Abandoned in Paris

A girl. A big city. When all is apparently lost, what will Lily do, and how will she react?


4. Home Sweet Home

I jumped into his taxi and replied, “Definitely!” And I looked at him with huge appreciation as he drove in the underwater tunnel. “So, Uncle… how did you know I was here?” He looked at me.

“Well, I just got a job in a taxi firm, and I was asked to cover this area of Paris. Looks like you’ve got yourself a clever puppy, Lily. I would never have found you if Millie hadn’t caught my scent!”

So I enjoyed the ride as my uncle drove me back to the coastal Devon. As he pulled up in my drive, all my family came rushing out of the front door. I could tell mum had been panicking; she was all red and flushed.  She took one glance at my rat tailed, soggy hair and gave me a really lovely hug. But it was my Uncle who I hugged the most. He really saved me, and I couldn’t thank him enough. There were no words to describe how I felt that day. Tash was really kind to me after today, she even let me borrow her clothes! I peered at the pretty Willow tree in my garden, and even she welcomed me back. We weren’t going to jump at the chance to go abroad for a while!

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