Tragic Truth

Do you want to make sure about some facts? Do you want to learn more about an issue? Do you have an opinion about something? Then you are welcome here!!
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2. Quick Judgement

Do you know someone (who may even be you) that loves to be right? or is really quick to judge on people?
I admit that I do it sometimes but is it really necessary to start spreading lies?

For example:
A new really pretty girl comes to your classroom as a new student and then someone gets really jealous because all the boys are drooling over her so she starts to come wicked. 
She must be a sl*t  or She is soooo fake with all that make-up on her face.

Like really? That maybe what you think but what if she was just pretty? or what if she already has a boy? 
Sometimes rumors like those can really hurt someone (emotionally). 

Then we come to judgement to other things. Like animals who may look ugly (which none are!!) people think they are heartless creatures.

Tragic examples: 
Do you know the 'Canis lupus' or Grey wolf?

Ugh those stupid muts are useless and cruel and monsters.

I don't want to hear that sh*t. Because of the opinions of early settlers from Europe (not trying to make you feel bad if your in Europe) the wolves were almost killed to extinction. It was only because people didn't know enough about wolves they were ordered to be wiped out of history. About a century later scientist found out a few packs survived the slathering. The Scientist studied them and learned that wolves aim and eat only the weak and ill. 

If only more people like some of us would only seek the truth to make an opinion. Sometimes the more you know is good for you. Now I want YOU to stand up...... raise your right hand and say these words

I will always .... Seek the pigs to help them get away with the wolf

heheeh you sound funny. sorry back to reality.

I will never give opinions with out knowing the truth.


Thank you to:
Bill Mason and his amazing film 'Death of a Legend' 
ESCB♥ and her movellas 'Things that annoy me'

If you have other things don't be shy to add comments and ideas. And if you are thinking 'Are you an animal geek?' To answer that YES I AM!! Wolf lover, guilty as charged! 

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