Operation Styles

Skye is not your average teen... She's a spy. Whlie most people are enjoying life, Skye is living life on the edge catching the worlds most wanted and dangerous criminals. But what will happen when she has to arrest her idol?


2. Love-Hate

   What?! Why him? The headmaster knew that Harry was my favourite! "Why did you assign me to this mission?" I asked in disbelief. "Well Skye, you are the only girl that is smart enough to pull it off.." "What about the boys?" I suggested, because I REALLY didn't want to arrest Harry frickin' Styles. The headmester just laughed at me "Skye, Skye, Skye. The idea of the mission is to seduce him, so it would be pretty hard for the boys to do that.." He laughed, "What do you mean seduce him?" "Well to seduce someone mea-" I cut him off "I know what it means! But why do I have to?"  "Because we want to find out some of his secrets, like who his accomplices are and where his head headquarters are." "Fine.." I am actually doing this... I am going to arrest Harry Styles..


Harry's P.O.V

   HA this is too easy! The police will NEVER catch me! I ran anyway just for the thrill, with the Cullinan diamond in my hand I will be the richest man alive! I heard gun shots and shouting but I was too far away for them to catch me. I quickly ran into my H.Q and saw the boys inside. "What are you guys doing here?" I questioned, Louis spoke up "Harry we're worried about you.." "Don't be I'm fine!" "NO YOUR NOT HARRY!" Niall yelled "How would you know?!" "Harry we are your best friends! You don't think we can pick up on things like this?" Liam said, his eyes full of worry. I was about to say something but was interupted by a loud banging on the door "Well that's my cue, see ya guys later." I walked over to the door and disappeared into the street...


Skye's P.O.V

   I walked into my dorm to find my best friend Lottie looking through my closet. "What are you doing?" I said cleaning up some of the mess she made "I'm looking for something I can wear. Duh!" I just laughed at her. Lottie and I have been best friends ever since the first day I was shipped here. "So what did you do this time?" She asked trying on my favourite blue tank top. "Well.. I have been assigned a mission.." "Awesome! Who's the target?" "Well that's the thing, it's.." I said trailing off "It's.." She repeated "It's Harry Styles.." I finally said. "WHAT?!" "Yeah that's what I thought.." "Well a mission is a mission.. are you going to do it?" She said grabbing more clothes "Well I sought of had no choice.." We heard the bell go so we walked to our next class.


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