More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


25. Chapter 25

 Chapter 25

Good bye Paris, Hello London.

Harry's P.O.V


After Kate and I left the hotel room we went back to our room and began to pack.


"Yeah Kate?"I answered.

"Did you guys know about Louis asking Caitlyn to marry him?"

How did she suspect that ,is it really that obvious? 

"Y-yeah Lou told us ,he told us not to tell you or Bria because you guys would get excited and tell Caitlyn."

"I can see why you didn't tell us."She laughed and went back to folding her clothes.


"Hey , uh did you notice that Niall didn't say anything the whole time we were there?"


"Yeah he seems upset."I replied.


Niall was upset ,he is in love with Caitlyn and wants to be with her . No wonder he wouldn't say anything,he wasn't happy for them .


We soon finished our packing then decided to get some sleep because we have a long day tomorrow.



Bria's P.O.V


"Bria?!"I heard Liam yell from the bathroom.

"Yeah Li?"

"Have you seen my toothpaste?"


"Yeah it's right here."I said holding it up so he could see it.

"Phew,I thought I lost it."


Liam loses things alot and I don't know why,he's not messy like Louis he's as neat as a pin.

It's like his stuff evaporates into thin air and then magically appears again.


I was really surprised when Caitlyn barged in and told us that her and Louis were getting married.They are so cute together and I am really happy for them. I just hope Louis doesn't break her heart in anyway cause if he does I will break him.


I wonder if Liam and I will ever get married? Not anytime soon because one wedding is enough ,no seriously if Caitlyn and I had our weddings in the same year world war III will happen.


I closed my suitcase and sat down ,I started to flick through my Twitter.


@Harry_Styles Sending a congrats out to my best mate @Louis_Tomlinson and his Girlfriend @Caitlyn<3 Can't wait till the wedding ! :)


Aw Harry you are too cute ,I added it to my favorites and started to write a tweet of my own.


@Bria_NYC Congratulations Guys!!!!!! :)  @Caitlyn<3 @Louis_Tomlinson


All kinds of directioners were tweeting OMG !!! and WHAT!!???,it's quite funny actually .



Soon Liam finished finding all his missing stuff and we both went to sleep.



Caitlyn's P.O.V


"KEVIN!!!!!WHERE ARE YOU!?" a voice screamed that woke me up from my deep sleep.

I groaned and sat up to see Louis yelling out the window,he just had to try to get kicked out of the hotel.


"What are you doing?"

"Searching for Kevin,anyway get up because Paul is coming to get us in half an hour to drive us to the airport."He replied shutting the window.


I sprung out of the huge bed and ran to the bathroom to take a shower,afterwards I got changed into some pajama pants ,a t-shirt and Louis' red Jack Willis hoodie that was on the floor . 


"So that's where my sweater went ,you had it."Louis is so oblivious he didn't even notice the sweater lying on the bathroom floor.


"Actually it was on the floor in the bathroom and I put it on."

"Oh... Well than." 


My phone started ringing and vibrating on the bedside table,who in the heck?



Bria:"Hey are you guys ready?"

Me:"Yeah I guess,you?"

Bria:"Yeah we're going down to the lobby."

Me:"OK we'll meet you down there."

Bria"Alright bye."


I hung up and shoved my phone in my pocket."Who was that?"Louis questioned.

"Bria."I sighed"I told her we'd meet her in the lobby."

"OK lets go! I want to see LEEYUM!" He exclaimed.

We both grabbed our bags and headed for the elevator.


Zayn's P.O.V


I walked into the lobby ,the sunlight was shining in which made my eyes burn.

"Hey Zayn , Where were you last night?"Liam walked up to me with Bria behind him.

"Oh uh I left With Harry and Kate, I went back to Niall and I's room."I replied.

"Oh Okay That's why I didn't see you leave."

Bria stepped closer so that she was next to Liam and greeted me with"Sup Zayn?" 

I laughed and gave her a shrug.

"Hey Guys!"Kate screamed running towards us with Harry carrying all kinds of luggage behind her.


"Hi."Harry groaned dropping the suitcases on the ground .

"I just realized something , Where is Niall,Caitlyn ,and Louis? Caitlyn said her and Louis would be here."Bria said searching the room for them.

"Well Niall is probably eating and as for Caitlyn and Louis,they're probably making out."Harry chuckled.

"Speak of the devil."Bria smirked just as Niall walked in with a pizza box and Louis with Caitlyn behind him dragging her overfilled suitcase.

"LEEYUM!"Louis screeched letting go of his suitcase and charging towards Liam.

He jumped up into his arms and kissed Liam's cheek,then jumped down.

"No!He's mine!"Bria crossed her arms and made a puppy dog face.

"AHHHH!!!!!"Louis started running but when he got near the door he bumped into Paul who just came inside.

"Heh heh ...Sorry."Louis started backing up near his suitcase.


"Hello everyone."Paul smiled .


"Hi."I replied.


We all followed Paul out of the Hotel and got into our Taxi's.In the first Taxi was Liam ,Bria,Caitlyn,and Louis.In the next one was Harry,Kate ,Niall ,Myself and Paul.


The drive to the airport was really quiet because Harry and Kate were listening to music on Harry's phone,Niall and Paul were both asleep ,but I sat there looking out the window.




Louis' P.O.V


"Are we there yet?"Bria asked .

"Um almost."Liam looked annoyed because every two or three minutes Bria would ask "Are we there yet?"


"I'm bored."Caitlyn sighed.

I took my phone out of my pocket along with my earphones and placed it in her lap.

She looked up at me and I gave  her a smile of reassurance.

I watched her scroll the music until she selected Lego House by:Ed Sheeran.

Watching her lip sync to the whole song made me slowly fall asleep.


When I woke up we were at the airport and I could see the private jet that awaited us.


"Hey sleepy head."Caitlyn smirked then handed me my phone with the earphones wrapped around it . "Hi."I groaned.


We all got our luggage then boarded the jet,but we were waiting on Niall because he was trying to finish his pizza.They have a rule of no food on the jet,which is a little strange if you ask me.


Finally Niall boarded the Jet and it was goodbye Paris,Hello London.


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