Fate has it's Ways

When Valerie and Macy take a trip to London, they find a rather drunk Louis Tomlinson at their doorstep. Who knew all this would change Valerie and Macy's life? Or will something happen that leaves Valerie to pieces, and Louis chasing after her once more?


2. Chapter 2


Valerie's POV

I woke up with the sunlight streaming into my room. I looked over to the bedside table and saw that it was only 9 in the morning. 

I groaned. I am not an early riser and I get into a bad mood when I am being awaken at a time not after 10.30 a.m . 

I made a mental note to myself to remember to draw the curtains before going to bed the next time. 

I sat up in bed, with a long face and stretched. I am also a light sleeper. I need total darkness for when I sleep and pin drop silence. It was not the good night's rest that I had predicted that I would get.

Then I remembered why. The drunk guy who had woke me up just so he could throw up. I went out of bed and went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water for myself and for that guy. 

I popped my head into his room and saw that he was waking up. 

"Hey, feeling any better? I'm sorry but I had no pills to cure your hangover. I brought you a glass of water though," I said, while walking towards him to pass him his tall glass of water. 

He looked at me with a confused look as he was slowly stretching his arms out to get the glass. 

"Oh I'm sorry. How rude. My name is Valerie, by the way. I assume you don't remember what happened yesterday?"

"Thank you for the water. Nice to meet you, Valerie. I'm Louis. And no, I have no clue on what happened last night. We did not sleep together now did we?" 

"No! Oh my gosh, nowhere close! Let me enlighten you. You were drunk and came knocking on my door at I have no idea what time. As I opened the door you pushed past me and ran straight for my toilet and you started throwing up. I did not exactly want to leave you outside my door in the state you were in so I let you crashed here. And then you woke up and here I am explaining yesterday's incident to you." 

By then I was already sitting at the edge of the bed facing him.

"Oh. I see. Well, thank you. For letting me crash here. I feel ashamed right now. I appreciate it though. That you did not leave me outside on your front door."

I smiled realising how he had actually appreciated my effort. 

"That is no problem. I just did not feel good leaving you to sleep out there in your state."

He did not reply and just gave me a slight smile. I could see how he was probably remembering something. Remembering the things he had said the night before, I guess he was thinking about that girl Eleanor.

The silence was broke when his stomach started rumbling. 

I could not help but to burst out laughing and it came out as a shock to him at first but he soon joined me laughing. Our laughter died down a few seconds later though.

"From the sound of that tummy of yours, I do think breakfast is what you need," I said, poking his tummy.

He let out a tiny laugh and nodded. 

We both got out of bed and headed for the kitchen. I started pulling out the bacon and the instant pancake mix that Macy and I had bought at the grocery store and the needed utensils to start cooking them. 

After a few minutes I was done and I placed Macy's second piece of pancake on her plate and got out maple syrup. 

Louis had kindly put two pancakes onto my plate and the same for on his own plate. The pancake mix was enough to make 6 pieces. I poured some maple syrup on mine and did the same to Louis's as he gave me a slight nod when I gestured if he wanted any. 

I sat beside Louis by the island and we started digging in. I was surprised when I was barely halfway done and Louis had already finished his plate of pancakes. 

"Boy are you really that hungry?" I laughed.

"I throw up didn't I? I slept with an empty stomach so what do you expect? Besides, you are a slow eater," he said while laughing too.

I continued to eat and was finally done with one piece. One down, another one to go. 

Just as I was about to start cutting it up, Louis spoke. 

"Hey look over there!" he said, pointing out the big glass window that I had in my suite. 

I turned to look at the direction he was pointing at and saw nothing but clear blue sky.

"What? It's just blue skies. Big deal."

"Oh well, you missed it." he said, putting a small slice of pancake into his mouth.

I was puzzled. I could have sworn I thought he had finished his pancakes way before I finished my first piece. 

I pushed the thought aside and looked at my plate, getting ready to finish my last piece. 

That was when I had realised my plate was empty. 

"Louis! You sneaky boy! That's my pancake that you have on your plate there!" I said, slapping him lightly on his arm. 

"What? This is not my plate. This is your plate! And yes, this is your pancake," he laughed at his own joke.

"If it is my plate and pancake then I should be the one eating it not you!" 

Louis just laughed at the sight of me whining for my pancake back. I couldn't help it but to join in the laughter too, thinking about how sneaky he was.

"Well fine! Here," he said, stretching his arm out with a pancake on a fork.

He was stretching his hands towards the direction of my mouth. I had a difficult time trying to stop laughing so that I could eat the pancake off the fork.

As he fed me, he fed himself too. I was fine with it as I understood that Louis had a growing guy's appetite. So we ended up sharing my last piece of pancake.

Louis made an airplane sound and started directing the fork into the air making it go left and right and up and down.

"Open up your mouth! Look the airplane is coming!" he said, sounding like he was the parent and I was the child.

I laughed so hard my stomach was hurting. Even after the pancake was in my mouth I had not stopped laughing. 

"Ooh yummy pancake, daddy!" I mimicked in a small child's voice.

I laughed even harder and Louis laughed too at my terrible effort in mimicking a small child. 

As he was feeding me, Macy stepped into the kitchen with her bed hair, barely awake.

"I see you already brought a guy to our suite. It isn't even our second night here, Val. Damn girl, you're good." said Macy without even looking at me or Louis. 

Both Louis and I laughed at what Macy had said. The thought of Macy thinking that Lou and I had slept together was just silly. 

Macy took her plate of pancakes and stood opposite Louis and I. She finally decided to look up to Louis and I for the first time she stepped into the kitchen. 

She was shocked at what, or rather who, she saw.

"Well hello there. Nice to meet you. My name is Louis Tomlinson."

"Uhm.. Uhm.." Macy stuttered. 

She seemed to be finding it hard to get her words out.

"Is she okay?" Louis had asked me. 

"To be honest I have no idea! Macy! Speak!"

For once, she did. 

"Louis! Louis Tomlinson! What are you doing here? At our suite?!" she had asked, still looking shock. 

I was getting pretty shock myself. What was going on? Did Macy know Louis? Were they past friends? Why did it seemed a lot like Macy knew Louis? 

"Well it's kind of a funny story." Louis stated as he began telling her the incident last night.

I could not help but cut into their conversation as my thoughts were making me very curious.

"I'm sorry but do you both know each other? Am I missing anything?" I asked.

"Val. Are you kidding me? You really have got no clue?"

I had no idea what Macy meant so I just shook my head slowly, still confused.

"Well it's Louis Tomlinson! Well he might not know about me but I know about him. I mean, practically the whole world does." she explained.

"The whole world? What? You're not making any sense to me, Macy!"

"It's Louis Tomlinson, Val! The Louis from One Direction, duh!" she said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

Of course! One Direction. How could I have not known? It's mostly all Macy talk about. I never really knew them. I will always listen Macy fangirl about them. But I never did once bothered memorising their looks or names.. 

While I was away in my thoughts Louis and Macy had apparently been in a deep conversation. Soon Macy had left the kitchen and I was still left in my own thoughts. Until Louis spoke to me.

"Well she was nice. Are you okay though? You have been keeping to yourself ever since Macy explained who I was."

"Oh, yeah I'm perfectly fine. I was just still shock I had not recognised you. I'm sorry." 

"No don't apologized! It's good that you actually didn't recognise me at all." 

"Why so?"

"Well if you had recognise me then I guess you might have reacted the way your friend Macy did. Shocked and unable to speak. It's nice to be treated like someone normal once in a while." he confessed. 

I nodded, knowing what he meant. He was a normal person after all. I don't see why I shouldn't treat him like one.  

He had offered to wash the dishes and we had a tiny argument with who should wash the dishes.

"You had cooked breakfast and you also let me crashed here. So therefore, it is clear enough that I should be the one washing the dishes." he reasoned.

"Yes but this is my room and you're the guest so I should be the one washing the dishes!" I stated while slightly pulling the plates from his hands but he wouldn't budge.

"Okay how about we split the work. You soap, I wash. Deal?" 

"Good idea, Mr Tomlinson." I said while walking towards the direction of the sink.

While i was scrubbing Louis had splashed a handful of water to my direction.

"Louis! Look what you did! Now you've got me wet!" I screamed.

"Oooh you dirty little girl! I know I'm hot and all but you really couldn't hold it in?" he laughed, taking what I had said the wrong way.

"I don't mean that kinda 'wet'. You dirty minded boy!" 

I could not help but to laugh along with him and without second thoughts I took the soap water and had splashed some to his face. 

"How do you like that huh, Lou Lou? It's payback time!" 

Soon enough, we were having a water fight in the kitchen. The floor was slippery and soapy and our dishes was not even washed. 

"I'm coming at you Val!" he shouted while running to my direction. 

I tried running away and was doing a fine job at it until I slipped. I burst out laughing the second my bum landed with a loud thud on the floor.

"Val! You okay?!" asked a frantic Lou who came kneeling on his knees next to me. 

"No Lou! My bum hurts!" I said in between laughter.

We ended up laying on the floor, having a fit of laughter. 


We had finally cleaned up the kitchen and it was looking like how it did before.

Lou and I had decided to freshen up and I took a shower. As I was changing into my clothes someone came knocking on my door. 

"Give me minute!" I shouted, loud enough for whoever is outside to hear.

I opened the door after changing to find Lou. 

"Hey, I was just going to tell you that I'm going off."

"Oh. Yeah, sure." I said, feeling a little upset.

"Well, thank you for letting me stay here and also for breakfast. I appreciate it and I had fun too." he said, smiling.

"That is not a problem, I had fun too."

We exchanged smiles and he went to check if he had everything with him.

I walked him to the door while I was deep in my thoughts while on the way there. Somehow a little part of me actually wished he had stayed longer. I was hoping if he would ask for my number so we could hang out some other time. Although that would be the last thing to happen since he is Louis from One Direction and I am just a no one. In addition he probably has a girl in mind too who I assume would be Eleanor.

"Well thank you again and nice meeting you," he said, turning his head to me and smiling. 

He walked away before I could even bid goodbye. 

I was right after all. He did not ask me for my number. In fact he even walked away before allowing me to say goodbye. 

What a way to start my vacation in London. 

Funny how it started out with an unknown drunk guy throwing up in your suite. And then ended up having loads of fun and laughter the next morning. 

It is all just a history now. Or so I thought...

I was sitting in the living room with my laptop on my lap. I was looking through my Facebook and Twitter when Macy came into the living room.

"Well what's with the long face? Where's Louis, though?" she questioned.

"Nothing. He left."

"What?! Already?!"


I could see by her face how she was as disappointed as me. 

We spent the rest of the morning just chilling in the suite. 

Our afternoon was spent shopping in the nearby shopping centre and we also had our lunch there. 

Of course, we lunched at Nando's. My all time favourite place for chicken. Those chicken together with their peri sauces. Oh gosh how could someone not love Nando's at all? Even worse, I pity those who has never even tried Nando's. They are missing a lot. I repeat, a lot. 

Although my day was filled with activities, my mind just could not get away from something. Or rather, a someone. Louis. Louis Tomlinson. Surprise, surprise. Everything I did, my thought always comes back to Louis. Choosing a dress, I wondered what kind of dress Louis would like to see a girl in. Nando's, I wondered which is Louis's favourite restaurant. Eating, I wondered what kind of food Louis loves. 

He just never leaves my mind and I was going insane. I don't get it though… I mean- all we ever did was had breakfast together and after breakfast he left. Or maybe it was because of the moments in between? When he tricked me and stole my pancake away. When we shared the pancake and he even played 'the fork is a plane' game when feeding me. The silly fight we had about who was to wash the dishes and the water fight we had.

Would it be extremely crazy if I were to say I had fun? I did, though. That is no lie. Every second we spent together, I was happy. The last time I ever had that much fun with a guy was when... Okay nevermind. I would not like to be reminded of that. 

I wish that the time we spent together was longer though. 

Macy and I had said our goodnight and I was in bed, just on my phone. 

I decided to drop a text to my aunt.

I typed: Hi Aunt Lisa! How are you? I'm just texting to tell you I miss you and I love you. Goodnight! <3

I placed my phone on the bedside table and switched the lamp off. 

I pulled the blanket over me and snuggled under the covers. I got myself comfortable and shut my eye. I was hoping for a good night's rest unlike the night before when Lou disturbed my sleep. For once, I wanted a sleep where it involved me sleeping throughout the whole night and waking up at 11 in the morning. 

I was already drifting off to dreamland when someone just had to wake me up and bring me back to reality again. There were loud knocking on the door. One that went on and on without stopping. 

I grunted out loud and scurried to the door already ready to shout at whoever was at the door to shut it up. 

I swung the door open and started rambling without glancing at whoever it was. I was too busy being furious.

"Could you stop the knocking?! Do you know how bloody annoying that is?! I am trying to sleep here! What is wrong with you?!" I whispered shouted.

After I rambled I looked at the guy who was at my door. 


I stood shock. I just shouted at the guy who I have been wishing to see again. I felt like a retard and embarrassed.

"Oh my gosh, Lou. I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you. I was sleeping and you woke me up and I got irritated. I'm sorry" I apologized, embarrassed.

I totally did not see that coming. Louis is back outside my door. I was bursting with happiness inside. He came back! But I wondered why though?  

"Haha, it's alright! I'm sorry I woke you up! I didn't know you were asleep. I wouldn't have done what I did if I knew. Early sleeper now aren't you? It's friday night! The night is still young!" 

"It's alright. Yeah I had a pretty long day with Macy today."

"Oh I see."

We stood there for a second or two, just staring at each other. I decided to break the silence.

"What are you doing here though?" I asked.

"Oh! I brought some movies and some snacks. I thought we could have a movie marathon. As a way for me to say thank you about last night." he said, seeming a lot like I snapped him out of his deep though. 

Only after he had said that was when I realised he had a couple of DVDs in hand and a bag filled with snacks in the other. 

He came back and planned for a movie marathon as a way of thanking me back. I was overjoyed. Seeing him again was already enough as a way of thanking me but him wanting to spend more time with me was just making me the most happiest girl on earth. 

I let Lou in and we started to prepare for the movie marathon. I went to my room to grab my cover and a couple of my pillows while Lou went to prepare the snacks. We got comfortable sitting beside each other and started the first movie. Bambi. One of my favourite cartoon movie. After Bambi we watched a couple more movies. The Notebook and Paranormal Activity 4. 

I realised one of the things we had in common was we were a sucker for romance movies. We were both weeping so badly by the ending of The Notebook.

During Paranormal Activity 4, it was a rather different experience. I am not one who is afraid of horror movies. And neither is Louis. We ended up laughing so much at the ending because of the thousands of her duplicate. We found it hilarious and it took us a long time for the laughter to die down. 

The look from his eyes changed. It looked sad and hopeless when he first came. And right now it looked it was restored with hope and pure happiness. 

We finished watching all the 3 movies Louis had brought over and it was already coming to 5 in the morning. 

"Well that was fun! And this might sound weird but I still don't feel tired at all," I said.

"Me too! So what shall we do then?" 

"Hmm… I actually don't know."

"How's about we play 20 questions? I think it's time we both know each other a bit more better right?"

He wants to know me better? Wow. Imagine if all the directioners knew about this. How they would kill to be in my position.

I was rather surprised by how I was acting. I was never one to open up to someone that easily. But with Louis, I could act myself. Not the shy me, but the me I really am. The one nobody has ever really seen any more. Basically, I felt comfortable with Louis. 



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