Abandoned or Trapped

A little girl trapped is in a valley at the bottom of mountains because her parents left her by a stream with a sandwich and an apple. But then she becomes friends with a boy who has run away from his house and knows every crook and canny of the valley. What is going to happen to her?


4. Perfect Family?

“So why do you have to put ferns in front of this cave then?”

“Well…after I ran away I had a strange sense that I was being watched. Then one day a lady from my old village found me and cried in alarm! She exclaimed that everyone in the village was worrying about me and that my father had died of the worry. But the most worrying thing that she said was that my mother was mad at me for killing my father and for running away so she was going to track me down and beat me to pulp. I made her swear to her life that she wouldn’t tell anyone she saw me and so far so good. So from then on I have always been deep in this valley, not near the edge, and in a cave that is quite natural to be formed! Hhhhhhhaaaaaaa” he sighed and took another breath “So why are you here alone. Don’t say that you ran away as well?!”

“No I didn’t run away. I had a perfect family. It was just me, my mum and my dad. But then my dad lost his job and we lost practically everything. Then one day my mum and my dad suggested a walk through ‘the valley beyond the mountains’ and then they said they wanted some time by themselves and they left me with only a sandwich and an apple. I have to admit they did make quite a big thing when they said goodbye!” she suddenly turned very red and a small salty tear rolled slowly down her cheek and then onto the leafy floor with a ‘plop’ “anyway” she said shaking her head and standing upright “what is your name, I keep on calling you the runaway child!”

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