Tragic Truth

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3. Justin Bieber

So the Canadian singer who has made girls go wild! How come everyone has second thoughts? In my opinion (key word MY) he has some great songs, to tell the truth I like his song Beauty and the Beat. But in the past I do admit I despised of him. But still I kept most of the horrible thoughts I once had in my cranium, but once I really listened to the music I became found of some.

Most rumors about him are that he is gay or an old phony or that he is childish. Now for the truth:

Remember the quick judgment thing I had? Well it includes EVERYONE even if you have reasons on why you don't like him then leave it at be don't try on making everybody on your side if they go against you.  No opinion is wrong unless you cannot back it up.

If you ask any Believers (Don't know how you might spell that) they would quickly debate with you, how can he be gay if he has a hot girlfriend? Plus if he is one why would he be dating? Have you ever thought of those? By the way he moves on stage you can see that he acts like an ordinary teenage boy. (If you ask me all boys are the same in behavior) Ask any psychologist he/she could tell you. 

Now if he is older than what he looks like maybe a few years or so but surely it cannot be decades. Most aged people wouldn't be able to keep up with how fast everything goes, they wouldn't even be alive after all the screams of crazed fans (unless if they put their ear-aids off). Also how disgusting it would be if a 70 years old guy is dating a teenage girl?

'Kay Justin maybe a little childish (really all boys are childish in parts of their life) but if you ask me childish people are loyal and nice. I'm very childish and only been asked if I was mental once. Being a little childish is way better than being plain and boring, a life full of laughter than a life of fatal boringness. 

To influence all of your decisions and opinions remember to keep an open mind, not everything you think is the truth. Ask yourself and maybe even doubt or debate because nothing in life is as easy as making an opinion so challenge yourself.

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