Summer Love ((One Direction))

Ana is going to spain to see her aunt and cousin this summer, she leaves her annoying littlesister back and flies away.
In spain she meets interesting new people, two of them end up being her best friends, but will the friendship keep up when Ana and the two boys go home?


4. Chapter Four



Copyright © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


“Summer Love”




~How do you spell love? You don’t spell it, you feel it~ Winne the Pooh





Chapter Four

"Aunt Delaney," I yelled as soon as I saw her.

"Ana, my oh my you have grown up to be a gorgeous lady, huh?" she said giving me a once over.

I blushed and looked down at my worn dark green VANS and old t-shirt with 'The Beatles' sprawled across. Gorgeous?

I looked up and looked her closer. She was wearing yellow ballet flats with flowers at the tip. Her worn shorts were high waisted and went from mid-thigh and up to her navel. She was wearing a little too big white shirt with almost invisible yellow flowers some places. Her dark brown hair, which we were the only two in our family who had, went to just above her shoulders and framed her sun kissed freckled face. Her brown eyes shined with joy and happened. You could almost feel it come from her, flowing towards me. 

She looked like an inborn with her brown eyes, brown hair and her dark skin. She looked comfortable and that's what I liked most about her. She never seemed to be unhappy or uncomfortable. 

"How are you, Ana? Had a good flight," she asked her now Spanish accent showing. 

I smiled and politely said I was fine as the sane with my flight.

She smiled and then noticed the two boys trailing behind me. 

"So who's these lovely hotties? Ana you know you can't kidnap people," she said smiling jokey at me. 

"This is Luke and Niall," I introduced pointing to each of them as I said their names.

"This is my aunt Delaney," I said as she took them both in for a hug.

"By the way she's a hugger," I said turning around heading for the big doors.

"Are you coming or what?" I joked laughing as my aunt placed a big sloppy kiss on both of their cheeks.

My aunt and the boys trailed behind me as I walked through the big swing doors.

The sun was shining outside. Birds chipping and cars honking. I looked around to see happy smiles on everyone around me. Couples, families, singles, friends, teenagers; all happy and joyful.

"Are you boys going home Ruth us or..." My aunt said trailing slightly off looking at the boys waiting on their answer. 

"I have a ride," Niall said looking around the people. 

He probably had security somewhere that would drive him to his expensive hotel full of luxury. 

"I would love to drive with you but my mum is here somewhere," Luke said smiling as he mentioned his mum.

"No problem dears. Ana I'll go to the car while you can say goodbye to your friends," My aunt said as she kissed my cheek and walked away.

I looked at her as she disappeared in the crowd of people with their suitcases and full cars and buses.

"So I guess this is goodbye them," I turned around facing the two boys. 

"Here give me your phones," Luke said grabbing them. 

He pushed some buttons and gave them back. 

A new contact with the name 'Luke' was showing at my contacts at 'L'. I looked up at him and smiled; my dimple showing. 

"Thanks," Niall and I said in unison. I looked at him at the same time he looked at me so I quickly looked away a blush showing on my face.

Niall then grabbed Luke’s phone and put his number in. They did some kind of man-hug-hand-shake-thing, a smile on both of their faces. 

"May I?" Niall asked gesturing to my phone in my hand. I unlocked it; tapped in my secret code and handed him it. 

He put in his number and I smiled in response as he gave it back to me. He handed me his phone and I putted in my number.

He smiled and we continued smiling and staring at each other until Luke awkwardly coughed. 

I scratched my arm embarrassed and looked towards the entry; trying to see where my aunt disappeared to. 

'Where did she go?' I thought standing on my tip toes. 

I finally found her talking to what probably was my uncle. I told the boys and we hugged goodbye.

"I better see you two again! You hear me? I'm not going to spend my holiday without my two new friends," Luke said sounding optimistic and overly happy. 

I nodded in response and hugged him one last time. 

"Bye Luke," I whispered. "See you later," I said smiling into his neck.

"See you later, Anne," 

I smiled as we pulled back from the hug. Looking him over once more. 

'I’m gonna miss his stupid face,' I thought laughing mentally as I replayed his weird, funny but lovable expressions in my mind. 

Nail pulled me into a bone crushing hug; his arms tightly around my torso and back. Making a unknown pattern on me with his fingers. It felt nice and soothing; safe.

"Bye Niall, I'll miss you," I whispered, smiling as he tight his arms around me. 

'He smell like cookies' I thought smiling as I breathed in his delicious smell. 

"I'll miss you too, Ana. Take care," He breathed out on my shoulder and back making me shiver in delight. 

I started pulling back but he just held me tighter. 

"Bye love," he said now pulling back. 

I took a step back looking at the both of them. "Bye guys," I smiled, grabbed my luggage and started making my way out of the big doors. 

I felt a hand on my wrist. 

"Not so fast Missy," Luke said pulling me into his chest. 

"You can't leave without a group-hug," he stated as Niall also wrapped himself into the hug. 

I laughed and wrapped my arms around them. 

We pulled back after a couple of minutes, a smile on all of our faces. 

"I really gotta go now, text me okay?" I said as I kissed both of their cheeks lignin a little longer at Niall’s cheek and I think he noticed because his face were covered in a red blush. 

"Bye," I yelled as I ran out of the airport with my bags hanging from my arms and shoulders. 

"I'm here Aunt Delaney," I said as I made my way to the car. 

She smiled at me and introduced my uncle Joseph. 

He was wearing a tight dark blue t-shirt and ordinary old blue jeans. Nothing special. He was bald and had no beard. His brown eyes cut through me as he did the same as I did with him; looking him over. I could feel his gaze on my body, not uncomfortable but not nice either. 

I smiled and stepped into the car; a blue van-looking car with used black tires. The seats were old and dirty and made weird noises as we drove on the bumbled road.

I was seated in the back gazing out if the window. Looking at the beautiful city and culture. People on the streets. The life in genial. 

Aunt Delaney commented on everything we drove by, people, buildings, restaurants. Everything.

I politely smiled and pointed a few things I thought looked pretty or interesting out.

An hour or so  later of driving around in Barcelona we finally pulled up at my aunt and uncle's house. 

It was kind of big, two stories and made of stones but painted in a light orange color. The windows were black and of tree. There were a set of stairs which led to a small platform where two chairs were seated. The platform was on shadow and it was colder there than out in the burning sun. A small girl was seated on one of the wooden chairs gazing out into the streets. She was maybe about ten or eleven years old and 1,45 meters high. Her black hair was braided into two pigtails hanging down her back. She was wearing a red short sleeved dirty dress shirt and overalls. She looked cute; petit, with her small face and big brown eyes. Was this my cousin? 

The house was placed between two other apartment looking buildings. There were only a small path to the stairs and the front garden was small and narrow. Only just a meter or so around the house. 

'I wonder if they have a garden behind their house,' I thought smiling as Aunt Delaney opened the grey metal gate in the white wooden railing. 

I trailed behind her up the path and soon were right in front of the little girl. 

"This is Celia Armande Garcia Matinez," My aunt said gesturing to the girl. 

"She's our girl," she said smiling lovingly at the girl as she wrapped her into a hug.

I looked strangely at the girl. She didn't look like my aunt or uncle. I don't remember my mum talking about Delaney giving birth either. I was indeed confused. 

My aunt must have sensed my concussion because she started explaining. 

"We adopted her three weeks ago, lovely girl isn't she? I tell you she's lovely. Always doing her homework and duties," my aunt rambled on and on about the girl.

I smiled at her trying to be nice and polite. She smiled back shyly, but not after looking me over. 

She seemed nice and she was cute as ever. 

"Hi I'm Ana, nice to meet you," I said bending down on her level. 

She looked at me with fear but when she saw I was only going to hug her she breathed out in relief and hugged back.

"Celia," she whispered in my ear. 

She pulled out of my grasp and ran into the house. 

I laughed lightly; such a shy girl but as my aunt said; lovely indeed. 







I shot up as my aunts voice called through the house. 


And as the clumsy morning person I am I decided to fall off the bed and onto the cold hard wooden floor.

"What?" I yelled back placing my head in my hands as a headache slowly came to love. 

My door burst open. "Breakfast is ready," she said and walked out again. I could practically hear her skipping down the hall and stairs. 

What did Uncle Joseph drug her with?

I rose to sit against the bed. My striped shed was lying on the floor next to me.
I could feel my hair sticking up in every direction, it was everywhere and I probably looked like hell. 
I slowly rose from my position and went to the bathroom. 
I was right; I looked like hell. Not even the devil would want me. 

I picked up my brush and grimaced as it went through my hair and all its knots. 
I pulled my hair up in a messy bun at the top of my head and changed into some old jean shorts and a white striped T-shirt. I quickly did my makeup and made my way down the stairs.

"Good morning," I said walking into the kitchen. Smiling like an idiot.

Celia was sitting at the table crunching on her cereal; cheerios. Today she was wearing a pair of cute jean shorts and a t-shirt with a smiley on, her black hair was this time hanging down her bag in beautiful curls. 

I smiled at her as I sat down across her, aunt Delaney handing me my breakfast; also cheerios.

"Good morning, Ana. Slept tight?" Delaney threw over her shoulder as she washed what probably was her own and Uncle Joseph’s plate.

"Sure did," I replied placing the spoon in my mouth. 

Celia chuckled as I ate. "You make weird faces when you eat," she said surprising both Delaney, I and herself. 

"Why thank you," I said pretending to lift an unexciting hat. 

She chuckled once again and dove into her cheerios with a beautiful smile on her lips. 

My phone 'beeped' from my pocket, signalizing I had a new text. 

I looked up at aunt Delaney nodding to the phone; asking if I could take a look. She shrugged and went back to the dishes.

I pulled out my phone from my back pocket. Unlocked it and read the text.

Hi Anne
Fancy having a trip to the beach with Niall and I?
I'll pay the lunch ;) 
See ya there 12 o'clock 
-Luke :) xx

I smirked down at my phone at Luke’s text and replied I had to ask first.

I looked up at my aunt with pleading eyes, going down on my knees; begging her to let me ho to the beach.

"Please Aunt Delaney? I promise to be back before twelve. Please?" I begged dragging out the vocals in please. 

She chuckled and shock her head at my stupidity. "Sure you can, sweet." she started as I squealed. "Just be home before one tonight and remember we eat at 6, just in case," she reminded me as I squealed once again and jumped up and gave her a bone crushing hug. 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

I ran up the stairs changing so my bikini was beneath my clothes, grabbed my sun cream, sunglasses and my iPod and ran down the stairs again.

I stopped to kiss my aunts cheek. "Thank you," I whispered once more before running out of the door into the busy streets of Barcelona.






Another chapter finished... sorry it took its time, I had written about half and wanted to stop there.. but I thought it was too short.. SO I came up with some more.. Hope you liked it! :) xx


Endnu et kapitel færdigt... undskyld det tog sin tid... Jeg havde skrevet omkring halvdelen og ville ha' stoppet der, men jeg syntes det var for kort.. SÅ jeg fandt på noget mere... Håber du kunne lide det? :) xx

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