Summer Love ((One Direction))

Ana is going to spain to see her aunt and cousin this summer, she leaves her annoying littlesister back and flies away.
In spain she meets interesting new people, two of them end up being her best friends, but will the friendship keep up when Ana and the two boys go home?


2. Chapter Two


Copyright © 2012 @MarilynsBabyDoll ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


•••Summer Love•••





•Chapter two•

"Ground! I love you!" I yelled as soon as the dangerous thing we call a plane touched the ground.

I rose from my seat as soon as it stopped moving completely. 

Luke laughed at my sudden outburst and weird behavior. 

"I'm sorry.. I hate flying, OK?" 

He just kept laughing and tried to keep up with my quick pace.

We soon were waiting for our luggage to arrive. 

"How does your suitcase look like, Anne?" Luke asked using his nickname for me while looking over the top of the crowd.

Just imagine being tall...

"Let's just say it pink…" I trailed off, scratching the back if my neck awkwardly while my normally rosa cheeks turned the same color as my suitcase.

My suitcase are pink and have a big 'Justin Bieber-Sticker' sprawled across the front thanks to my lovely, help some sister. 

"Mine is blue wi--" he cut his sentence short. 

I looked at him bewildered. He was looking over the heads of people again, looking at something I couldn't see.

"What is it, Luke?" I asked standing on my tiptoes, trying to look where he looked. 

Not succeeded..

"Err... It looks like there is a crowd if people, bigger than the one we are standing in, coming towards us.." he said, still looking at them. 

"Lots of teenage girls.." he trailed off.

"Luke?" I said smiling innocently.

He looked down at me for a second, when he saw my face; my expression, he smirked.

"What sweet pea" he said, using the hate-nickname my great grandma always use. 

I ignored it and continued. "Can I get on your shoulders? I can't see 'cause I'm too small." I asked, my innocent smile turning into a grin when he nodded and lifted me up.

"Whooo!" I said as soon I was up.

My eyes widened as I saw the crowd. 

"Err... Luke?"

"What now, Ana?" he answered, probably thinking I wanted some more. 

"The crowd is coming closer... 


He quickly picked up our bags and gave the ones, who belonged to me, to me.

He ran. The big crowd was getting closer and closer.

In the distance I heard my favorite boyband's name being called lots of times. I turned and saw the teenage girls wearing One Direction T-shirts and some One Diraction hats. 

Tons of them were holding signs with 'I love you Harry' 'Zayn let me be your mirror' 'Louis your ass' 'Liam how's Danielle' 'Niall our Irish-man' sprawled across them. 

I couldn't see the boys, but it sounded like there only was one here, since they only yelled and screamed one name;


Luke stopped to breath. He was out of breath and was panting hard. 

"Just.... a... Second…" he said between small but deep breaths.

"It's OK, Luke. You can put me down now. I think they ran the other way," I said looking around the airport. 

"You sure?" he asked sounding worried. His eyebrows raised and his mouth in a small nervous smile.

"I'm sure," I sured him smiling a big smile while he let me down from his shoulders. 

Some guys in black suits with white shirts and black, blue, red or grey ties came running past us. They wore bewildered expression looking around helpless. One of the guys were talking in the phone sounding worried and angry at the same time.

I studied them in the distance until I couldn't see them any more.

"So-" Luke started. Rubbing his hands against his thighs. "Wanna get something to eat?" 

I smirked and we walked towards the food-court, talking and smiling happily.





"I would like a medium hamburger menu with a strawberry milkshake." I said smiling at the cashier. 

He tapped in my order on the touchscreen and smiled back at me.

"I would like the same just as a big menu and give me a pepsi instead." Luke said watching the cashiers every move; studying him.

"Of course," I muttered laughing at his adorable face. 

"Oh shut up!" he said, taking our tray with our order on walking to a free table.

We sat down across each other and dived in our food.

"Look there's the teenage girls again, they look lost," Luke said laughing, finding their situation amusing.

"Don't laugh at them, Luke." He kept laughing, he actually laughed even more.

"Stop, Luke." I said but soon joined him laughing, even though still didn't find their situation funny. 

A hood covered guy walked through the food-court. He took a seat at the table two seats from us. Luke were sat with his back to the guy, while I was looking straight at him, looking him over.

The guy was wearing a green hoodie with 'JACK WILLIES' sprawled across it. 

His dark blue jeans were ripped slightly at his knees. His hightops were white with a autograph on both sides. Some brown hair were sticking out his hood and his blue eyes were clear and very pretty.

He suddenly looked my way and I was met with the same gorgeous piercing blue eyes. He quickly panicked but when I smiled at him he relaxed a bit. 

He looked kinda like... No it couldn't be! 

Could it really be Niall?

No, Niall have blond hair, not brown. It wasn't him... It couldn't be him, right?

"Who are you looking at? Someone hot?" Luke asked turning around looking behind him. 

"Which one?" 

"The one with the hood up," I answered looking away from the brown haired boy. I sipped my milkshake and watched Luke amused as he studied the boy. 

"He's cute, not my type but you can have him." Luke said taking a big bite of his burger and a big slurp of his soda. 

I laughed at his amusing eating ways, making the hood-guy look in our direction. He smiled and turned back to what he was eating. 

Luke admitted in the plane that he was gay. You can say I was surprised.. I knocked over my soda.. I wouldn't have guessed it! 

"So-" Luke started, smirking amusing at me. "-are you gonna get his number or should I?" he finished grinning like a fool, obvious wanting to make a fool out of me.

Such a good friend..

I quickly shock my head, almost knocking my milkshake out of my hand. 

"So that means I'm going.." He rose from his chair and my eyes widened. I grabbed his arm, holding onto it. Begging him not to do it. 

"Please don't, Luke!" 

"Then you do it," he said smirking...




Thanks for the 20+ reads! FANTASTIC! I'll try to get another chapter up before christms... but THERE'S ONLY 4 DAYS SO ARGHHHHH!


Tak for de 20+reads! FANTASTISK! Jeg skal nok prøve at få et nyt kapitel op inden jul... men DER ER KUN 4 DAGE TIL JUL SÅ ARGHHHHHH!




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