Sisters of the sea

This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan fiction. Tierney and Ellie had always been best friends, when they find out they're demigods, and sisters they're overjoyed. But Tierney is plagued with nightmares, something is going to make Ellie do something terrible. Camp half-blood must work together to make sure this never happens and Ellie doesn't find out what Tierney saw!


3. Chapter 3- New Campers


This chapter is dedicated to elliecookie to say good luck on the arts award!

Disclaimer- I do not own Percy Jackson but Tierney and Ellie are my idea (even though their names are stolen from a two of my friends, they bear little similarity to their namesake!)

Sisters of the gods

Chapter 3- New Campers

"Where are we going?"

Percy looked over his shoulder at the girls on the other Pegasus. Ellie was grinning from ear to ear but Tierney just looked worried and kept glancing around. Percy was happy; his hair was blowing backwards onto Annabeth's face.
"Camp half-blood." Ellie gestured with her hand for him to go on.
" the only safe place for Greek demigods like us."
"So are there others, I mean not Greek demigods." Tierney asked, still looking worried.
"Yes there's a Roman camp, camp Jupiter, in the bay area in San Francisco."
"Do they like Greek demigods?" Ellie asked
Percy's look was grim, "most do, but some still hold grudges," now he was angry, he turned to Annabeth, "after all we went through."
"its ok, they just don't want to admit that working together was the only way we defeated Gaia," Annabeth murmured. She was obviously upset as well.

They stared into each other's eyes, and remembered.

The war was over, the dead and wounded lay on the ground being treated by worried looking survivors. The seven had survived but we weren't uninjured. Piper was the worst; Jason and Leo were crouched beside her. She had a dislocated shoulder and a large cut down her side. She would be ok. Nico was lying unconscious on the ground about 10 meters away; using his powers had really drained him. Diamonds and precious jewels were scattered around the place. All the monsters were gone. A crowd of romans were approaching. Octavian was flanked by four other romans, all looking angry. They drew their weapons and shouted insults at the Greeks. Calling them traitors and blaming them for the attack.

The girls were concerned, what had happened. Ellie put her fingers to her mouth and whistled a loud piercing sound which made Annabeth and Percy tear their eyes away from each other.
"Camp...?" Tierney reminded them.
"Why Don't you see for yourself."

They were flying over long Island sound. The camp was amazing, strawberry fields stretched for miles, the canoe lake glistened in the sun. There was a dragon with its body wrapped around a pine with something shimmering in its branches, sure, they have the golden fleece. There were large buildings scattered around the place with a circle of very different buildings in the centre. but, it wasn't this that caught the girl's attention was the centaur. He had the upper body of a man but the lower body of a white stallion. They landed by the lake and climbed off the pegasus. The girls stared in awe, it was amazing.

"I see we have done new campers," the centaur said, "do you know their parents or shall we put them in hermes cabin." There was now a large crowd forming around the four demigods.
"yes, we know."Annabeth was about to go on when a green trident blazed above each of the new girl's heads.
"what is it?" Ellie was waving her arms above her head trying somehow to get rid of the strange green trident hovering above it.
"just dad claiming you, it'll go away in a second."
"why does he need to claim us, we know who we are." Tierney asked, looking around the crowd of shocked people. Why are they so shocked, they must get new campers all the time.

Chiron, I guess he must be him, the trainer of heroes. He just smiled and gestured for us to come over, we walked up towards a pale blue house with peeling paint and a porch. We stopped just outside and the centaur stopped and placed a hand on each of their shoulders.
"we were wondering when you two would show up. We kept sending people to fetch you, but they always came back saying that it wasn't time yet."
"you mean you know them." Percy asked.
"I wouldn't say that, but let's say we've been expecting these two for some time now. I think we need to put off seeing the inside for now, I've got to go talk to Mr D." when Chiron was gone Percy turned to his half-sisters.
"ok, " Percy said seeming confused but it changed to a grin, "I'll show you two to cabin 3."

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