More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


21. Chapter 21

Chapter 21

To Harry

Caitlyn's P.O.V


I started walking towards the exit of the other end of the pizzeria."Caitlyn wait!"Louis and Niall called and I began to walk faster ."Caitlyn , please!" Niall screamed."NO, just leave me alone!" "But,Caitlyn!" Louis called."No, just leave me alone , please!?" "But where are you going?" Niall asked."I stopped,sighed and responded with "To Harry."



"But Caitlyn the plane,..." Niall started to say  but I interrupted him."Leaves tomorrow,I know but I am sure I can get a last minute flight." "But,Caitlyn you can't just leave us here !" Louis yelled as he and Niall still chased after me."You guys don't need me you're not two, I'm sure you will manage."I snapped as I started running faster."Caitlyn Don't do this! "Louis's voice yelled but soon began to fade.


I finally made it to the airport it was packed.I pulled out my passport and a credit card."Can I get a flight to Homes Chapel right away?"I asked as I made it to the front of the line."You're just in time it leaves in five minutes."The lady at the counter said.I got my ticket then ran to the place where you board the plane.Soon I took my seat and then the plane took flight.


Louis's P.O.V


Caitlyn just left us there ,I mean we chased after her and searched for two hours but there was no sign of her.How could she do this ? I mean,sure she is worried about Harry but she just left us,should she really be in a plane to Holmes Chapel now? I called Niall , he was searching for her to.

Louis : Hey mate, I really think she left.

Niall : o you think that ?

Louis : Yeah,come to the hotel I'm there already.

Niall: Okay,see you in a bit.

I opened the door of the hotel and sat down in the couch.I put my hands in my hair.What if something happens with her? What if the plane crashes?If Caitlyn dies I wanna die to.

"Louis?" I heard,Niall. "Oh,hey mate I'm here." I said."Louis,come on,she is not going to die by sitting in a plane, please calm down." "I wanna leave to." "What,but the plane,.." Niall questioned but I interupped him."Leaves tomorrow,but if Caitlyn can get last-minute tickets , I can  get them to." I said. "Okay,do what you want I'll be waiting till tomorrow." he stated."okay,see you tomorrow mate." I  shrugged and I 'manhugged' him and left.


"What , no plane to Holmes Chapel anymore ?" I asked."The last plane just left like  hour and a few minutes ago." the counter lady said."Wait,are you sure there's no plane or seat or whatever left?" I asked ,not believing her."No sir,there's really no plane left." "Oh dammit!" I half-shouted and ran to my car.


Caitlyn's P.O.V

I sat in the plane,with only my bag with a bag of crisps,my iPod,my iPhone ,my wallet,a pack of bubblegum and my ear buds in it.I felt a bit guilty for leaving them there,but I'm still mad.I was a bit hungry , so I ate the bag of crisps.after I ate them,then  took my iPod ,plugged the ear buds in and set it on shuffle while looking out the window.


After I made my way out of the airport I got a taxi straight to the hospital Harry was staying in.As I was rushing down the hallway to Harry's room I saw Liam at the end of the hall looking out the window."Liam!"I yelled as I ran towards him."Hey what are you doing here?" 


"Lets just say Niall and I got into a disagreement and I left early."I told him as we started to walk up the hall slowly."So how is he?" I was worried to hear about Harry ,he could be dead for all I know.


"Well he hasn't woken up , and the doctors won't know anything until he does, but he is doing fine. "Liam smiled and stopped in a door way."Well this is his room,Kate's with him."


"Thanks."I smiled and walked in to find Harry in a coma with scratches ,bruises,and wires all around him.Kate was in a chair next to the bed with her head in her hands on the edge of the bed."Kate?"I asked shyly.


She slowly lifted her head up and then smiled with disbelief."Caitlyn?!"I ran over to her and we hugged."Where is Louis and Niall?" "We got into a fight and I left without them."I stated . 


Harry looked really bad ,like really really bad,I am actually wondering if he will make it at this point.A tear started rolling down my cheek."I'm sorry I can't do this." I ran out of the room and started speed walking up the hall.


Bria's P.O.V

*phone call* 

Me: Hi 

Mom:Bria! is that you?

Me:Yeah it's me, how are you?

Mom:I am worried sick about you! where are you?

Me:Still in London...

Mom:How come you didn't call?

Me:I was busy and I forgot ,I'm sorry though ..

Mom:Okay as long as your safe.

Me:Yeah I'm fine..

Mom:Are you coming home soon?

Me:I don't know...

Mom:I miss you ,you know?

Me:yeah I miss you too..

Mom:I'd love to chat but I am late for work.

Me:Okay I love you.

Mom:Love you too bye.

Me: Bye.


I can't believe my mom didn't get mad,phew that's a relief .I walked out of the wash room and began to walk up the hall and search for Liam.

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