the lonely snowman

No one knows what snowmens are really. How they feel or what they think.


2. New friend

I hate life. There is no point to it. Well, if you're a snowman. I was all alone. But not anymore!!! By my surprise The siblings decided to make another snowman or snow-woman!! I could hardly wait!! I was going to get a friend. Someone to have fun with till the day we both melt. Only two days till Christmas. I suppose this was my early Christmas present. My own friend.

She..... was built about 2 hours ago. She hasn't spoken but her eyes have glanced over at me once. Compared to me, she is REALLY good looking!! I mean, she had nice straight sticks for her arms. A lovely long carrot for her nose. Glittery jewels for a mouth and eyes. They gave her eyelashes ( the sibling's mum's fake eyelashes) and she had a pink and purple scarf and a light blue hat. Both of them smelt of perfume and it was a dream when I smelt it. I wish we could have fun together before we perish (melt).

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