More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


19. Chapter 19

 Chapter 19

 Home Sweet Home,or so I thought.

Caitlyn's P.O.V



The taxi stops right in front of my unchanged house.The sun isn't shining ,the sky is grey and cloudy . After paying the driver I get my suitcase and start walking up the walkway. "Here goes nothing." I whisper as I swallow hard then take a deep breath.I place my hand on the door knob and start to turn the knob.



When the door finally opens I step inside and shut the door behind me.Then out of no where my Dad walks in with a confused expression on his face. "You're home early." I take off my shoes."I thought you would have brought your boyfriend." My dad says in a questionable tone."Dad!You wanted me home because you didn't approve of me dating him!Now my two best friends are fighting,Then I come home and you are asking me where Louis is ,well Louis hates me thanks to you !" I yell at my Dad as I start to make my way to the stair so I can go to my room.



"Caitlyn I didn't mean it like that I meant I want you to come so we could talk about what you are up to and I didn't approve of you dating him because I never met him and I would have to get to know him better." He says calmly."Why didn't you say so?"I ask Standing on the bottom step."Because I thought you knew what I was talking about."My Dad sits down on the couch."I'm sorry Cait,please forgive me?"My Dad realized what he did wrong ."I'm sorry too." I say coming over to him and giving him a hug.


"I missed you Caitie." he says letting go."I missed you too"I reply with a smile."So where is Bria ?" He sits up . "She is going to Wolverhampton tomorrow."I reply walking over to where my suitcase is."With her boyfriend?"He asks standing up and walking into the kitchen."Yeah ,his name is Liam."I pick up my suitcase."Well Im going upstairs."I say going up the steps.My room hasn't changed a bit,it is still the way I left it.I place my suitcase on the floor  and then lay down onto my bed.






Bria's P.O.V



What am I gonna do? If I go with Liam I will feel guilty that I didn't go back with her.And If I go back with Caitlyn I may never get to date Liam. Ugh this is so frustrating. Wait,I wonder If she is still at the boys hotel.I'll go over there and beg her to stay and then call her dad and beg him to let her! I throw on a random outfit that is laying in front of me and put it on.




Then after putting my hair into a ponytail I grab the keys and my phone and run out the door.I get into a taxi and drive straight to the boys hotel.After paying the driver I run straight inside and hop onto the elevator . "Hurry up!" A voice keeps telling me in my head.I run out of the elevator and up to the boys door.I knock and then Harry opens the door with a smile."Hey come on in." He says moving out of the way and then shutting the door behind me.I heard crying coming from the bathroom but I decided  to let it slide.


"Hey Bria. "Liam says from the couch."Where is Caitlyn?" I finally ask. "S-she Left"Niall says shyly."Oh." "Where is that crying coming from ?" I ask sitting next to Liam on the couch."Louis."They all say in unison.

"Why ?" "Well because he is upset that Caitlyn broke up with him and then left.Also he is sad because him and Niall are fighting and Niall punched him in the face and he now has a black eye." Harry says sitting in a chair across from Liam and I. 




Niall's P.O.V




After hearing Harry tell Bria about what happened I started to feel guilty for punching Louis. But he did brake her heart or did he? I get up from sitting on the floor and go into the bathroom.Louis is still sitting on the bathtub and crying."Louis did you brake Caitlyn's heart or..?"I ask nervous of what he will say."N-no her D-dad made H-her C-come home and S-said that  he didn't want me and her dating." Louis says through the tears.



"I am so sorry Lou , I didn't mean to flip at you."I sit next to him and give him a hug.He hugs back and says "I'm sorry I flipped at Caitlyn and blaming her for my black eye." . "It's okay Lou." I say getting up and going back out to Bria and the boys.

When I return to the living room area, Bria's no longer on the couch. "Where'd Bria go?" I ask. "She left to go try and call Caitlyn and her father."


Louis' P.O.V


I felt a tiny bit better after Niall apologized but I'm still heart broken.Caitlyn was the best girlfriend I ever had , Okay now that sounds really corny.But I really thought that she could be the one,even though I didn't know her that long.I just wish that she would come back.Wait! maybe Bria knows something about Caitlyn leaving! I get up and run straight to my suitcase.



After changing into the classic outfit of a jean jacket and black jeans I go to where the boys are."Guys I'm going to see if Bria knows anything about Caitlyn leaving."I say about to head for the door.

"Wait a minute ... "Liam says in a responsible tone."What?"I ask nervous of what is happening. "Why didn't you ask Bria when she was here?" Liam raises an eyebrow at me."I forgot okay?" Niall interrupts our conversation.

"Can I come?"Niall asks as he takes one last bite of his slice of pizza."I guess.."I reply. 


Bria's P.O.V

 I lied to Liam about going back to call Caitlyn and her Dad. I honestly just wanted to be alone.


After watching a few episodes on TV I heard a knock at the door.I opened the door and there stood Niall,Louis and Liam. Louis had red puffy eyes, Niall had a slice of pizza in his hand and well Liam he just brought himself. "Hi."I say trying to seem happy."Hey Bria."They reply at the same time.We all come in and sit down on the couch and the bed.



"So what are you guys doing here?"I ask thinking that they might be going on tour or something."Well I wanted to know if you knew anything about Caitlyn leaving,So do you?"Louis says in what seems to be his 'getting down to business ' voice."Well she left a note saying that I shouldn't come get her and that you guys shouldn't come get her either."I reply scared that something bad will happen."  We have to go get her."Niall says just after he finished his slice of pizza."But she said not to guys and her dad will be soooo pissed."




Wait I'm starting to sound like Caitlyn? No!! "You're right Niall we have to go get her."Louis says smiling deviously. "But what about going to visit your families tomorrow?"Liam asks looking straight at Niall and Louis. "They can see me another time."Louis says . Wow he must really love Caitlyn ,OK enough with me sounding like Caitlyn it is very annoying because there can only be one Caitlyn .

"Can I come Lou?"Niall asks shyly. "Niall I-"Louis says but gets cut of by Niall "Please! Caitlyn is one of my best friends !" "I guess so.."Louis says kinda bummed from what I can tell. 


Niall's P.O.V



I can't believe I just talked Louis into taking  me with him. When we get there I am going to try and ask Caitlyn out so she can finally be mine. I hope she likes me back,okay who wouldn't ? I am Niall James Horan.Louis said that we are leaving in an hour so I have to go pack.




Caitlyn's P.O.V





Hey what's up ?




NM  just home and being depressed.




you went home? 




yea,I miss you and Bria




aww I miss you too , if you come back me and you should have a dance party :)




KK sounds like a plan :p



After texting Kate for the longest time I realized how much I miss being in Cheshire.So to get my mind of it  I went downstairs and put Titanic into the DVD player ,then sat down on the couch.




Liam's P.O.V


"Liam, Do you think I should go with Niall and Louis to get Caitlyn ?"I hear Bria ask from behind me.I really want her to come with me and I don't want her to be worried about Caitlyn."No Louis and Niall will have it all under control and they will bring Caitlyn back in one peace." I tell her knowing that Niall and Louis will not have it under control , and that they will be fooling around the whole time."You sure?"She asks with nervous expression.



"Yes." I reply just as Niall and Louis walk in with their sunglasses on . "We are leaving now." Louis starts putting a beanie on. "Okay but please be careful you two , I don't want to have a funeral to go to. "I give them a 'be good' glance. "Okay we will be fine. "Niall says pulling his hood up. They are wearing accessories so that the fans won'tr recognize them."Bye." Bria and I responded at the same time as they walked out the door. 




Louis's P.O.V


As Niall and I are on the plane ,Niall is playing with his phone and is relaxing . But me , I can't stop thinking about Caitlyn. What if we get there and she is all like go away? What if her dad tells us to leave right away? All I can do is pray for the best.Soon the plane lands and after going through security we get into the limo. "Um Louis what is Caitlyn's address again? "Niall asks . "Um 19 Broadcast Street."I reply as Niall tells the driver the directions . Soon we pull up on to the right street. 



Caitlyn's P.O.V



Just when the movie ended there was a knock at the door . My Dad ran and opened the door.I ran towards the door too ,   I wanted to know who it was."Louis! ,Niall ,come in!" I screamed then I ran towards them and hugged them."Oh so this is this Louis guy ?" Dad asked."Yes sir, I'm Louis Tomlinson nice to meet you." He said and stuck his hand out.



"Hi Louis, I'm glad to finally meet you , I'm sorry that I made Caitlyn come back." he said and shook Louis's hand.I looked amazed at my dad.I can't believe my Dad is being nice to him."Oh uh ,yeah right,  Louis I'm really really sorry , I never meant to hurt you." I said and I started to cry."No sorry's love."Louis came over and kissed me.

"Ew , gross Get a room You two." Niall said with a sad tone in his voice.I looked over at my Dad and he looked at us weird .I cracked up,right then we heard a knock at the door,again,....



oooohhhh , cliffhanger ,who is there ??

what are you ? , #teamcaill or #teamtomlynson 

btw , payzer is forever







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