Abandoned or Trapped

A little girl trapped is in a valley at the bottom of mountains because her parents left her by a stream with a sandwich and an apple. But then she becomes friends with a boy who has run away from his house and knows every crook and canny of the valley. What is going to happen to her?


1. Who is it?

At the bottom of a clump of mountains, a little girl slumped down on top of a tree trunk and started crying. As tears rolled down her cheeks she sniffed and let out a cry of help. Somewhere in the distance she heard a twig snap and knew she wasn’t alone. She got up and shuffled her feet towards a hollow tree. As she crouched in the darkness her eye lids shut and her head fell loosely on her shoulders.

When she woke up it was pitch black and she nearly screamed, for she was afraid of the dark. After about an hour she fell asleep again. The following morning, a loud ‘THUMP’ woke her up and she looked up and saw a grubby face peering down at her.

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