Operation Styles

Skye is not your average teen... She's a spy. Whlie most people are enjoying life, Skye is living life on the edge catching the worlds most wanted and dangerous criminals. But what will happen when she has to arrest her idol?


3. Training

Skye's P.O.V

   When Lottie and I walked into weapons training Chris (The teacher) pulled me aside "Skye, today you will be training with the seniors" "Why?" "It's the request of the headmaster." I looked at Lottie who now had a confused look on her face. I walked over to her "I have to train with the seniors.." "Good luck.." She said giving me a worried look. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the seniors are REALLY up themselves and whenever a junior had to train with them it was torture. YAY for me! NOT!

   "Someone wants to play with the big kids do they?" One of the seniors said to me while the others erupted in laughter. "No I don't acctually! But I have to, so deal with it!" I snapped back at him. "That's enough class now get back to your stations!" Luke (The seniors teacher) yelled. "Now class we are going to be usign very dangerous wepons so NO messing around!" The boys all looked at eachother, clearly excited. Luke handed out the guns, tasers and Shuriken (Throwing stars). We set off to the shooting range to practice. I have never used any of these before so I had no idea what the propper technique was. I decided to just throw a Shuriken and hope for the best, I looked away not wanting to see how badly I had missed the target. "Woah the newbie's good!" I looked at the boy who said that and gave him a confused look, he just gestured towards the target. I slowly turned and discovered that I was only a couple of milimeters away from the bullseye. I looked at it with disbelief, how did I do that? "Go on have another shot." The boy said to me, probably thinkignt that I wouldn't get two in a row. I took another Shuriken and threw it, this time looking to see what happens. Woah! This time I got a indisputable bullseye. "Beginners luck.." He said throwing a Shuriken, but he missed the target compleatly! When the class had finished the senior that had been talking to me in class came up to me and Lottie "Hey girls!" Lottie gave me a confused look but I just shrugged my shoulders. "Um..Hey?" "Oh yeah I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Jason" "Hey, I'm Skye and this is Lottie." "I was wondering do you to want to sit with us?" Jason asked blushing a bit, I looked at Lottie who gave me a 'Just say yes already!' look. "Yeah sure.."

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