Sisters of the sea

This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan fiction. Tierney and Ellie had always been best friends, when they find out they're demigods, and sisters they're overjoyed. But Tierney is plagued with nightmares, something is going to make Ellie do something terrible. Camp half-blood must work together to make sure this never happens and Ellie doesn't find out what Tierney saw!


9. Chapter 9- well i had this dream..


This chapter is dedicated to Slyflamesilver93 who has reviewed my story a lot. And yes, Frank is a son of mars but I wrote that when I was tired and didn't really check through it.

Question- what do you think Ellie and Tierney's favourite colours should be?

Disclaimer- I do not own Percy Jackson, I own Tierney and Ellie (they probably wouldn't like me saying that). I do not own Louisa Jackson either, ArtemisApollo97 does.

Sisters of the gods

Chapter 9- well i had this dream..

Eventually they managed to cram all eighty something campers, one Centaur and a God around the ping pong table in the game room. It was hard but they got there. The head counselors sat on the table, some sat on the chairs around it, some under it and the rest stood around. Some annoyed muttering sounded when Chiron squeezed past.
He cleared his throat and spoke, "I know this arrangement is uncomfortable..." he lifted three campers onto his back to clear some breathing space.
"Why can't we just do this in the dining pavilion?" a little girl, about five asked. I'm guessing she's a daughter of Athena because she had the same grey eyes as the rest of Annabeth's siblings; also she was currently sat in Annabeth's lap bouncing a ping pong ball of Percy's head.
"What an amazing idea." he said as if it had just occurred to him. "Well done Safiya!" the little girl, Safiya, I'm guessing looked immensely proud of her self. "Let's make our way to the pavilion and continue the meeting."
Annabeth held up her hand for the little girl to high five her. Then she lifted her up and slid off the ping pong table. "Go Saffy." the girl just grinned.
"Why are we here, have we done something wrong?" Saffy asked, suddenly serious, she looked like a mini Annabeth. I walked about three metres away from them, glancing now and then at the sun lit lake.
"No, we've done nothing wrong." the girl sighed in relief, wiping her hand across her forehead dramatically.
"Good... Mommy wouldn't like that." Annabeth laughed. "What are we doing here then?"
"my friend is going to tell us about a dream she had last night." Saffy's eyes widened.
"No!" she shrieked, she hit Annabeth, "the screaming, I still hear..." she turned and looked straight at me, "don't let it happen, please... Do whatever it takes, and never tell her what happened!" she was in hysterics now and I could hardly make out a word she was saying. "Take me away, I don't want to hear about it!" she was tugging on Annabeth's hair, trying to steer her the other way.
"Ok we'll go to the beach, you like the beach." Saffy screamed at this.
"No. Anywhere but there!" Everyone was staring at us. Annabeth started to make her way to her cabin but she called over her shoulder.
"Tell them everything!"

Every camper looked scared; apparently the only things Safiya is scared of are spiders. She never goes into hysterics like that and she especially never hits Annabeth.

We were sat on the same tables as we sit for meals. Ordered by cabin, so I sat with Percy and Louisa on the Poseidon table. A girl, about twelve with long, honey blonde hair and dark blue extensions to match her eyes, ran over. Percy and Lou stood up just as the girl flung her arms around Louisa's neck.
"You're back! I missed you." she let go of Lou and Percy opened his arms. "You've been gone three days... And I like Lou better!" she said shaking her head. Lou laughed and so did quite a few other campers. Percy pouted and the girl finally gave in. She hugged him tight and there were loads of awwwws.
"How about a sorry for that hurtful comment you said there." Percy said dramatically and pretended to cry.
Rolling her eyebrows she snorted, "Don't push your luck."
"Lottie Dominique Gabrielli, you?" she asked holding out her hand. She shook my hand vigorously.
"Tierney, just Tierney." she raised her eyebrows at this but said nothing, I don't use my last name.
"So you're their sister." I nodded, "good luck." she said while patting my back then skipping back to her own table.

I looked round the room, wondering how many of them were in my dream. I only remember one face from it. Hesitantly, I looked over to where she sat with her siblings and winced. She was laughing and chatting with them, if I didn't do something that may not last long. I wonder what she did to deserve such a gruesome death.
Chiron tapped his hoof on the marble floor, bringing everyone to attention, "Tierney would you like to tell us- whatever you need to tell us?" everyone stopped their chatter and turned to face me. Some of their expressions showed mild interest, the rest boredom.
"Um..." I turned to face Piper, "I can't with her here." some people gasped and Piper looked hurt.
"Err, piper can you...?" Chiron looked uncomfortable.
"What, go? Sure, I'll go." she mumbled as she got up and walked out of the pavilion. I let out the breath I was holding.
"Err... Well I had this dream."



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