More Than This

Caitlyn is your everyday teenage girl, she finished school, has a best friend,and has a small family. One day her dad tells her that he won tickets to her favorite boy band,One Direction . When Caitlyn and her best friend get picked to go backstage to meet them some of the boys fall for the girls. Will the boys ask to see them again ? Will they start dating ? What will happen when their lives come crashing together? Read and find out !


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

I love you

Caitlyn's P.O.V 


I was sitting on the couch playing on my phone when I realized that it is 1:30 . Crap I better get going! I grab my bag and my phone then slip on my flip flops. I run out of the hotel and right down the street to the park,I hope Im not late! When I look around the park I cant see Louis yet! where is he? 


Harry's P.O.V

As I laid on my bed next to my packed suitcase I could feel my phone buzzing in my pocket.


Me: hello?

Simon: Hello Harry.

Me : Oh hey Simon , whats up?

Simon : I just wanted to tell you that you guys are aloud to go visit your parents this weekend.

Me: That's great and thanks

Simon: No problem, I seen on the news the other night that Louis was walking out of Pizza Hut with some girl? What's that all about?

Me: Oh well we met these girls at our last concert here in Cheshire  , and we have been hanging out with them and well Louis is now dating one of them,her names Caitlyn.

Simon:  I get it now, so who is the other girl dating?

Me: Bria? no one yet that I know of.

Simon: Well , I want to make sure Louis is sure about this so , Do you think he is happy with her?

Me: Well he only asked her out the other day so , I guess so?

Simon: Great, So tell the boys to start packing their stuff and what not.

Me: What do I tell Louis, can Caitlyn go with him or?

Simon: well if he wants her to go she can but if not she has to go home.

Me: Okay thanks and what about Bria?

Simon: Well if one of you wants her to co me with you she can go but if not same thing she must go home.

Me: Okay thanks Simon , Bye

Simon: Bye



I hang up and let out a sigh and then Louis walks in. " who were you talking to Haz?" He asks while sitting next to me. " Well Simon called and said we can go visit our families this weekend." I reply ." Cool but, what about Caitlyn and Bria?" Louis face starts to look concerned.



"Well I asked Simon if Caitlyn could go with you and he said only if you want her to go." I say smiling knowing that he will say yay! "Oh my gosh ! Really?" He says jumps up from where he was sitting. "Yes really." I say smiling. " Awesome!, But what about Bria?" He questions sitting back down.



"Well Simon said that if want she can come with one of us but if not she has to go home." I say frowning. "Oh.." Louis' smile starts to fade. "Well she could go with Liam. "He suggests. " Liam? " I ask shocked. "Yeah Liam , isn't it obvious , they both like each other Harry!" " Yeah , right." I mumble.


"Yay! we are all gonna have fun!!!" Louis yells happily . All I know is that whole time I will be praying that Liam and Bria don't start dating.


Louis' P.O.V




"Oh my god its 1:44 Im gonna be late!" I yell running to throw my Vans on. " Where are you going?"Harry asks as he looks at me like I'm crazy. " I told Caitlyn I would ,meet her at the park!" I yell as I slip on my favorite Jean jacket.



"Alright see you later Lou," Harry says to me as I run out the door. I run straight to the park, and then I see her. She is wearing this floral dress and her hair is left down and not straightened.You can she her curls, She looks beautiful.



Caitlyn then turns around and she notices me and walks up to me."Hello love, you look beautiful." I say as she looks up at me ,smiles ,then blushes. " Hi and thanks." She starts blushing again.



"Your welcome , and I have amazing news." I say smiling. "What news?" " Well ,Simon called and said that we can go visit our families this weekend, and he said that you can come with me!" I say ever so excited." That's great! but.."  Her smile starts to fade.



"What's wrong babe?" I ask her looking into her sad eyes. " Well I was talking to my dad and he said that I have to go home in two weeks." she says still looking sad. " Really? Why?" Why would her dad want her home? Well he could miss her but really , Why?


"He said that he doesn't want me bothering you and the boys." She looks down at the ground. "You're not bothering us at all , why would he think that?" I say lifting her face and I look into her eyes. " Well I tried to tell him, but he kinda found out that you and I were dating and he kinda got pissed." She says frowning  more."Why would he get mad? "



"Well you see he doesn't like you guys , he says that he hates you guys all the time.." She says turning away from me. I walk over in front of her." But he doesn't know us and he can't make you go home , your 18 you can do what you want." I tell her.


"You're right, I should be able to make my own decisions now." she says smiling. " that's my girl " I pull her in for a hug and kiss her on the forehead. " So do you want to come with me to Doncaster ?" I ask her smiling . " Yes I'd love to, But will your mom mind?" she bites her lip.


" No! not at all she will love you!" I tell her knowing that my mom will love having her around. " Then of coarse I'll come." she says smiling. I'm glad she is coming with me, it will be so much fun introducing her to my family and showing her around, she will love it.



" so when are we going?" she asks sitting on the bench beside us. " we are leaving on Friday, which is in two days " I say sitting down next to her."great!" she says smiling. " wait what about Bria?" " Don't worry she will probably end up going with Liam." I give a reassuring smile. "I can't wait!" Caitlyn exclaimed getting excited again.



"Me either" I say looking into her eyes again." Thanks for asking me to come." She kisses me on the cheek. " Your welcome." I reply smiling at her , Wow this gonna be the best trip back home ever. 

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