Abandoned in Paris

A girl. A big city. When all is apparently lost, what will Lily do, and how will she react?


2. Abandoned

When my alarm bleeped continuously, I whacked it, shouted at it and closed my eyes again. Whilst my other family members were preparing to get the ferry home, I was sleeping in bed – oblivious to what was going on. Even Millie was droopy, and napped in the sun’s ray by the window. However, my family expected me to be up and ready to go. They trailed downstairs to reception, forgetting totally about me as they sailed past my room. I couldn’t get up…but I knew I had to, as my alarm kept going off, it was telling me to stop being lazy!

After getting dressed, I went down to reception with Millie, waiting for Mum and Dad. I waited for an hour or so. Then I looked at my watch. 11:35! Our ferry left at 12…and Mum likes to be there extra early, so that would mean…they were already gone! I was forced to check out, as other people needed my room. I tried to ring Dad, but it went straight to voicemail. I tried texting or calling Mum, Tasha, my brothers…no one answered.

I trailed out into the cold, wet, and winter’s outdoors. I had a ten pound note in my purse and a few odd coins in my pockets. Not nearly enough to pay for another hotel room. My hair was dripping wet after standing in the drenching rain for ten minutes. I ran to the ferry dock, only to see the ferry floating away, back to England, where I should be!

Then, I got a call – as quick as lightning, I flipped my phone open. It was dad! He was devastated, my family couldn’t believe they’d left me behind. He was just about to tell me something important, when the stupid mobile starting making the low battery noise. The phone cut Dad off and hibernated itself. It was next to useless now.

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