Operation Styles

Skye is not your average teen... She's a spy. Whlie most people are enjoying life, Skye is living life on the edge catching the worlds most wanted and dangerous criminals. But what will happen when she has to arrest her idol?


8. Ok...

Skye's P.O.V

   Ok, so here I am, outside of  Harry's house in a skin tight dress. I probably look like a complete slut! If I had my normal wardrobe I would have worn a skirt and a tank top but NO I had to have these terrible clothes. I was about to knock on the door when it swung open. Harry was standing in the doorway with a massive grin plastered on the face, at least he's happy...

   "Come in" He said gesturing for me to follow him down the hallway. I did as he said and ended in the lounge. "Woah." Was all that left my mouth. Boy was his house huge! "It's not much but it's home.." He said stretching his arms. Not much my ass! I have only had the dorm room to my self like twice and even then it was tiny!

   After about 20 minutes of getting to know each other my  phone started ringing. I excused myself like the polite person I am (Note my sarcasm!) and answer my phone. "Hello?" I asked a bit annoyed into the receiver "Hey Miss 'I'm too important to text my best friend back!'" Lottie's voice said with equal annoyance. "Sorry, I have just been a bit busy like I am now!" I said laughing a bit. "Oh I see how it is.." She replies with a fake sob at the end. "Lottie, I am sought of kinda atthetarget'shouse...." I said mumbling the last part in an attempt for her not to hear. "WHAT?!?!?" She screamed, almost making me loose my hearing. "Now I have to go. Bye, Love ya" I quickly said as footsteps echoed down the hall.  

   "Everything alright?" Harry's voice said from behind me. "Yeah." I replied spinning around to face him. "Good..." He said while closing his eyes.

   The next thing I know his lips were firmly planted on mine...

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't updated in like forever and also for the bad chapter :/ But things will get better! Anyways you know what to do :)


~Emily :D 

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