so not prom queen

Katie is a normal high school student who want nothing to do with the cool kids.but when she get nominated for for prom queen will she haft to change,and fall in love with one ,or will she always hate them. will she win the crown and the boy


6. you get 1 you lose 1

katie p.o.v 


as i walk home from school, i start to think if she was not my friend any more why would she put me on a ballot. i mean i know i said i wanted to when i was younger but, i dont want that any more. and its really the guys falut. i mean its like i get a boyfriend i lose a friend. but when i broke up with him terra starts being my friend again. but in they case i never got my best friend back. and another case i get something my friend want and i lose that friend. i was really hoping she would not be mad at me.well i guess that old saying that my dad said was right. before my dad died he would buy me a toy and say you get on you lose one. so when i got home before i opened my new toy i put one in the donation pile. and at the end of the week we would go to the nearest orphanage and give them my old dolls and more stuff. and every year on an holiday we would give them candy. i have not done any of that scene my dad died. i know he would be happy for me, but i wish he was here. 


nialls p.o.v .


so i walk home with the boys and i katie holding the princess crown in her hand and she looked like she had know idea what to do with it. she looked sad. i known her scene 4th grade. and her dad died when she was in 6th grade. he died in the army. i feel really bad for her family. i remember in 5th  grade she said you get one you lose one. she has not said any of that scene her dad died. maybe he said it and she does not want to say it cause it makes her think of her dad. well she was right. you get 1 you lose 1.  

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