Sisters of the sea

This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan fiction. Tierney and Ellie had always been best friends, when they find out they're demigods, and sisters they're overjoyed. But Tierney is plagued with nightmares, something is going to make Ellie do something terrible. Camp half-blood must work together to make sure this never happens and Ellie doesn't find out what Tierney saw!


6. Chapter 6- breakfast time


I'm sorry I'm not updating that fast at the moment, I have a street jazz exam that I'm going to fail, a pile of homework and my little sister is annoying (not much relevance.)

This chapter is dedicated to the ral Tierney (she's not on fan fiction yet) just to say how awesome she is and to tell her "you should so dress as an m&m!" RANDOM…..

I REALLY LOVE M&MDisclaimer- I DO NOT OWN PJO! :) (I'm very hyper at the moment and talking about m&ms is making me want m&ms…..)

I REALLY LOVE M&MS! (the chocolate ones not peanut!)

Anyways on with the show…..

Sisters of the gods

Chapter 6- breakfast time

"Why does your friend live in a cave?"
"she does live in a mansion and go to a posh boarding school. But when she's here she lives in a cave, because Apollo thought it would be cool." I was rubbing the red marks on my wrist were Annabeth grabbed it. "Yeah sorry about that..."

"it's kay," it didn't hurt particularly much, I just wanted the blotchy mark to go away. "can I ask you another question?"
"ask away." Annabeth jumped onto a boulder and sat, legs crossed.
"What's an Oracle?"
To my surprise Annabeth laughed. "Well... She was a girl but Zeus killed Maria Di'angelo and Hades cursed her, the girl not Nico's mum. She was a hippie mummy for a while but Rachel took up the spirit of Delphi and now she tells prophecies and can tell the future"
"that pretty much sums it up." I jumped surprised by the new voice. I turned and saw a girl with curly red hair wearing a camp half-blood t-shirt and jeans covered in marker pen doodles. She was laughing, "hi I'm Rachel Dare, Oracle and famous for nailing Kronos right in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush." she bowed then turned and hugged Annabeth.
"Hey Rachel this is Tierney, daughter of Poseidon." she introduced me, I also bowed.
"Why are we bowing?" I whispered to Annabeth.
"Rachel's a bit weird, just go with it," she answered.
"Oh, I see it now. So Percy finally has another sibling."
"Two actually, my best friend Ellie is also a daughter of Poseidon." I added sitting down next to Annabeth on the rock.
"Cool, hey are you wearing your pyjamas?" Rachel asked looking a bit confused.
"Well we're not just visiting; Tierney had a dream, nightmare really." Annabeth's expression had turned grim. "We were wondering if you had seen anything."
Rachel scratched her chin, "describe Ellie."
"um ok, she has black hair with purple dip dyed bits, Green eyes, very, very ADHD... She was in the dream; she had empty eye sockets and was throwing fire balls." Rachel's face went pale when I said that.
"You need to stay with Ellie at all times, make sure she doesn't know about what she did in the dream." Did she know what happened? I kept seeing her with those black eyes, it scares me. A lot. I kept fiddling, and bouncing. Aaaarrrrggggg ADHD! With all the rushing about this morning I'd forgotten to take my meds. (Do you need meds when you have ADHD?) Rachel was giving me weird looks.

"Bye!" I just ran for it. I may seem calm but inside I'm very (very) mad, especially when I haven't taken my meds.

When Percy and I got to the dining pavilion everyone was talking about the screaming that was heard from the Poseidon cabin last night. We kept our heads down while we ate; I felt eyes burning into my back. They were obviously staring. It was awkward. I prodded Percy with my fork. I gave him a look that said What is happening? Percy just looked blankly at me. I rolled my eyes.

"Where is Annabeth?" I heard the Apollo cabin whisper.

"Dunno… The lighter haired Poseidon chick isn't here either."

"Yo Perce. Where's your girlfriend?" Travis Stoll asked.

"Yeah, and your other sister... not that i don't mind this one." Conner added winking at me. I rolled my eyes again and continued eating my breakfast. While Conner was facing the other way I pinged some of my Cornflakes with my spoon. It hit him right in the face when he turned around. Everyone laughed, except Percy who was looking at his breakfast.

"Visiting Rachel." Percy said.

"And why aren't you with them?" Will Solace asked. Percy glanced at me nervously. What was going on? They're keeping secrets from me. I don't like it…

New side of Tierney.

She is very weird. In this and in real life. Joking (maybe.).




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