More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


27. Chapter 27

Chapter 27

  "Yes and please don't tell anyone?"

 Bria's P.O.V


About 3 weeks ago before we went to  Paris Liam and I had sex for the first time. This morning I  woke up throwing up , Liam and I are now panicking because I could be pregnant,but it could be just the stomach flu."Are you ok?"Liam asked from the other side of the bathroom door."Uh yeah,,I guess so."

"Do you want me to go get you a few things?" I groaned"Yes and please don't tell anyone?"I didn't want anyone to know in case the press found out,then we would be screwed."I won't ,I promise."


Trust me I wanted to tell Caitlyn and Kate but knowing them the would run around screaming it from the rooftops.Well Caitlyn would just scream Brilliam  baby mhhh the feels ! and Kate would scream Payne child! other than that ,yeah.


To keep my mind from thinking I could be pregnant I decided to think about Louis' purple hair,Caitlyn had purple hair dye and I didn't even know.


"Bria! I'm back and I didn't tell anyone!"Liam yelled.

"Liam!"I screeched quietly."They might here you!"

"Sorry , but uh I got what you needed Could you open the door?"I smiled at how nervous Liam was it was cute but then again I am also freaking out.


"Yeah hold on."I stood up and opened the door to see Liam with a small bag in his hand .

"Thanks."I said smiling and then I shut the door.


When I looked in the bag there was a bottle of Gravol , some Doritos awww Liam ! I love Doritos!

and of course the pregnancy test.


I put the Gravol and Doritos on the sink and began to open the box.I read the instructions and then peed in on the stick.I AM SO NERVOUS RIGHT NOW I'M SHAKING! As I sat there I'm patiently waiting I wondered , 'Will Liam accept the baby ?' Wait I still might not be pregnant.


When the time was up I picked up the stick and it read :

















I blinked a few times to make sure I wasn't seeing things and sure enough the little pink + sign was still there,


Oh my god I'm having a baby with Liam Payne!




Caitlyn's P.O.V


I was on the way to the Kitchen when I seen Niall getting up from the dining table,he started walking towards me.

What the hell does he want?Probably a sandwich or something.

"Hey Caitlyn I want to tell you something." Niall smiled showing his perfect teeth,he got his braces off so his teeth are amazing they were before but now they are just even more.


"Uh Okay what is it ?"I asked uneasily.

"You shouldn't  date Louis anymore. He broke your heart once and he'll do it again, he did the same to Hannah . He ruined her , she is really quiet and doesn't go anywhere anymore and if you don't leave him soon that's going to happen to you and trust me I don't want it to happen to you simply because you are to fragile and weak." Wait What!? he wants me to break up with Louis!?

I wonder if it's true what Niall said about Hannah?

"H-how do you know?"

"Well I seen Louis with a few girls and that's what happened each time and plus his best friend Stan told me a few stories when he came to visit Louis."Niall said .


" So you're basically telling me to go break up with him?"

"Yeah pretty much."Niall smiled sheepishly.

"I can't just break up with him! Are you nuts!? I am engaged to him !Niall he asked me to marry him! " I started freaking out ,great. Niall's gonna think I'm a wack job.


"Calm down love."he whispered putting his hands on my shoulders as he tried to calm me down.

"Calm down!? You want me to c-"and that's when I felt his lips on mine.




Louis' P.O.V


Liam and I were in the basement playing Pokemon on our new 3ds'.

"I win!"Liam screeched like a little girl.

"Hey Li have you seen Caitlyn around lately?"I asked.

"Nope haven't seen her since breakfast."he closed his ds "Have you seen Bria,Lou?"

"Actually yes ,the last time I seen her she was with Harry and Kate playing the Wii."I said.

"Where's Niall and Zayn ?"

"Oh they're gone to pick up Perrie at the airport."Liam replied.

"Oh okay."




Zayn's P.O.V


Harry and I were searching through the crowded airport for Perrie, I couldn't wait to see her.

She was on tour the past few months so I haven't seen her since we got back from our honeymoon.

"Zayn!!!"I heard a familiar girls voice scream.

I turned around to see Perrie running to me with a duffle bag over her shoulder.

I engulfed her in a hug just as she got close to me."Hey Per."I whispered and gave her a quick kiss.

"Hey what about me!"Harry yelled pretending to be mad.


Perrie ran to him and hugged Harry who was smirking away.


I'm so glad Perrie is coming to live with me,The boys,Kate,Bria and Caitlyn.We will have so much fun! I really missed her alot and I'm sure everyone else did as well so it's amazing.












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