Abandoned in Paris

A girl. A big city. When all is apparently lost, what will Lily do, and how will she react?


1. Foreign place

I trembled with terror as I stroked little Millie’s soft puppy fur, she looked as hopelessly lost as I did. I couldn’t bear the foreign, eerie sounds around me. We had been abandoned… abandoned in Paris…

I couldn’t wait! I was finally going on holiday! My family was huge, so we were disadvantaged when it came to holidays – normally, we just stayed at my boring, crowded home whilst texting my friends who were off in Florida or Sydney or Madrid. When my parents announced we were all going to Paris, I was ecstatic! Even my little puppy Millie could come!

The sights on the holiday were magnificent, not one bit boring – even my oldest sister Tasha didn’t moan…and that’s rare! “Lily, come on!” Tasha said, keeping her patience, as I took a photo of everything on my cool, new camera.

“OK, Tash, I’m coming! Hey, look! It’s a stall selling cooked snails!” I excitedly gasped, getting distracted for the millionth time.

I saw mouth-watering crepes at day, and the diamond stars by night. It was beautiful.

As the fantastic holiday nearly came to an end, we all went to the New Year’s Eve party; my parents, my 3 sisters, 2 brothers, Millie, and me. We danced under the shining, sparkling spotlight for hours. ‘I would miss Paris, it’s so pretty.’ I thought. After the tattered, old fashioned clock sung out at twelve, I trooped to my own hotel room, exhausted by the events of the day. I climbed into my soft as a cloud bed, shut my tired eyes and drifted off to sleep without a second thought.

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