of Louis. It's Louis. The teen heartthrob. How can anyone scroll past the picture without giving it a like? 

I let it slip and went into Twitter. I saw a glow underneath the words 'mentions' and I knew it was Louis, mentioning me in the picture of us. How wrong was I when I saw endless tweets of hate. Some were telling me to back off of Louis. Some were telling me I was only using Louis to increase awareness of my shop. Some were saying I was a slut. 

Am I really? A slut? By the outfit I was wearing in the picture, it was nothing revealing. They do know how to use words that do fit the definition right? I'm using Louis to increase awareness for my shop? Never once did that came up to my mind and never would I do such a thing. Which cruel human being does that? And they were really impressing me right now. Are they full time stalkers? So much so that they're speaking like as though they know what is going on between Louis and I in our lives? It's pure bullshit. I just despise these kinds of people. 

I knew that I was bound to get noticed by them directioners but I didn't know I was going to get this much hate. But I just couldn't care less. It doesn't seem to matter to me at all. What they say, it doesn't affect me. I've been through so much more that being hated just don't seem to affect me a single bit. 

I went on my laptop, to check on my e-mails. This was the only perfect time I can do it, since Macy wasn't around. If she was, I would most probably going to be listening to her saying I should not be thinking about work, that my store is in good hands, that I should concerntrate on having fun in London and stuff like that. But it's not my fault I feel worried if anything goes wrong while I'm away. That store of mine is my hard work and it just feels wrong leaving it to someone else's care. 

Halfway through checking my e-mail I got a call from Louis. I wonder what he wanted?

"Hello Love!" his cheery voice filled my ears. 

"Hey Carrots! Any reason to why you're calling me? Did you leave anything behind?"

"No no. I just need to talk about something. Am I interrupting anything?"

"Not really, no. Was just on my laptop checking my e-mails."

"Well then how about we Skype?"

"Good idea. We shall."

And with that, we skyped. He had on a white plain shirt with sweatpants while I had on my usual nightly outfit, polka dot shorts and an over-sized loose shirt that has an imprint of a heart. 

It somehow warmed my heart, seeing Louis on my laptop screen. I had only realised how I actually missed him although we were together just a few hours ago. 

He was sitting on his bed while I was lying on my tummy on my bed. I saw a glimpse of his room and wow was is messy. 

"Ever thought about, maybe, cleaning up your room, Mr Tomlinson? It's insanely messy!" I commented.

"Ain't got no time for that! Plus, Harry would do it." he joked.

I laughed, rolling my eyes. 

"Okay, well, you said you had somethings to talk about right?" 

"Oh yeah! Okay well... We appeared on E! News. Apparently we had some paps tailing us the whole time we were out grocery shopping. They had a picture of us while we were in one of the aisle. And they also screen shot the picture of us from your Instagram and my twitter. So, in other words, they now know your twitter name and instagram too. I'm sorry if I'm causing you any trouble. It's all my fault. And please do ignore the hate that you get. They don't mean it. They're just really protective of me and they are really...passionate...fans." he blurted almost all at once, without taking a breathe in. 

I was dumb founded. I was on the news. This is bad. I had only one thing in my mind; Eleanor. That is a no wonder they were telling me to back off away from him. I had forgotten about him and Eleanor. If I had remembered I wouldn't have spent this much time with him. I'm just afraid they're having a fight all because of me. I'm breaking their relationship. Oh how bloody great! There's only one thing to do now: stay away from him. 

"Oh my gosh, Louis. I am so sorry if I am the cause if you and Eleanor are fighting right now. I really am. I forgotten that you and her were a thing. I wouldn't have spent much time with you if I remembered. It all makes sense now to why some of them were telling me to back away. I am seen and caught on camera hanging out with an attached man. I am so sorry Louis, but I think we best stay away from each other now. Before things get even worse." I said, wishing I didn't have to tell him we can't see each other anymore. 

Not being able to see him was the last thing I want. But I guess things don't always happen your way. And there ain't no way I was going to be labelled negatively for going out with a taken man. That is just not my nature. 

I was on the verge of breaking down, knowing the whole world thinks negatively of me now. That I did something wrong, unintentionally. To think that I can't hang out with him anymore, breaks me. He was the one and only person since a long time that I had open up to. He was the first person who I can easily get comfortable with because we shared the same personality. He was the one who made me had fun, apart from Macy, ever since a long time. The things we have done together, seemed so unbelievable that we managed to squeeze that much fun in just 3 nights. A part of him was growing on me. Yet we have to leave it all behind us now.

I couldn't let myself be seen crying in front of Louis. I had to go. This was going to be the last time I see him. I best leave before I look like an emotional wreck in front of him. I needed to pretend that it doesn't hurt me although it hurts really badly. 

"Louis I got to go. Do me a favour? Please just stop making any speaking contact with me. It's best we be strangers. I'm sorry for all the mess I have caused you. I best be going now. Take care, it was nice meeting you. Goodbye Louis Tomlinson," I said, struggling to project my voice without sounding like I was going to break down any second. 

His expression changed from a sad one to a shock one when he heard what I had to say. I ended the video chat  just before he was going to respond. That was the last time I was going to see him. 

I burst into tears the second I pressed the end button. I crawled into a ball, bawling my eyes out. I couldn't care less about me crying out loud. I needed to. My mind started playing flashbacks. When we first met, when he had stared into my eyes while he was drunk and called me beautiful. When he fed me, when we lay on the kitchen tiles laughing like there's no tomorrow when I fell on my bum. When we had the movie marathon and cried our eyes out during The Notebook. When we laughed our asses out during Paranormal Activity 4. When we played on the swings, acting like little kids. When we argue almost over every little thing possible. Remembering just everything that happened within the last 3 nights and how it all came to an abrupt stop because of her careless act of not remembering he was a taken man. It felt like the lights in my world was shut down and I was in the dark. 

I was crushed, I was mad, I was devastated. I wished I could admit I regretted it because a little part of me didn't. The time spent with him was the best time of my life since a really long time. I am not going to let this affect me. I'm in London to let loose, for god's sakes. I shouldn't have got myself attached to him in the first place. 

I lay there, letting my emotions spill as tears.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. 

How bloody great? There I was, looking like a wreck, and that was the time when somebody had to be at the door. 

It had to be Macy, I was sure. I really didn't mind her right now. She is who I need at this point of time. I rushed over to the door, not caring to at least make myself look presentable. I mean why should I because I was sure I was going to be breaking down even more when I tell Macy what just happened. 

I swung the door open, only to realise it wasn't Macy. It was Louis. 

It broke me even more to see him as it reminded me that we were standing right at the same spot we first met. 

My tears started spilling like a tap that was broken. No matter how hard I tried to stop, I couldn't. I placed my hands on my face, not wanting Louis to see me in a total mess and turned to walk back in and close the door. The last person I want to see was him. Just as I was turning, I was being pulled back and found myself buried in Louis's chest. He held onto me tight and I found myself burying myself deeper into him. I didn't even care that I was wetting his tee. He was catching his breath and I could hear his heartbeat pumping pretty fast. This felt so right yet so wrong. 

I then realised what we were doing was actually wrong and I reluctantly pulled myself away from him. 

"What are you doing here? You shouldn't be. You're with Eleanor. We can't see each other anymore." I said in between tears, not once looking into his eyes.

He started chuckling. What? Here I am crying and there he is laughing? What's so funny about this? I looked up at him, confused.

"Val! I think you got it all wrong! Eleanor and I, we're over!" 

That came to me as a surprised. Since when? I know I shouldn't be feeling happy that they were over but I was overjoyed to hear that. Suddenly it felt like my world was lighted up again. 

I couldn't speak. I was too shock to even think about what to say. My tears seemed to came to a stop. I just stood there, jaw dropped.

"Look, can I come in and explain?" he asked, breaking the silence.

I nodded. 

"Okay, let's start from the beginning. You know that Eleanor and I was a thing back then right? Yeah she called it quits 6 days ago. I suffered in silence and finally on the 3rd night I decided to go out and have some fun. And that was when I went overboard with my drinks and got drunk. I ended up here because I entered the wrong hotel while I was drunk. My hotel room is on the 13th floor too and it's the room by the end of the hallway. Same as yours. That is why I ended up here instead. I had mistaken your room to be mine."

He paused, looking in the distant.

"Well then I met you. Look, from the first moment we spent together, I knew you were something special. You really are, Valerie. Believe it or not, I felt comfortable with you on the first day itself that we knew each other. And I just knew that I could be the mischievous me I am with you. You are different. You accept me for who I am, not the famous me. You act differently than other girls when they are with me. You act, like you. You don't put up some fake personality when you're with me, you're not afraid to act yourself. You find humour in horror. You are just as mischievous as I am.We argue at the most silliest thing possible. You just amuse me, Valerie. You're not like any other girls. And here's a confession: within this past 3 nights we have known each other, I developed feelings for you. I like you Val. And it crushed me when you say to just be strangers once again. I'm afraid I can't Valerie. I am glad I met you and I don't wish for us to become strangers once again. The first night we met, when you were helping me into the guest bedroom, I remembered I had called you beautiful. I meant it, Val. That wasn't drunk talk. That was me speaking honesty. I knew I had fallen for you on the first night we met and you just made me fall deeper in love with you every night. That is why I ran here, as fast as I could, to tell you what I just told you." 

I was at lost of words. Did he really just say what he did? Did I hear it correctly? Louis Tomlinson likes me? Is this a joke? Am I being pranked right now? I really wish it wasn't because I am feeling the same for him. 

"Val, say something."

I snapped out of my thoughts. I got the courage to say what I wanted to.

"I like you too, Louis. I really do. You have no idea how much I regretted saying those things I did to you. Us being strangers again, was the last thing I wanted."

A huge grin appeared on Louis's face. 

"Well, let's pretend what happened through Skype hadn't happen. Is that possible?" he asked, pulling me closer to him, making me wrap my arms around him.

I nodded, more than glad that things we were fine between us again. 

This night, has been such a hectic one. But it did end with a happy note. I rested my head on Louis's chest, and Louis started to brush my hair with his fingers while he hummed a tune I knew so well. It was Look After You by The Fray. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep, feeling safest in his arms. 



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