Summer Love ((One Direction))

Ana is going to spain to see her aunt and cousin this summer, she leaves her annoying littlesister back and flies away.
In spain she meets interesting new people, two of them end up being her best friends, but will the friendship keep up when Ana and the two boys go home?


3. Chapter Three


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•••Summer Love•••






•Chapter Three•

I turned my head for the tenth time to give a disapproving look to Luke. 

My way to the brown haired guy felt long and didn't seem to end. 

He was staring at the teenage girls, every time they looked his way he turned his head and looked the other way.

What was he doing? Hiding?

Suddenly the table was right in front of me and I almost walked into it. 

I cleared my throat, trying to get his attention. 

He looked up and my green VANS suddenly got very interesting.

"Errm hi.." I said slowly gazing upwards ending in his heavenly blue eyes. 

"Ay," he said his Irish accent shining through.

"Err I was just wondering if you..." I started, forgetting what I original was going to say. "Wanted to.." 

What did I want him to? Date? Dinner? Coffee? Give me his number?

"Sit with my friend and I, you seem kinda forever alone," I said, regretting the words as soon as they left my mouth. 

I was scratching the back of my neck nervous- and awkwardly.

"Sure," he said, smiling up at my probably shocked face. 

I could feel the heat rush to my face as he smiled. I could just stare into his eyes and look at him smiling all day...

"We.. Are just over.." I pointed embarrassed of my thoughts to where Luke was sitting grinning like a fool. 

"I'm just gonna go... You can come if you want.. Yeah" 

I quickly walked back to my seat where Luke where laughing his ass of. 

I hid my face in hands "It's not funny Luke," I mumbled in my hands. 

"Oh but it is," he said continuing his laugh battle with himself.

"Oh look he's coming over here," 

My snapped up as quickly as he said it, and truth to be told he was indeed coming towards us, tray in hand and sunglasses covering his eyes.

I furrowed my eyebrows wondering why he wore sunglasses inside but didn't question it as he sat down beside Luke.

"Ay, I'm Niall. Nice to meet cha," he said.

Lukes mouth hung open eyes wide and his eyebrows were raised to the fullest.. And Im absolutely sure I was looking the same way.

"Niall? As in the Niall Horan?" Luke asked taking words out of my mouth. 

He looked around making sure no one heard us and the 'shhhed' us.

"Yeah I am, but please don't scream!" he said watching us with a worried expression on his adorable hidden face.

Did he really believe we would tell on him? Make all the girls chase him around again? Nope! Nuhu! No way! Not in this lufetime!

"O-of cource n-not, N-N-Niall," I stuttered out, embarrassing myself once again. 

He let out a breath of relief and smiled at us gratefully.

"Thank you," he breathed out. 

Luke and I both smiled and dived once again into our food. Nail soon joined us and we slowly started talking.

"So why are you both here," Niall asked. "In Spain, I mean," he finish a pink tint covered his adorable face.

"I'm here to visit my aunt and learn some Spanish," I said sipping my milkshake, until I noticed it was empty.

"I'm gonna head over and buy another milkshake, I’ll be back in a second," I said raising from the chair and walking to get another of the delicious milkshakes.


After I got my new milkshake I went to the table. I had to pass lots of people, the teenage crowd for example but I finally came to the table.

Niall and Luke were talking quietly; I only heard small part of their conversation.

"like together?"

"No I'm.... Man" 

I knotted my eyebrows; what?

"Hey guys what are you talking about?" I asked sitting down across them. 

Niall blushed and quickly looked very interested in his food. Luke smirked and took my milkshake out of my hand. I pouted; I wanted to drink that!

"Just... you know… Stuff," Niall mumbled still blushing.

Lukes smirk grow bigger.

"Stuff.." I repeated looking down at my hands which were placed on the dirty table.

"Yeah stuff..." Luke agreed looking between Niall and I.

I blushed under his gaze and looked away; studying the people around us.

At the table next to us two people were seated; a little boy and his mum. 

The boy happily sat on his chair. His feet were swaying back and forth. He was eating away and smiled at everyone who walked by. 

His mum was texting away on her phone. One hand on the phone another on her pregnant stomach. Her short blond hair fell over her eyes ever so often. She sighed stressed as another 'beep' came from her phone. 

Behind them were a couple sat. Their fingers were connected the same with their mouths. I shook my head laughing mentally at them; they went to a restaurant the make out. 

In the corner two elder women were sat. One if them were sporting completely black clothes. From head to toe. She was crying into a white tissue; homemade. 
The other lady were holding her while she cried, comforting her though she kept on crying.


I turned my head back to the boys. It seemed like they were having some sort if mind-conversation though I don't see how.

I felt my IPhone vibrate in my back pocket of my jeans. I took it out and clicked the unlock button. 

My best friend; Ciara was seated on a beach on the picture as my background. The sun were setting and her face and body language showed pure happiness. The picture was taking a long time ago, last year when everything was right and we didn't have a care in the world. We were free, happy; young. 

Then the accident happened. Ciaras parents got into a car crash and died on the way to the hospital. Ciara didn't even get to say goodbye. When she came to the hospital they were already gone. 

I still remember her broken face when they told her.

"We did all we could do," they said.

She broke down crying. Holding onto the doctors trousers as her life depended on it. I held her while she cried. My parents tried to comfort her, but nothing seemed to work. 

Three weeks later she was sent to a foster-home. I never saw her since though she always jump my mind when I open my IPhone. 

A text from my aunt was showing on my screen.

'Hi dear. Are you safely here in Spain? Had a nice flight? We are waiting outside. See you soon sweetie .xx'

I smiled sweetly down at my phone and replied that I were leaving the airport now.

"Boys. I'm leaving now," I said looking up at the two mind-readers.

"Aww why?" Niall asked sounding sad a frown added on his face.

"My aunt is waiting outside so I gotta go," I said standing grabbing my luggage. 

They boys stood too, grabbed their bags and trays and walked with me. They threw their leftovers out in the crash can and we continued our way through the airport with the teenage girls looking for us or in fact looking for Niall...








Thank you for the 50+ READS! WTF?

So we didn't die yesterday so this is a present because you all survived! THANK YOU! 


Tak for de 50+ READS! WTF?

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