Thank you


1. You

You destroyed my happy little bubble, sent it away with the wind. Let me stand alone, broken and in tears.

You turned your back on me so long ago, and still I hoped. I hoped for your coming back. I hoped to see your eyes smile at me, to see your lips in a lopsided grin directed at me.

Instead you told me that I was nothing for you. No, actually that is a lie – and that is the worst part of it. If I was nothing, I could accept it. But no, you had to tell me, that you had liked me, that a part of you apparently still liked me. But it wasn’t enough for you. You wanted love, where there only was a half hearted crush from your side. You said that we couldn’t change it. That it was the way it was, and that I guess was it for you.

For me it kept hurting, kept punching me in the stomach every time I saw you. You and your indifferent eyes, looking at me like we had no past, no nothing.


Thank you. Thank you for making me stronger. Thank you for breaking me. Thank you for making me grow up.

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