Abandoned in Paris

A girl. A big city. When all is apparently lost, what will Lily do, and how will she react?


3. A Taxi Ride

Terrified, I collapse onto a bench and cry my heart out. Why did I have to lie in? Why do I have to be the quiet daughter? Mum and Dad would have known if Tash was absent. I’m like her shadow, plain and boring, but I love my family so much!

Millie sat on my lap for a while, then I realised we were both extremely hungry. So, we go into town and buy some crepes, chips and sausages (For Millie, of course). After I had eaten, I felt a little bit better. My little puppy dog suddenly leapt up and started sniffing the ground. I followed her, curious. Had she caught the scent of discarded sausages? When I looked up, my heart fluttered. Millie had sniffed out my Uncle! I loved my Uncle, and Millie did too; she liked my Uncle as much as I did!

“Hello, young lady,” My uncle joked, with a glint in his eye. He showed us his taxi. “Would you like a ride?” He added.

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