More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


9. Chapter 9

A day later...


Caitlyn's P.O.V


Bria and I were watching music videos on TV when my phone started ringing.I grabbed then checked to see who its was, Louis.

*phone call*

Me: Hello?

Louis: Hi Caitlyn, whats up?

Me: Not much and yourself?

Louis: Well I was wondering if you would maybe , go out to dinner with me ?

Me: sure I'd love too.

Louis: I'll pick you up at 6:00 , OK? 

Me: Great see you then. 

Louis: Bye.

Me: Bye.




" Omg I can't believe it!" I say as soon as I put my phone down. " Whoa , calm down and what can't you believe?"Bria asks giving me an odd look.

" Louis just called and asked me out dinner !" I jump up and down excitedly. " That's great , is it a date?" . " I really don't know but it sounded like it !" I say. " Whens he coming?" Bria asks. " Oh my gosh he will be here at 6 and its 5!!!!"  " You gotta get ready man." she says pushing me towards the bathroom and handing me my luggage.While I'm in the bathroom I open my suitcase and find a cute red dress and some converse. 

The curls at the tips of my hair are a little off today so no need for straightening ,I put  on a little make up and leave the bathroom. its 5:45 just enough time. " You look great." Bria says as I sit on the couch. " Thanks you too even though your in random pj's that don't match."I say laughing , Then Bria bursts out laughing. "Caitlyn isn't it a little early for you and Louis to like date? I mean yeah Louis is your dream guy but still, wait what am I saying it's Louis Tomlinson go have fun!"



I hear a knock at the door and I run to it. I open it and there stands Louis in a white shirt and black jeans along with some Vans." Hi" I say shyly . " Hey you look amazing."I just awkwardly stand there and blush. Then it hit me, Louis just said I looked amazing though! " So are you ready to go?" Louis asks . " Yeah , hold on a sec I have to tell Bria I'm leaving. " I turn around to face the inside of the hotel room.



" I'm leaving now see you later."I say to Bria who is eating some pizza . " Kay bye."she says I go out the door and shut it. " So what did you and Bria do today.?"" Well we didn't really do anything."I feel myself blushing and getting nervous.We take the elevator and then leave the lobby.



We both get into a taxi , "You look nervous , are you?" Louis asks me as I'm looking out the window of the taxi."Yeah I am a little bit." . " It's okay."Louis says giving a reassuring smile. We make it  to pizza hut." Here we are " . " Pizza , great I love pizza."I say. I really do love my pizza. I know that Louis only likes pizza hut for its cookie dough dessert. That's probably why he took me here .



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