Abandoned or Trapped

A little girl trapped is in a valley at the bottom of mountains because her parents left her by a stream with a sandwich and an apple. But then she becomes friends with a boy who has run away from his house and knows every crook and canny of the valley. What is going to happen to her?


2. The Runaway Child

Then she screamed. But the person clamped their hand around her mouth locking all of her scream away. As she looked in to the persons eyes she only saw trust. She calmed down.

“Who are you?” she stammered.

“I am the runaway child and I came here to help you!”

He then beckoned her to stand up and follow him.

By lunch time they had found a clear stream, lots of berries that they could then eat and most importantly each other’s friendship. Throughout the rest of the day they mostly played in the stream and ran about finding lots of food and water. Later that evening he took her to his shelter, which was where he had been staying in for the past 3½ months. It was three rocks piled up with two on both sides and one flat rock lying horizontally above them. The back of it was a wild strawberry bush. At the front of the shelter were two large ferns that covered the entrance completely.

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