Tragic Truth

Do you want to make sure about some facts? Do you want to learn more about an issue? Do you have an opinion about something? Then you are welcome here!!
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1. Haylor

Teenage girls freak-out when they hear or see the words 'One Direction'. But what happens when Harry Styles a member of the famous band dates Taylor Swift? 



Yes, some may be facts, some are fables. But what is the truth? 
(Warning: These may be very tragic and seem unlikely)


Harry Styles is missing meetings and fun with his other band mates because he spends time with his lovely lady. Most Directioners disagree to the decision Harry is making, According to E! News, Swift and her latest boyfriend, Harry Styles, left New York City Friday night and headed to London on her private jet. And the 1D boys were irked that Harry ditched them.. 'such a nice thing to do!' wrong!


The Flirt and childish, fun loving Harry Styles in tears. Something that doesn't cross your mind does it? Swifties are hating on Harry because he is dating Taylor. Now if the Fans hated that some rumor started about Harry making Taylor prego?

eeeeewwwwww!! gross! harry wouldn't do that! (remember that it is a rumor! don't get a hot-head over it!)


Haylor went straight to Styles’ apartment after arriving Saturday morning. But perhaps Taylor knew that the rest of the band were pissed at her (it didn’t help that Liam Payne got scratched up by a fan when he and the other three private-plane rejects arrived at Heathrow) so she tried make peace.

“Saturday night, 1D performed at the O2 arena,” the insider continued. “After 1D’s performance, Taylor got on the boys’ tour bus and took the three-and-a-half hour drive from London to Manchester with the rest of the band. It was a nice gesture of her. And definitely came across as her way of making nice with everyone, of bridging the gap. She wanted to show them she is one of the boys.


Taylor just swore at Directioners in Twitter but deleted the evidence a few seconds after. Taylor isn't even following any of the boys, even her own boyfriend!


Taylor's friends have stated that Taylor was using Harry to get fame, Taylor denied it like how Harry denied the relationship.

ow! Harry lied to his fans?! that would sting some directioners.

Though Harry may not even like her. Harry like girls who are 'tartier' but Taylor is a girly and high maintenance as girls get. Plus to add up to this phony relationship Harry is 18 and Swift is 22. I know Harry had an incident with a 40 year-old woman but that was a unnatural accident. 


All underlined phrases are from:

No imitation was part of this, just using some resources to back up my opinion.


Please don't go telling everyone to start hating on Harry or Taylor or judge me or others that have the same opinions. If we can back up our opinions with facts using resources we are only giving out our assumptions to the world. Do not judge us because we have different view points only judge us if you have the facts. 

Now I need a favor to ask you of. I love discussing and researching so please if it wouldn't hurt you comment some questions you want answered or discussed. If you have an notion, you are more than welcomed to post it, but please please back it up or else we will have some miss-understanding and arguments. If you have an interesting facts or a crazy idea post that too! be happy to do so.

Thank You!!

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