More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


20. Chapter 20

Chapter 20

 Not him.

Caitlyn's P.O.V

I looked confused at Louis and Niall, then I walked towards the door and opened it.There was standing  two cops. "Uh, hi?" I said and looked confused at them."Are you Caitlyn ?" they asked."Uh,yeah why ?" I answered.What would the cops be doing here?



"Harry Styles had an car accident,and is on life support, Liam Payne said that I needed to come here." the tallest cop  said."What? No this is a joke isn't it?" I ask hoping it's Harry pranking me."Um , No I'm sorry but it isn't a joke it's real and I wanna ask you if you wanna come with us to the hospital?" he asked while looking at the other cop.



"Louis ,Niall Please come over here!" I shouted and I started to cry just as I heard their foot steps stop right behind me."Hi babe what's wrong?" Louis asked putting his hand around my waist."Harry, support....accident." I said but the words didn't come out the way I wanted them to."What's wrong?" he asked again ,but now he asked it to the cops because I was looking down at the ground and crying.



"Well Harry was in a car accident and he is on life support."The very talkative cop said and I could feel Louis' arm tensing up. "There will be a taxi to take you to the airport tommorow and you can see Harry then."The other cop said trailing off."O-okay."Niall said in a depressed voice .I looked up and both Niall and Louis were crying. After getting the phone number to the hospital from the cops,they left. 



Louis's P.O.V



I can't believe that Harry ,my best friend got into  car accident. He is on life support ,What if he dies?! If he dies then there is no more One Direction! Niall was sitting on the couch in Caitlyn's living room trying to stop crying.



There is photos all around the room but they only seem to be of Caitlyn or her dad or them together . I wonder where her mom is? Caitlyn was sitting on the floor and leaned up against the wall near the door ,and then there is me awkwardly standing there. 

Caitlyn's father is in the kitchen fixing the leaky faucet and he still doesn't know that the cops were here.Caitlyn's eyes were puffy and red , if you ask me she looks pretty tired.I walked over in front of her and stopped when I began to say "You okay there ,love?" 


"I'm just worried about Harry." she replied in a very timid voice. "Oh uh me too."I say as I sat down next to her. She seems upset or scared or something. I wonder what it is? "So I guess me and Niall better go I soon..."


I'm hoping she will ask her dad if we can the stay the night."Well you C-could stay here."Caitlyn replies blushing in a shy type of way."Oh,yeah of course we will,right Niall?" I answered  and Niall looked at us weird because he didn't followed the conversation.





Liam's P.O.V




I sat in the hospital with Bria, silently crying.I didn't believe Harry was on life support, how could this ever happen ?Right then a girl with blonde hair came in,crying she looked at us and ran over to Bria,she hugged her;"Oh,we didn't meet yet, did we ?"."Oh , right no I'm Liam." I replied."I'm Kate, how's he doing?" Kate  asked.



"Oh , he's still on life support , but yeah , fine." I answered."Oh, right,why him Bria , Why him ? , first Caitlyn I miss her like crap and now Harry." Kate was crying even harder."Shh,Caitlyn is coming back." Bria said."Oh , she is?" Kate said through the tears."Yeah,Louis and Niall are gone to get her ,which is not so easy,but they will be here tomorrow."Bria said sitting on the couch next to Kate.Wait how in the heck does Kate know Harry ?



"Um not to be rude but how do you know Harry?"I ask looking at Kate who is whipping her tears."Oh well you see When I moved from Belgium to Cheshire when I was 6 I had no friends and I was bullied ,but then I met Harry and we were best friends.Harry then went to try out for the X-Factor and said he would keep in contact but he never did .It's like he doesn't even care about me."Kate said as a tear rolled down her cheek.



"Oh well when Harry wakes up I'm sure he will be glad to see you."I say giving her a reassuring smile."So where is Zayn ?"Kate asked after a few minutes of silence."Well he is back at home in Bradford ,he will be here tomorrow some time ,like the others."Bria answered.




Caitlyn's P.O.C


"Um sure and What were you asking Lou?" Niall said giving us another weird look."I said of course we will stay here tonight,Right Niall?"Louis said . "Yeah."Niall answered and then getting back to what ever he was doing."Well I'm gonna go ask my Dad okay?"I said standing up."Yeah sure."Louis was smiling at me. I can't believe Louis just forgave me like that ! I mean I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.I step into the kitchen and you can see my Dad under the sink and a tool box beside him."Hey Dad."I say shyly.




"Oh hey Caitie."he says coming out from under the sink and then whipping off his forehead."I heard voices earlier ,who were you guys talking too ?" He asks putting some tools back."Oh uh no one."I reply trying to lie,which I am terrible at."I heard crying,did something happen ? , is everything okay?"My dad stood up.



"Oh yes everything is fine, we were watching a crime scene show and someone was crying."I reply nervous that my dad will find out."Oh Okay, So What's up?" He asks taking a drink of water."Well you see heh heh, Louis and Niall need a place to stay tonight so uh could they maybe stay here? I ask squinting my eyes shut."Of course but you know the rules." he says giving me a strict look."Yeah I know and plus I'm not even ready for that plus me and Louis just got back together." "Well we only have the couch soo Niall could sleep there and Louis could possibly stay with me?"I say shyly."Sure but just remember what we discussed."He says as he leaves the room.I walked back over to Louis and hugged him.



"What was that for?" he asked."I don't know,I love you Lou." I said."Oh babe I love you to." he answered.I'm pretty sure I melted right there,it was the first time we ever told each ' I  love you'.

"I'm starving!"Niall complained as he sat up from laying down on the couch.



"Well why don't we go get some pizza?"I suggest knowing that Niall will say yea."Hell Yea!"Niall says jumping up from his seat.Louis then stands up from sitting against the wall and puts his Toms on. Niall is putting his sweater on as fast as possible."Dad me , Louis and Niall are going out to eat pizza!"I yell as I put on my Converse.



"OK don't stay out too late Caitie!"My Dad yells as we go out the door."Caitie? Whats that all about?"Louis asks me chuckling."Well it's my dad's nickname for me."I reply letting  out a giggle. 

"Caitie,I like it"Louis says smiling at me as we get into the car."Well What's your nickname?"I ask Louis smirking at him. "Lou or Boo Bear,you knew that."he replys as he starts the car."Lou Bear."I say thinking about how cute that sounds."Lou Bear?"Niall says looking at me weird from the back seat. "Yeah ,Lou Bear it's cute." Louis says smiling at me.




"Niall is just jealous that he doesn't have a cool nick name."I say as I looked out the window."Hey, I have one!" he said."Oh yeah,what is it then ?" I asked."Its Nialler." Louis answered."Nialler,okay,.."I replied as I thought about Harry."oh,well yeah." "Lou bear drive faster,I'm gonna starve!" Niall groaned."shh,Nialler , we are nearly there." Louis said teasing.When we were finally there Niall started to laugh."What's so funny ?" I asked.



"How can you laugh when your friend is in a coma?" I questioned and  it stayed silent."I.I'm sorry..forget what I said." I said looking down."No,your right." Niall said. "I shouldn't have done that though.".I replied  and walked towards the door of the pizzeria.





Bria's P.O.V




"When do we get some more info about him ?" I asked."I don't know , I'm stressed." Kate answered."Well, me too." Liam said.Right then the nurse came over to us."He's doing fine,you can go to him,he still isn't awake but he's doing fine." she said."Oh,well." I sighed in relief."Which room is he in ?" Liam asked."room 201." she answered.




When we where at room 201 Kate was the first one who ran into the room.She sat on a chair next to Harry."Please Harry wake up , Please?" she said crying.I gasped by the sight of him,he looked awful.His face was full of scratches,bruises and scars."Are you okay Kate ?" I asked."No he looks so bad." ."I know , come here." I said and I gave her a hug."Bria?" Liam asked."uh yeah Li?" "Shall we leave them alone ?" he Questioned."Ooh , yeah of course." I replied and I smiled a he-will-be-fine smile at Kate and left the room along with Liam.


"I hope Kate and Harry become friends again , don't you?"Liam asks as him and I are walking through the corridors. "Yeah , Harry will need all the support he can get."I reply. "So Bria since Caitlyn isn't here wanna stay with me?" Liam says changing the subject."Sure." I tell him smiling. "Hey I wonder if Louis and Caitlyn got back together?" Liam questions as we make it to the end of the hall near a window that over looks the parking lot.




"Yeah I wonder?"I respond thinking about how stubborn Caitlyn can be."Caitlyn can be stubborn but she probably gave in by now because I bet Louis made her laugh."I say "Yeah ,most likely."He replies fixing his focus on people going inside the hospital.I noticed that a mother and little girl were walking into the hospital hand in hand.It made me think of when I was little and my mom used to take me places every Friday. Wait OMG I haven't talked to my mom since the day me and Caitlyn left!she could be dead for all I know!I need to call her!



"Uh Liam , I'm gonna go make a phone call be right back."I say starting to walk  away. "OK I'll be waiting"he says with a heart warming smile.Once I make it in to the ladies washroom I pull out my phone and begin to dial my number.






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