Sisters of the sea

This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan fiction. Tierney and Ellie had always been best friends, when they find out they're demigods, and sisters they're overjoyed. But Tierney is plagued with nightmares, something is going to make Ellie do something terrible. Camp half-blood must work together to make sure this never happens and Ellie doesn't find out what Tierney saw!


4. Chapter 4- echoes


This chapter is dedicated to janeo15 cos she is just awesome

Disclaimer- I do not own Percy Jackson I just own Tierney and Ellie. (they are real people but they aren't very similar to the charactors.) percy Jackson is awesome.

Sisters of the gods

Chapter 4- echoes

Cabin 3 wasn't the best, but it was amazing all the same. It was decorated with sea shells and was just right. It smelled like the ocean and I loved it. Percy's bed was in the corner a minotaur horn hung on the wall and his stuff was scattered around. Tierney chose the bed on the far side of the room and took the top bunk and Ellie took the top bunk next to it.

Ellie called her mom (mum), she dropped off some of the two girl's stuff. Now it felt more like home. Dinner was awkward; everyone was staring at the Poseidon cabin. We ate and laughed like we'd known each other for years. Then after dinner we sat on the beach, Annabeth laughing as the Poseidon cabin threw spheres of water at each other. Squealing but never getting wet in the end Percy made a massive wave that swallowed us all and got Annabeth soaked, she chased Percy across the beach laughing. But we got really tired so the four of us lay on the beach till the sun started went down and be wandered back our cabins.

I settled down for my first night at camp, I was changed; I just sat on my bunk bed brushing my soft light brown hair. Ellie on the other hand sat on the window sill texting.
Percy groaned, "demigods and technology don't mix, that's like sending a message to every monster within three miles saying all you can eat buffet."
" They can't get by the magical borders so I can go on texting all night!"
Percy groaned again and rolled over, "night."
"night Percy, night Ellie. " I said before switching off the lights and getting under the covers. Night.

The wind whistled as a I stood in the charred ruins. It was the camp. The cabins were burnt to the ground and dead bodies were scattered around. I recognised some from dinner. What had happened? The fires kept on burning. How did this happen. I tried to move but I couldn't, it was like someone had snapped all my nerves. I was paralysed. Where was Ellie, Percy and Annabeth. Who did this to my new home? I could suddenly move, I stumbled forward tripping over something. I turned and screamed, I'd tripped over a severed head. It was a pretty girl with choppy brown hair. I got up and ran away, stumbling and falling. Then I saw Ellie, she had her back to me and was standing very still. I ran over and shook her. She turned, eyes closed. Slowly she opened them, her eyes were just empty sockets. Endless black holes. I jumped back. Annabeth and Percy were lying on the ground to right of me. I dropped to my knees and checked her pulses, alive, just. I turned to Ellie, she held up her hand and summoned a large fireball. I screamed as the world erupted into flames.

I was woken by horrible screaming, it turned and saw Tierney tangled in her cover screaming in her sleep. I was on the top bunk beside it and I just walked across and woke her, she flinched at my touch but collapsed in heartbroken sobs, I hugged her and whispered over and over that it was just a dream. Percy was sat on the edge of the bed by the ladder just looking concerned then he moved over and awkwardly joined the hug. We sat like that until Tierney went back to sleep.
"Demigod dreams are rarely just normal dreams, "Percy muttered looking anxious.
" I'm pretty sure that wasn't just a dream. " I said quietly.
"You know what I mean, whatever she saw must have seriously freaked her out. " I remembered the blood curdling screams and shuddered.
" she's usually so strong, I've known her for as long as I can remember and I've only seen her cry once but had broken her leg, and it wasn't like that. "
"She has to tell us what she saw, it could be important, we should take her to see Rachel." I must of looked confused because he added, "she's our Oracle, she speaks prophecy and billows green smoke." green smoke? I just nodded and I climbed onto my bed. And he walked over to his. I looked at my watch 3:37am.
"Night, "he muttered.
"Yeah." I don't know how I'll get to sleep with that scream still echoing in my ears. I watched the moon until the sun rose and light streamed into the cabin. What did Tierney see? Was it really that bad? It must have been. The screams kept on echoing.

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