Operation Styles

Skye is not your average teen... She's a spy. Whlie most people are enjoying life, Skye is living life on the edge catching the worlds most wanted and dangerous criminals. But what will happen when she has to arrest her idol?


9. Well This Is Awkward....

   I'm shocked. Completely shocked. I met this dude, what? Just this morning, and he's already shoving his tongue down my throat. But hey, I'm not complaining. 

   After a few seconds I regain my senses, I do something that I never thought I would do. I grab his wrist pinning it to his back. "What the hell?" I say in my fake annoyed voice.

   "Problem?" He asked with a dark look on his face.

   "Yeah! Like hmmm.. I don't know? Maybe that just 5 seconds ago your were shoving your tongue down my throat!" I answer, still keeping a firm grip on his wrist. 

   "So you're telling me you didn't enjoy it?" He said with a smirk plastered on his face. I bit my lip not wanting to give him the satisfaction of me admitting I did enjoy it.

   "Practically" I said aggressively. He let out a low chuckle.

   "You're the first girl that has said that." He said still laughing. I reached for my bag and grabbed a set of handcuffs. 

   "What are you doing?" He asked now with a hint of worry in his voice.

   "Arresting you. Why else would I have handcuffs in my bag?" After a couple of seconds I realised how he could have taken what I just said.

   "And I'm not that type of girl." I whispered into his ear. I rummaged through my bag until I found my phone. I scrolled through my contacts and called the headmaster.

~Phone Conversation~

Headmaster: Skye? What's wrong?

Skye: Umm I sought of have the target in handcuffs

H: I'll send Lucy over to pick you both up.

S: Ok..

~End Of Conversation~ 

   "So are you a cop or something?" I spun around to see he had gotten out of the handcuffs. 

   "How did you-" He cut me off by placing them in my hand.

   "Takes more than a bit of metal to hold me" He said giving me a cheeky wink. I heard some noise from outside the front door. Lucy. Damn it! I turned around only to find Harry had disappeared. I opened the door and walked straight into the car,

   "What happened kiddo?" Lucy asked staring the car.

   "He got away" I said grumpily folding my arms across my chest. The rest of the car ride to the flat was so awkward!

   "See you tomorrow!" Lucy said stepping out of the elevator. 

   "See you tomorrow" I mimicked when the doors closed.

    When I got to my flat my phone started beeping. I quickly unlocked it and read the text. 

   "Come and get me ;) ~H"

   Gosh this boys cocky!


A/N: I am so so so sooooooo sorry that I haven't updated in agesssssss!!! But here it is! Hope you like it ! :)


~Emily :D

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