Summer Love ((One Direction))

Ana is going to spain to see her aunt and cousin this summer, she leaves her annoying littlesister back and flies away.
In spain she meets interesting new people, two of them end up being her best friends, but will the friendship keep up when Ana and the two boys go home?


1. Chapter One

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

"Summer Love" 




"I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen" -Winnie the Pooh








Chapter One



I sighed sadly as I turned the page to another of Katniss and Peetas never ending love story.


I have read the books over and over again and they still makes me feel all bubbly inside. Wether the emotion was happiness for her finally realizing her love or anger for president Snows never ending attempts on killing them.


"Ana!"  I looked up, snapping out if my daydream of the hunger games.


Sighing as I closed the book. "What?"



I turned from my comfortable position in my chair to look at my always asking sister. Jane sat across me in our soft, polka dotted and comfortable sofa. 


"Look there's One Direction."  I quickly turned to look where she pointed but fast turned again when I heard laughter escape from her light pink lips.


I scowled at her.


"You s-should seen your f-face." she stuttered out in bits, tears silently rolling down her cheeks from laughing too hard.


"Not funny." I scowled before raising from my favorite seat and leaving the room. 


"Oh come one, sis. That was funny! Can't you take a joke?" She said following me. I simply ignored her comment and held the water from the kettle into my cup.

The chocolate powder at the bottom slowly disappearing into the hot water. I put a spoon in it and turned to look at her, for the moment, annoying face. 


She was looking out of the window with a shocked expression. Her eyes wide and her mouthed formed in an small 'O' form. I knotted my brows and looked out if the window gazing around the garden. The small purple flowers were starting to show and the sun was setting. I must admit it looked beautiful, but I didn't quite believe that, that was what she was looking at. I turned to look at her, a confused expression on my face. Wrinkles showing on my forehead and my brows knotted together. One glance at her and my expression changed from confused to annoyed. 


She was bowing down, her hands around her stomach and tears escaping her eyes. 


"Stop laughing, Jane." I snickered and walked back into the living room placing my cup of hot chocolate on the table and myself back onto my loving chair.


She was still laughing when she walked in. Wiping the tears away with the back of her hand. Her face showed pure amusement. 


"Oh come on, how could you fall for that trick twice a row?" she asked clearly proud of her work. 


I rolled my eyes and took the cup into my cold hands. The heat of the cup warming up my bare hands. 


"I get it the second time but seriously! One. Direction. Here?" She started laughing again, though not quite as loud and dramatic as before.


"You would do the same if I said Bieber was here." I said sipping my drink slowly, not wanting to burn my tongue. 


"Yeah but that's Bieber, that's different." she huffed. Taking a place in the sofa again. 


"How so?" I asked amused.


She was embarrassed, a tiny pink blush appearing on the freckled cheeks. 


"Its... It just... It just is okay?" she said crossing her arms across her chest and frowning slightly.


"Okaay.." I said trailing off, sipping my chocolate. 


I smiled widely as the smell hit my nose. Chocolate always make me happier. The taste is even better. First it's hot and spicy but then you taste properly and the pure bless from the chocolate overwhelm you. 


"Ana, have you packed yet?" My mum asked walking into the room in her everyday outfit; a tight knee length skirt and a white button up shirt with a blazer on top. The colors changing from day to day. Today the skirt was grey and the blazer red matching her lipstick on her small lips. 


"Er... No?" I said wishing I had done it instead of fighting with Jane. 


My mum sighed and smoothed out her wrinkle free forehead.


"Just... Do it okay? You leave tomorrow, hun."


"I will ,mum!" I said. She smiled and kissed my cheek. 


"Good. See you in a bit, I'm just going to the supermarket." she smiled at us and picked up her black leather clutch. She turned around and walked out. 


I sipped my drink slowly. Even though it was cooler it was still too got for my tongue.


"Oh and behave, girls." I jumped at my mums outburst. Jane just simply smiled her innocent smile winning mum over at her side. I nodded, sipping my chocolate which luckily still were in it's place; the cup.






"Flight 4592 to Spain, Barcelona is boarding now, gate 9."


I closed my book, cutting off the emotions of the hunger games before a new one overtook me.  I was going to Spain. SPAIN! A grin was showing on my face, a dimple showing in the left cheek.


I almost jumped of joy. I have been waiting for this trip forever or well 6 months.


I grabbed my bag and my new IPhone, I finally made my parents buy it to me. I finally convinced them that the camera was better than some ordinary camera. I don't know if it's true or not, but I got it so now I don't care.


I happily snapped a photo of the airport, filled with people, the stress hanging in the air, and uploaded it to twitter. 



'Finally going! "Sadly" I have to leave this airport.. Which is AMAZING! Spain here I come .xx'


I clicked off the twitter app and closed my phone.


I rose from my chair, my bag and phone in hand. I looked around, this is gonna be awesome, I thought, walking towards gate 9...





I sat down in the uncomfortable flight seats. Grey and boring with the name of the plane scrolled across it.


I plugged in my headphones in my IPhone finding my playlist of favorite songs. Enrique Iglesias' song 'Finally Found You' came out of the headphones and into my ears. I took one of them out, turning the volume down a little so I could hear if the pilot and stewardess were speaking.


I looked up as someone clearer their throat. I was met with a young boy with dazzling brown eyes and tanned skin. His hair black and shiny. 


"I think that's my seat?" he said pointing to the seat next to me where my things were laying. I quickly removed them and apologized.


"Doesnt matter!" He said smiling. "I'm Luke by the way and you are?"  He introduced.


"I'm Ana, nice to meet you." I said smiling back studying his face features. 


He had freckles just like my sister spread across his nose and cheeks. His high cheekbones were showing and his perfect white teeth in a big smile. Two very small almost not noticeable dimples had appeared when he smiled. Just beside his smile in his cheeks.


"You too." He sat down and leaned back in the seat.


The song ended and a new one started. It was 'How to save a life' by The Fray, one of my favorite songs.


"Good choice." Luke said again showing his white smile.  "What would complete it?" I asked  smiling, knowing my dimple showed. knew he thought I missed something. 


"Something like...." he trailed off and putting on a thinking face. His face grew serious and he was staring into distance.


"Maybe a female? I have no idea. I just think you are missing something." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. 


"All passengers......."




End of first chapter... did you like it? 

Slut på første kapitel.... kunne du lide det?




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