More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


22. Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Things are looking up

Bria's P.O.V

"Hi."  I finally found Liam."What did she say?,was she mad?" He asked me almost whispering with a really raspy voice."No,not at all,she told me she was glad I'm safe.did you hear anything about Harry yet?" I asked him,looking into his eyes.I saw sadness,so much sadness."No,but Caitlyn is here already , she had an argument with Niall or something." he explained. ,"Oh well." , Then I got it,Caitlyn is here."What?are you serious!" I said ,trying not to scream,but I guess I failed because everyone was looking at me,I coughed awkwardly to cover it up."Soo,where is she?" I saw a nurse walking towards us."With Harry." he said very quiet."Oh okay I'm going then is that okay with  you?" I asked."No." ."Not before I've done this." Liam added to his response.




Then he leaned in and our noses touched each other and he pressed his lips to mine,I smiled at the fact that he actually kissed me. He leaned back and said."I love you,now you may go." He smiled at me."I love you too." I wanted to give him a peck on his cheek but the nurse interupped me."Uh, Are you are friends of Harry?" she asked."Um yes." I responded."Well,he should be waking up by now,if everything is okay,so can you go see him ?" she asked,What is this a question? if it is it's a weird one"Sure , come LiLi." I said teasing him by his nickname. Liam shook his head smirking.








Caitlyn's P.O.V





I went onto the roof of the hospital just to get my mind off of things.I hope Harry will be Okay and  I hope Niall and Louis come so I can apologize.I realized that I over reacted and what not so yeah.


After an hour of just sitting there I walked back to Harry's room. Liam, Bria ,and Kate were all sitting around.


"Caitlyn !"Bria exclaimed.


"Hey."I pulled her in for a hug.


Harry was awake . I can't believe it.


"Harry !"I said excitedly.


"Hey Cait."he gave a weak smile .


I ran over to him and gave him a hug.


Louis's P.O.V



I dialled Niall's number when I got into the car .


Me:Niall I couldn't catch the flight..

Niall:Oh too bad..

Me:I know,I hope she'll be alright.

Niall:Of course she will .

Me:Okay I think we should tell her dad ,don't you think?

Niall:Yeah, I was hoping you wouldn't say that.


Niall:Well he seems over protective.


Niall:Well I'll meet you there.

Me:Okay bye.


I hung up and then started the car.This is just the best day ever..



I made it to Caitlyn's house and Niall was standing on the step waiting for me.




"Nope."I sighed.


I knocked at the door twice until her dad came and opened the door.


"Hey boys your back , where's Caitie?"


"Heh heh well you Caitie ,went and kinda got on a plane back to Holmes Chapel.."Niall stated.


"What!? and you two let her!?"Okay he's mad, We should run.


"Well you see Sir, We tried to stop her but she kept running and running."I said trying  to make him calm down .


"Well then.."He trailed off ,is this a good sign or a bad sign?


"We're leaving in the morning. "Niall said .


"Good , I want you to call me when you see her Okay?" he stated sternly.

OK he is way to over protective...


"Sure."I smiled.


"Bye."Nialll said as we walked away.






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