Sisters of the sea

This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan fiction. Tierney and Ellie had always been best friends, when they find out they're demigods, and sisters they're overjoyed. But Tierney is plagued with nightmares, something is going to make Ellie do something terrible. Camp half-blood must work together to make sure this never happens and Ellie doesn't find out what Tierney saw!


1. Chapter 1- Sea green eyes


This fanfiction is dedicated to patchscruff my Bestie on fanfiction!

Disclaimer- I do not own Percy Jackson but Tierney and Ellie are my idea (even though their names are stolen from a two of my friends, they bear little similarity to their namesake!)(That sounded well posh!)(Lol)

Sisters of the gods

Chapter 1- Sea green eyes

Tierney and Ellie had been best friends since before they could remember. They were like sisters, sharing all their secrets and crushes. Both of them had single mums, dads ran off as soon as they were born.

So this is how they spend most of their time away from school, in the old tree house near both of their homes. Usually, plotting something. Today Ellie wasn't in a mood; she was lying on her stomach staring out the entrance of the tree house. Suddenly, she jumped to her feet, startling Tierney and making her drop the book she was engrossed in. Ellie didn't get it, why did Tierney like to read so much, being dyslexic she didn't get this.
"Who is that?!" She was staring at a guy with black hair and startling sea green eyes. He was running along the road with a blond curly haired girl with grey eyes.
"I think he's taken." Said Tierney, gesturing to the blond
"Not for long!" She said grinning
The two teens had stopped running and were now doubled up gasping for breath. They were almost exactly beneath the tree house now. Tierney put her finger to her lips and pulled Ellie down, out of sight, so they could listen to their conversation.

Unaware of the two eavesdropping girls above them they began to speak.
"How many were there?" The dark eyed guy asked.
"Dunno, more than 5, 7 I think, maybe 9!"
"Can't you be more specific, wise girl?"
"Percy, I was running for my life, we can't fight that many empousa alone, and we need backup!"

The two eavesdroppers were confused, what was up with those two. Then the monsters turned the corner and came hurtling down the street. There were definitely more than 9.

Cursing under her breath, the blond turned and kissed the boy.
"For luck!" she told him forcing a smile on her face. He smiled back. Then the both turned to the monsters and the boy drew a sword, the girl a knife.
"Hello Tammi, Kelli." The boy said coldly.
"Fish, this time we will kill you! Give me a kiss!"
"Well, you can try." Then he launched into a full scale attack, swinging his sword and turning three or four monsters to dust.

What world had the girls wandered into, it was mad. Vampire like creatures with one donkey leg and on metal one attacked the two armed teens. The creatures continued their attack, they were losing numbers and therefore the advantage. But the two demigods were tiring quickly, getting more and more clumsy with their strikes. Percy had just enough energy to climb that tree house, he dragged Annabeth over and started to climb.

What were they going to do. The boy, Percy and the girl were climbing up. The empousa wouldn't be able to follow because those feet, but it wasn't just the monsters they were afraid of.

Percy struggled over the edge of the tree house and was so shocked he almost fell back over the edge. Annabeth was also shocked but still managed with Percy's help, to get over the edge.

The four teens stood staring at each other until Ellie broke the silence.
"God, your fit!"
"gods." The blond said
But then she fell to the floor.
"ANNABETH!" Percy yelled kneeling at her side, he rolled her onto her back and saw the wound.

He had seen the knife come towards her side but he guessed it had missed because she didn't flinch, she just stabbed the monster and it evaporated.

Reaching in his pack he brought out some nectar and ambrosia. Feeding it to his wounded girlfriend, he forgot about the two shocked girls behind him.

Annabeth opened her eyes and smiled weakly at him. He had poured some of the nectar into the wound and it was starting to heal, but it still looked painful. He kissed her forehead and took her hand in his. She was gradually getting better and could now stand up.

Tierney stared at the couple in front of her, they were in love. She almost fainted when she saw the wound. It was deep and the blood was soaking into her T-shirt. They were both wearing the same T-shirt it was orange had the words camp half-blood on it. When the girl, Annabeth was healed by that weird sticky stuff she stood up still holding her boyfriend's hand. They turned towards Tierney and Ellie.
"They're both half-bloods and powerful ones as well!"
"Have you ever had any other monster attacks, before?" The boy asked
they both shook their heads vigorously, still shocked from what they had seen.

Annabeth looked at the two shocked half-bloods one had long blonde/brown hair with small braids and a grey T-shirt with Tierney written in white, she had an olive green hoodie on over that and jeans. She had navy blue sneakers and was holding a scruffy paperback. The other girl was about an inch shorter with shoulder length black hair with purple dip dyed ends. Annabeth had no idea how the girl had managed that. She had denim shorts and a rolling stones top. She had black doc Martins, just right to kick someone with.

Then she saw their eyes.

Annabeth felt so left out, her grey eyes were surrounded by sea green ones she looked at each of them in turn, Percy last. "Percy, look at their eyes!"
Percy turned to look at them then back to Annabeth. He was so cute when he was confused.
"They're green?"
Annabeth sighed and grabbed a water bottle from her pack. She unscrewed the lid and chucked the water at the two girls. They screamed but stayed completely dry. Percy stared open mouthed at the girls.
"Percy, meet your sisters!"



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