Abandoned or Trapped

A little girl trapped is in a valley at the bottom of mountains because her parents left her by a stream with a sandwich and an apple. But then she becomes friends with a boy who has run away from his house and knows every crook and canny of the valley. What is going to happen to her?


3. His Life...

“Why do you need to cover the entrance?” asked the little girl who the boy now found out was called Freya.

Then he told her the story of his life…

“When I was born my father had just got Leukaemia my mother then got really strict because he couldn’t work anymore. That meant that the money was tight. Gradually, as my father got worse my mum grew crazy. She wouldn’t let me out to play with my friends; she always made sure I went to bed before 5:30! Worst of all she slept on a four poster bed with thick duvets to put on top of her at night, whereas I had to sleep in a cardboard box and a newspaper for warmth! When I summed up my courage to ask her why I had such a poor bed she simply replied with ‘because you don’t deserve it!’  That was when I decided that I didn’t have enough room to live and that I felt trapped and lonely because my friends left me because I couldn’t play with them! So one night when my mother’s light went out I grabbed my things (I didn’t have many belongings), made myself a sandwich and sneaked out of the front door, out onto the street. As I walked down the street I knew exactly where I had to go. The valley beyond the mountains, as everyone calls it, it was only about a mile away and so I set off for a whole new life!”

“Wow!” Freya replied in amazement.                        

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