Sisters of the sea

This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan fiction. Tierney and Ellie had always been best friends, when they find out they're demigods, and sisters they're overjoyed. But Tierney is plagued with nightmares, something is going to make Ellie do something terrible. Camp half-blood must work together to make sure this never happens and Ellie doesn't find out what Tierney saw!


2. Chapter 2- Annabeth always has a plan


This chapter is dedicated to ArtemisApollo97 who was the first to update!

Disclaimer- I do not own Percy Jackson but Tierney and Ellie are my idea (even though their names are stolen from a two of my friends, they bear little similarity to their namesake!)

Sisters of the gods

Chapter 2- Annabeth always has a plan

Percy was shocked; he thought he was the only one.
"Are you sure you've never had any attacks before?"
Both the girls shook their heads again.
"Dad must be shielding them?" Percy asked Annabeth.
"Maybe or maybe something else is."
"Wait what's this about us being your sisters?" The black haired one asked.
"Well, half-sisters."
"Your dad is Poseidon, God of the sea." Annabeth said.
"Wow, backup a little, you're completely wacko!" The long haired one yelled.
"no, Greek gods are real, I'm Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena and this is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon."
"Prove it." The black haired one said suspiciously.
"Fine I'll prove it," Percy said turning to the sky "err dad... Can you send me a sign?"
"I think you have to do it yourself." Annabeth said.
"Ok, what to do?" Percy put out his hand and willed the water from the puddle on the floor (from the water bottle) to rise. It swirled around the two stunned girls and then dropped to the floor abruptly.
"Ok I believe you, now how do we get out of here without being killed?"
"I got that covered." Percy whistled and there was the sound of wings, blackjack and porkpie landed on the road.
"But how will we get there?"
"Leave that to me." Annabeth said as she pulled on her New York Yankees cap. She turned invisible in front of their eyes. Soon empousa were exploding left and right then Annabeth pulled off the cap and ran, followed by all the Tammi Kelli and two other empousa.

When the siblings got down the ladder there was only one monster left. It turned to face Ellie who promptly kicked it the face with the sole of her black dm. It staggered backwards and fell over making her metal leg clang. it exploded into dust as Percy stabbed it, then turned to Ellie.
"Nice job sis." They bumped fists and ran to the Pegasus.

Tierney was a little scared of the Pegasus; she'd never ridden a horse before.

Sup boss? Blackjack called when we got there. I groaned.
Don't call me boss I said for the 100th time.
Alright boss-dude man, who are they?
Daughters of Poseidon
Alright dudettes, bosses

Alright, that was a little scary; she listened to Percy and the horse's conversation inside her mind. Percy must have caught her starting at him and the black Pegasus because he turned and said.
"Poseidon invented horses, you can speak to them in your mind, oh yeah and you can talk to fish as well. And breathe underwater. How cool is that!" He said grinning
she still stared.
"So do we have any other half siblings?" Ellie asked stroking blackjack's mane.
"Do you count monsters?"
"Only friendly ones!" Tierney joked.
"Well there's Tyson, he's a Cyclops. But he's working down in the forges at dad's palace. But other than that, just me." Percy said.
There was a long silence while they got on the Pegasus, Tierney and Ellie on one and Percy on the other. They waited for Annabeth and the silence continued until.

Can we get donuts? Blackjack asked.

When Annabeth arrived she leapt onto blackjack and they flew away. Leaving the girls hometown far away.

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