the lonely snowman

No one knows what snowmens are really. How they feel or what they think.


1. Lonely Snowman

When people create snowmen they dont expect them to have a heart, or feelings or even a life. We do though. Im a snowman. It sucks. You only get to live for one or two weeks at most. I was made around half an hour ago. Im not an amazing looker. Wonly twigs for arms, a tiny carrot for a nose and a bunch of stones on my face to make eyes and a mouse. It's not cold out here in the snowy winter but I suppose that's because I am wearing a red and white striped wooly scarf and a green bobble hat.

The siblings were very pround when they had made me. They got their mum to take a picture as well! But after 5 minuets, I was all alone again. Outside in the Melting snow. I wish they would make another snowman. Someone to kee me company. But there was no chance. Christmas was only 3 days away and the snow was gradually melting away til next year. That also ment that my life wouldn't last long either. But hopfully I will still be around to witness Christmas.

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