Fate has it's Ways

When Valerie and Macy take a trip to London, they find a rather drunk Louis Tomlinson at their doorstep. Who knew all this would change Valerie and Macy's life? Or will something happen that leaves Valerie to pieces, and Louis chasing after her once more?


3. Chapter 3


Louis's POV

I finally decided I could not take it anymore. I needed company. The guys are just not exactly the best kind of company now since majority of them are with their lovers; Liam with Danielle, Zayn with Perrie and Niall with food. Harry would be the best company but he is out partying and having the time of his life. The usual him. Although I feel sorry for him that he is not settling down and always having different girls walk through the door every night, at least he doesn't have to go through heartache. Like how I am suffering right now. 

I needed company, I needed a listening ear and I needed one fast.

The other only person I can think of, believe it or not, is Valerie.

There was something about her that I like. She's a pretty cool babe. Laid back, carefree, kind, fun to be around.

It was barely a whole day that I knew and I already had so much fun with her. The water fight especially. She made me feel me. I like that I know I can be who I really am around her. I had so much fun I even forgot about what Eleanor and I were going through. That was the most fun I had since a long time. 

Thinking back about her, I felt stupid. Stupid for walking away without even asking for her number. I had actually thought I could have another chance from Eleanor. I guess I was wrong. I knew I needed to find for Valerie. I needed to repay her kind deeds. 

I retraced my steps from how I got home from her hotel. She actually stayed at a hotel around mine so it wasn't a long drive. 

As I went into the lobby I felt nervous. This is weird. Why am I even feeling nervous for? 

I went into the elevator and pressed the button 13. Lucky number 13. Also the same floor of my room in my hotel. That was how I ended up there. I guess I was too drunk to even realise I was in the wrong hotel in the first place. 

I took a good look at myself in the mirror. I had to make sure that I look presentable. I somehow felt the need to impress her. I fixed my windswept hair and adjusted my outfit. I wore a pair of Hollister sweatpants and a three quarter sleeve plain white shirt. 

Once the elevator had reached the floor of Valerie's suite, I stepped out and stood in front of her door. It was half past 11. I wasn't sure if she would be in since it was a Friday night. I bet she was out partying and guy's are head over heels for her. She was a beauty after all. 

I thought about the amount of guys who would be all over her in the club. And that someone might just make her a one night stand and then leave her early in the morning and never come back again. She doesn't deserve to be treated that way. No girls do.

I snapped out of my deep thought and realised how I sounded like an overly attached guy. Why am I so protective of her? Weird.

I took a deep breath before giving it a shot and knocked on the door. Since I was certain she would be out I knocked continuously on her door.

I was counting down to stop when suddenly the door swung open and she had caught me off guard. She was in the same sleeping attire as last night, but in a different tee. An overly sized tee and shorts underneath, barely visible under the tee. 

Why am I not surprised that she started rambling out on me. I can see how sleep was so precious to her as she did the same thing last night. I couldn't help but to smile feeling like it was a lot like dejavu. Except I wasn't drunk tonight.

Even with her bedhair and tired eyes and her 'lecture' to me, she still looked beautiful. I was happy to be able to hear her voice again. Her reaction had changed as soon as she realised it was me who was at the door. She blushed, looking embarrassed.

"Oh my gosh, Lou. I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you. I was sleeping and you woke me up and I got irritated. I'm sorry," she had said.

I felt bad. It is already my second time waking her up from her beauty sleep. 

"Haha, it's alright! I'm sorry I woke you up! I didn't know you were asleep. I wouldn't have done what I did if I knew. Early sleeper now aren't you? It's friday night! The night is still young!"

Apparently she had a long day out with Macy. That explains her tucking in early.

We stood there in silence. I just realised how beautiful her eyes look. Her eyes were the colour of bronze. Suits well with her long brunette wavy hair. She looked stunning effortlessly. 

My thoughts were interrupted when she spoke asking me what I was doing there.

"Oh! I brought some movies and some snacks. I thought we could have a movie marathon. As a way for me to say thank you about last night," I answered.

She let me in and we went our separate ways, preparing for the movie marathon. I grabbed a few bowls, filling chips and popcorns while she took out her covers and pillows.

I had decided on Bambi, The Notebook and Paranormal Activity 4. A cartoon movie that would make her sentimental, a romance movie, and a horror movie. 

Naturally, Paranormal Activity 4 would be a horror movie for most of us. But I guess just not for Valerie and I. It was much of a comedy. We found the movie too hilarious and was laughing most of the time. Who knew even a girl could find a horror movie as hilarious as some of us guys do? She was by the far the first girl I met who found humour in a horror movie. And how embarrassing was it that I cried in front of her when watching The Notebook? Oh my gosh. 

It was already coming to 5 in the morning and we were still not sleepy. I was really dying to know her better and we decided to play 20 questions. The first 10 questions was the basics. Where we came from, how many siblings and stuff like that. 

"So tell me. What is the most mischievous thing you ever did?" she asked.

"Oooh, good question. Okay so basically, last year, a year and a half year ago, when Stan, my close friend, would come over to my house, I would drive up to a local Tesco and if a sandwich, for example, goes out of date on that day, you get a sticker that said reduced or in other places, whoopsies stickers. Anyway, I realised that basically, if I had one of these stickers from another sandwhich, but I really wanted this other sandwich that actually didn't go out for another two days, I could peel of this sticker, put it on another sandwich and then with the 50p that I got or the 55p that I got in me pocket, I can pick up a sausage and egg sandwich. Very mischievous, very bad, and it's something that I regretted everyday since. And I think I will do for the rest of my life."

She started laughing uncontrollably. So much so that she had no sound coming out of her mouth but just her scrunched up face and her clapping like a seal. I started laughing because of how retarded she looked. I like how she wasn't shy being around me. 

"You are such a bad ass! But smart! I should try that sometime!" she said in between laughter.

"Don't! Or I'll be the one to blame when you get caught! Anyway, what about you? Your mischievous act?"

"Okay, so my story, goes like this. I used to have this...friend," her face suddenly changing from happy to emotionless when she mentioned the word friend. 

"Well we would usually go to Walmart and we would play this little game I invented. We would put random things into any random shopper's basket or trolleys. The bigger the object, the more points we earn. The small objects would be 10 points while the bigger objects would be 20 points. We like to inappropriate things into people's basket too. Like say for example it's a male shopper, we put in sanitary pads or tampons. I would also try to put in loads of condoms into an elderly's basket too. I'm always hard to beat. Trust me. I'm like a ninja." she continued.

She got me laughing at the part where she would put in inappropriate things into baskets or trolleys. Who knew this innocent face would be that mischievous. 


Valerie's POV

"Okay well, that sums up our game of 20 questions! Sleepy yet, Mr Carrots?" I joked.

"Nope. And Mr Carrots? Wow, classy. Can't think of a better nickname huh, Ms Cherry Tomato?" he said, teasing me.

I giggled at his nickname for me and rolled my eyes at him. We learnt that Louis has this weird obsession for carrots while I just love cherry tomatoes so much I eat them almost everytime. At least it's healthy, right?

"Well neither am I. So what shall we do now?"

I lied. I was tired. But my eyes was fighting to stay awake. 

"Well, it's 6.30 now. Fancy a swim?"

"That would be nice. But you haven't got any change of clothes now do you? So I guess that's a no no."

"How about a stroll in the park? I know one nearby."

"Sounds good. Let's get going then, Carrots!" 

I stood up from the couch, did a little stretch and grabbed my phone from the table. Louis practically did the same thing I did. 

Once we were at the park, co-incidentally both Louis and I ran to the swings. 

"Swings!" Louis and I both shouted at the same time before running to the swings.

We both stopped in our tracks and just stared at each other in awe. It came as a shock to the both of us that we had practically the same reactions. We laughed it off and raced each other to the swings. 

We got on one side by side and started to kick the air back and forth gently. It came out as a game to us to see who can reach the air higher. I then introduced him to one of the things I like to do on the swings. 

"Just continue turning and let the chains twist." I instructed him.

After twisting the chains, I told him to let go and so did I. The swing untwisted itself and we were basically going in circles. The more you twist, the more faster it goes, the more dizzy you get.

We were talking a lot. About anything and everything possible. There was a lot of laughter too. It seems a lot like whenever we were together it impossible to not be laughing. 

"Okay let's jump off while in mid air. The one who fails to land on their feet has to do something the winner asked. Deal?" Lou asked.

"Oh it's on, Carrots."

We swung and once we were high enough, we both jumped out of our seats. I thought I had it all planned but my feet decided to fail on me and I ended up landing wrongly. While Louis landed perfectly on his two feet.

"Well, Cherry Tomato, seems a lot like you lost," he teased while walking my way.

"Oh pssh. You just got lucky, Carrots."

He helped me up and I got back on my two feet and we headed back to my hotel.

"So what would you like me to do for you?" I asked.

"Can't ask you now. I got to think about it," he stuck out his tongue out at me.

" You mischievous carrot boy."

We walked and talked on the way to the park, at the park and back from the park. We got along so well I felt like I have known him forever. We could talk non-stop. We never did once run out of topic to talk about.


Louis's POV

We were walking home in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence but rather a comfortable silence.

I had won the deal we made and I knew perfectly fine on what I wanted out of her. 

I wanted a date. Take her out on a nice night, to dinner and maybe a movie. 

I don't know if I am going on too fast, but I knew I needed to take her out on a date. Maybe take her to meet the boys too. I would take Macy too since she sounded like a fan of ours. 

One thing's for sure, I am not going to walk out, or let her walk out, the door without knowing I am going to spend another day together. Because I know I would like that. I would like to spend another day with her. Maybe not just for another day. Maybe for a lot more days. I would like to get closer to her. Know her better than I already do. 

My thoughts has got the best of me and the next thing I knew, we were already in the lobby of Valerie's hotel. It was time for goodbye. 

"Well, thank you for the night," she flashed her heart melting smile.

"No problem."

"Well alright then, goodbye," she said, turning around to walk off.

"Wait, no! Valerie!" I called out to her, tugging slightly on her arm.

She turned and I was sure her eyes was looking hopeful.

"Can I have your number? So we could hang out again maybe? I could introduce you and Macy to the boys?" 

"Sure, I'm sure Macy would really love that."

We exchanged phones and we typed in our number into each other's phones. Afterwards we bid goodbye again and I walked out of that building feeling happier than ever. I got her number at last. This is weird, but it seemed a lot like I have already moved on from Eleanor.


Valerie's POV

I didn't know what got to me but I found the need to walk away from Louis as soon as possible. Not like I didn't like him or anything. I just..I was..I don't know really. I just felt the need to get away from him. Before anything else happens. Not that the whole time spent with him was anything bad. It was in fact, great. Which I guess was the problem. 

I can't fall in love. I can, I mean. I just, choose not to. And yes, indirectly, I am saying that I am developing feelings for Louis. 

We walked back to the hotel in silence. That was when my mind went wild. My whole life flashes before me. Everything. Everything that happened. The 2 main highlights of my life. The on ethat had basically affected me a whole lot. It got me realising what I am getting myself into. I couldn't let it all happen again. I can't afford it to happen anymore. 

We reached the hotel lobby and I bid goodbye to him and turned around, hoping to walk off as fast as possible. A little part of me wished that he would call out to me but I knew the best choice would be me walking away from the mess I was going to get myself into if he did. 

Unfortunately, yet at the same time fortunately, he had called out to me and I felt sparks when he had tugged me on my arm. Sparks that I had not felt with someone for quite some time now. 

He had asked for my number, saying he would like to hopefully hang out again. Without thinking I had said yes. 

Next thing I knew, I was walking up to the elevator, questioning myself if that had actually happened. I had officially landed myself into big big trouble. This is going to be so bad. Yet at the same time good. 

Oh gosh I honestly hated this situation I am in right now. 

I felt like an emotionless zombie. Actually, scratch that. I was in fact full of emotion. Different emotions. Does that even make sense?

I was feeling happy, upset, glad, regretful, hopeful yet at the same time hopeless. 

I don't even know the emotions I am feeling all at the same time is possible. I really just wanted to bang my head against the wall. 

I was so confused. I was confused at myself. At one point of time, I had actually wished he would stay a little longer and when he couldn't, I was upset. And at another point of time, I felt the need to get away from Louis. 

I plopped myself onto my bed and stared emotionless at the white ceiling. 

This is definitely not the get-away vacation I was expecting. In fact, the whole time I have been here in London, a lot of things happened differently then I had expected. 

I needed to let out my feelings to someone. Anyone. 

And as if on cue, Macy came barging in. 

"Gooooood morning there dear Valerie!" she said, her expression changing from happy to shocked. 

"Not exactly a good morning actually, Macy," I said, sounding a lot like a robot who has no emotions.

"Whoa, why? And you're up early. Not the usual you."


"Come on Val. What could have possibly happened from the period we split to sleep and to this morning when I came in to 'wake you up'?" she said, making gestures at the words 'wake you up'.


Macy's POV

I was confused. Just yesterday, Valerie seemed like she was breaking out of her shell when she met Louis and now she's like some zombie. Was I missing something here?

"Val, am I missing anything? If I am, would you care filling me up on whatever that happened that made you like this?" I questioned.

Silence. Nothing coming out of her.

"Valerie! Spill the beans!" I shouted at her, my curiosity getting the best of me. 

"I think I'm in love with Louis! Okay, Macy?! There! You've got your answer!" she shouted back at me.

I was speechless. Did I hear it correctly? Valerie? In love? With Louis? Louis Tomlinson? 

I don't know what to say. I somehow saw this coming already ever since yesterday when I took a peek when they were having the water fight. And yes, I did took a peek at them. To be honest, that was the happiest I have ever seen Valerie been since a long time. I saw how her eyes twinkled when she looked into Louis's eyes when he knelled down beside her. Her eyes had only twinkled that way when she was looking at only one other person. 

Louis just seemed like the perfect person to get back the Valerie we all once knew. But at the same time, he might just not be the right person to do it. Because maybe, well in fact it already is happening, Valerie would fall in love with him. One fifth of the world's most famous boyband who definitely has a busy schedule.

"Valerie, I don't know what to say. Did anything else happen after he left yesterday, Valerie?" I asked because it seemed a lot like that is not all that she is hiding from me. 

"We..We hung out. He came over again last night. We had a movie marathon. And played 20 questions. And we went to the park and went on the swings," she confessed.

"You guys seemed to did a lot of things in one night! Did you guys even sleep at all?"

"No...In fact I just came back from the park with Louis. I don't know Macy. I just don't know how I feel right now. But this, I am more than sure of, is that I am falling in love with him. And that scares me. I just feel comfortable with him. I seem to have fun everytime I was with him. I just don't want history to repeat itself, Macy. I am tired of it."

"But everything happens for a reason don't you think? I mean come on, we came to London for a vacation and suddenly Louis was in front our door. The probability of us meeting them, or even one fifth of them, is 1 in a million! But yet we did. It somehow seems like a sign to me."

Valerie groaned, covering her face with her hands. She really was in love. I can't tell if this is a good or a bad thing. 

"Look, Valerie. Could you do me a favour? Just, go with the flow. You can't keep letting the past get to you. You need to move on. Just go with the flow. Let fate do what it's got to do. And whatever happens, accept it with an open heart. Is that possible? It might just seem like a big step, but I am sure you can do it. I'll be here by your side the whole time."

She was sitting up by now. I was trying my best to read her thoughts but it was just hard with her emotionless face. Finally, she spoke up.

"Know what? I will do just that. I will move on from my past and I am going to let fate do what it's got to do," she said, smiling a weak smile.

I can tell that she really meant what she said. And for that, I am going to help her move on from the past. I knew Louis wouldn't do anything to hurt her. He did say he was a one-woman man. Therefore, he would be great for her. 

It seemed a lot like they get along pretty well for someone who just met on the first day anyway. I couldn't think of anyone who could be better for her. Both Louis and her share the same personality afterall. I just failed to bring out that mischievous, silly, fun side of her. I cannot be more than glad that Louis could bring that side of her out. 

I can only say one thing; They are perfect for each other. 


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