More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


30. Chapter 30

So much for popping a bubble

Chapter 8

Bria's P.O.V


"Everything's gonna be okay,so please stop crying."Kate had left me alone with Caitlyn for at least 10 minutes now,and of course Caitlyn was still balling her eyes out."No it's not,he thinks I love Niall.""He loves you he is just in a bubble right now and you just need to pop it."I just hope whatever Caitlyn does will work and as if on Que Louis stumbled through the door with a worried expression.

"Caitlyn I made a mistake and I-" Caitlyn stood up and took a step closer to him."If you're here to explain yourself,no need! I figured it out myself! You never loved me you were using me to get more publicity! Now that your tired of me you're trying to set me up with Niall to keep the paparazzi following you! Louis this may have worked with Hannah but  sure won't work with me!"

Louis stood there gobsmacked for a few seconds before he spoke"Caitlyn I just wanted to say -"

"Were over? Don't bother cause were through!"and Caitlyn pushed Louis out of her way and ran out of the room.So much for popping a bubble...


"I have to go..."Louis turned on his heel and exited the room leaving me to explain what happened to Kate.


I wonder if Niall was right?Who knows?


About 15 minutes later Kate re-entered the room."Hey where's Caitlyn?"

"Well,Louis came in the room and Caitlyn flipped on him saying that he was just using her for publicity and she thought that Louis was trying to set her up with Niall.Then she pushed Louis and stormed out of the room."Kate looked worried "Uh Bria you do realize that she could go back home,to her crazy dad who will  come and kick all of our asses?"

I almost forgot about him.The last time I seen him was before we went to Paris and believe me it wasn't pretty. Caitlyn's dad thought that we were a b ad influence on her and that Louis was a dangerous rapist / drug dealer.Which is crazy I know because he liked Louis a little bit maybe 7 months ago but for some reason he hates him.


"Oh yeah..."She sighed and then spoke again"What if Louis does something stupid!? Wait what am I saying what if both of them do something stupid?!" "Kate calm down,were gonna go find them,get them to work out their differences and then everything will be fine Okay?"

"Okay but lets go get the other boys and find Zayn,Harry and Perrie."





3 hours later...

Caitlyn's P.O.V


"Could I get you anything miss?Wait aren't you Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?"I sighed at the young and enthusiastic flight attendant."Not anymore."she gasped "What?! you guys were perfect for each other! weren't you guys engaged?" I sighed once again"Yeah,but he changed his mind.."


I was on the plane heading home,I really needed to see my Dad,he's the only person I can talk to right about now."That's so sad,I'm sorry to hear that.""It's not like he died."I snapped."Well I'n just gonna leave you alone......"She awkwardly backed away from me with this nervous expression on her face.Good be scared,I don't want to talk to you anyway.


Why do people have to get all up in my business?Why can't they just stick with their own?



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