Operation Styles

Skye is not your average teen... She's a spy. Whlie most people are enjoying life, Skye is living life on the edge catching the worlds most wanted and dangerous criminals. But what will happen when she has to arrest her idol?


6. Here We Go..

Skye's P.O.V

   "Ok Skye, have you got everything?" The headmaster asked me as I threw my bag into the boot of the car. "I think so.." I said shuddering at the thought of the clothes encased inside the suitcase. When I hooped into the car Lucy (The make-up artist) was sitting next to me. I gave her a puzzled expression "I am coming with you, to make sure you look your best!" She beamed gleefully at me. I simply rolled my eyes and placed my earphones in. 

   "Here's your passport, cash and keys to the apartment you will be staying in." The headmaster instructed handing me these items. "Where is she staying?" I asked a bit too rudely, gesturing towards Lucy. "Don't worry I'll will be staying 2 floors below your room" Lucy said, still too happy for my liking. 

   The plane ride was long and Lucy wouldn't shut up! Even when I had my earphones in she persisted in talking to me!  I finally made it to my new 'home' for the next, however long this goes for. I have to admit it wasn't that bad, I mean I had 2 floors separating me and the chatterbox. 

   I opened my suitcases and inspected the content. Avoiding the clothes I found the new gadgets. There was a ear piece which had a label saying -Wear at all times.- Yeah right! I found a couple of voice recorders, some random stuff and a stun gun. I decided that it was a good time to go out and buy some food. 

   I chucked on some of the more decent looking clothes and set off walking to the supermarket....


A/N: Hey Guys! Sorry it's a short chapter and I haven't been updating I just have been really busy! Anyways you know what to do if you want more!


Peace xx

~Emily :D

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